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Battery Life - HTC One S

battery life expectation Snapdragon S4 "A device running on this new breed of Snapdragon will have much more power to play with and lower power consumption thanks to a 28nm ...

Author: constantin87    Started: 09 Mar 2012, 19:25    Last reply: constantin87


Why does HTC one S not come with NFC!!??

NFC is the next thing in Mobile and every phone should come with it.
HTC took de SD Card slot and the NFC from one S why???

I cannot buy a SD Card with NFC build in now.

Author: jutje    Started: 28 Feb 2012, 07:35    Last reply: jabberwocky


The front camera is only VGA instead of 1.3 mega pixel

The spec is wrong.
so disappointed to know it's only VGA.​s

Author: torr310    Started: 01 Mar 2012, 01:20    Last reply: torr310



Just wait until the LTE devices come out.

Author: wolverinexmen9    Started: 27 Feb 2012, 20:07    Last reply: wolverinexmen9

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