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Call recording

Does we can record our call, while we talk

Author: nazeertaha    Started: 07 Oct 2011, 13:50    Last reply: nazeertaha


This should be a great phone.

This should be a great phone. I have a E71 for two-and-a-half years now and drop it badly at least once a week. I take it with me to dusty contruction sites etc without ...

Author: ChandraKhan, Last reply: NEW COMERS...   on 30 Sep 2011, 10:34


Preset equlizer

Hy Phone arena. I`ve compared on your site my actual phone E72 with the new E6. And i observed to music player to Features a missunderstanding from you, or a mistake. To nokia ...

Author: Aikon, Last reply: Aikon   on 07 Jul 2011, 03:43


Nokia E6-00 - Release Date

Rumors suggest that the Nokia E6-00 might be officially introduced in Q2 2011.

Author: ReadaTech, Last reply: kpd   on 28 May 2011, 12:01

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