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Motorola ATRIX 4G User Reviews

9.3 Based on 30 Reviews

Overal user rating

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Call quality9.4/10
Build quality8.7/10
Text input9.3/10
Everyday usage9.6/10
UI speed9.1/10


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posted on 02 Apr 2011, 00:56 (Posts: 763; Member since: 16 Jan 2011)


Love my Moto Atrix

cheetah2k has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

Moto's best phone yet by far. Solid build, good screen, loads of features. Absolutely flies without the default Blur launcher. Cant wait for Gingerbread and some dual core support. Feels great in the hand and lasts 2 days with moderate use. I love it!

Build quality 9/10
Reception 10/10
Call quality 10/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 9/10
UI speed 7/10
Everyday usage 9/10
Text input 9/10
Display 8/10
Battery 8/10


  • 1Gb RAM
  • Tegra II flies!
  • Solid build quality
  • 960x540 High resolution screen
  • 16Gb internal + microSD expansion
  • Loads of accessories
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • Blur launcher is slow
  • Locked bootloader :-(
  • No internal gyro
  • Needs Gingerbread or Icecream ASAP

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posted on 28 Mar 2011, 10:10


Incredible Phone....For Now.

monkeyboyep has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

Overall, the phone is sickly fast. Android 2.2 runs flawlessly. I use to customize my phone, but Motorola has made huge improvements to MotoBlur to the point where I no longer want a custom ROM. That being said, it isn't like you have an option because Moto has locked the bootloader (likely AT&T forcing you to pay for tethering). The graphics are amazing, you can play huge 3D games with no lag, and music sounds awesome.
The Battery Life is interesting. Moto and Android give you different ways to manage battery power through task managers and power profiles. You should be able to get 8 hours of medium to heavy use as long as you pay attention to what is running.
A few draw backs are, of course, fingerprints on a touch screen. Also I would recommend a case for the Atrix. The body is a rubbery plastic, but it is very slippery. Also, the phone made me feel stupid when I had to good how to zoom. It takes beautiful HD photos and has many different profiles bright LEDs, but the Zoom is a little fuzzy when it is all the way zoomed in.

Overall this is a huge improvement from my BackFlip and from most other Adnroid phones I have gotten to play with. The Finger Print reader is a really fun party trick. I like this phone over HTC. The feel is better. Motorola has really good customer service and they are based in Chicago.

Build quality 8/10 Plastic. I think for a $500 phone they could have sprang for the textured aluminum.
Reception 8/10 AT&T's fault. The phone finds the reception quick when it's there. HSPA+ is coming April 2011.
Call quality 9/10 I do not experience the call quality issues that other seem to experience. Any problems I blame on AT&T.
Internet 9/10 Even with no 4G the internet still load fast. And Flash. Enough said. It can only get better.
Multimedia 9/10 Great HD and eventual 1080p support. Music plays great and streaming sounds even better.
Camera 8/10 It is HD and there are 2 LEDs. Phone made me feel stupid when I had to google zoom on Atrix.
UI speed 10/10 Dual Core. Right now this phone is on the bleeding edge and wont be out dated for at least another 3 months.
Everyday usage 10/10 I am really happy with this phone.
Text input 9/10 Not a fan of touch screen input. But auto-correct makes some texts fun.
Display 10/10 I cannot find a flaw. The viewing angles are great and there is no wrong colors.
Battery 9/10 Smart phone battery. The technology in them has not stayed current with the advancement of phones. But it does last longer than most smartphones.


  • Android 2.2
  • 4g (eventually)
  • dual core
  • HD photos and Video
  • Finger Print Reader
  • HDMI out
  • 3D games


  • Does so much it makes you feel stupid to have to google how-to videos
  • Slippery plastic body
  • So fast it will make you puke

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posted on 16 Mar 2011, 22:38


Great Phone, Super Fast and Webdock too boot

TonytheTiger14 has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

The dual core processor and 1 Gig of system ram make this phone fly. No issues at all and put it in the dock and you get a keyboard, mouse and two USB ports as well as a charger and great speakerphone. I like the dock for daily use at my desk. I would like to see a slide out keyboard on the next version, kinda like the EVO did with Shift.

Build quality 10/10
Reception 9/10
Call quality 9/10
Internet 10/10
Multimedia 10/10
Camera 10/10
UI speed 10/10
Everyday usage 10/10
Text input 9/10
Display 10/10
Battery 10/10


  • Lightning Fast
  • Easy to Use
  • Android 2.2


  • MotoBlur

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David Dressner
posted on 08 Mar 2011, 20:26


Tegra 2 Performs

David Dressner has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

This phone is great. The Tegra 2 is a great addition to Android. It handles HD content with ease and can multi-task a heap of apps. The multi-tasking is due no doubt to the 1GB of ram hiding inside the Atrix. The UI experience is great. Having a live background on while flipping through my pages of apps is fast and fluid. The fingerprint scanner really works! The HDMI output works well for HD content but not a 10/10. It is more like a seven. The image is fluid but lacks the sharpness one would want. It is kind of like watching Netflix. Netflix by the way doesn't work on this phone.(Or any android phone that I know of). The only bad thing about this phone is the lack of gingerbread but hopefully that is in the works. Some people have issues with Moto-Blur.(the UI that Motorola put over android). I don't find it annoying but having stock Android would have been appreciated.

Build quality 9/10 The Atrix has a very nice overall build quality. The backing is rubberized plastic, which is a nice change from the normal glossy black plastic.
Reception 8/10 Its AT&T. So yeah...
Call quality 8/10 Same thing. It is AT&T...
Internet 10/10 Internet browsing is a dream. Flash is a dream.
Multimedia 9/10 The qHD display is great and the Tegra 2 play 1080p great.
Camera 7/10 The camera is not to nice. Low light is terrible.
UI speed 10/10 Android 2.2 (Froyo) with a dual-core is godlike.
Everyday usage 9/10 Just all around great.
Text input 9/10 Standard touchscreen texting interface.
Display 10/10
Battery 9/10 Huge battery will get you through a day. This is still a charge over-nighter.


  • Fast
  • Great battery life
  • Tegra 2
  • Fingerprint scanner


  • Gets hot when running flash (not a surprise)
  • AT&T might not be so reliable in your area

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posted on 07 Mar 2011, 20:55



azdirtmanaz has owned it for less than month before publishing this review

After three days I'm hooked. Lightning fast downloads and uploads for my location. Haven't been to partner locations yet so I don't know how good it will be in Show Low, AZ (partner region.) AT&T doesn't have some of the accessories in my store yet that you would assume good planning would have taken care of. Game play and picture resolution is great. Check to make sure apps are OK for android 2.2 because some aren't.

Build quality 10/10 I like Motorola slim designs. Sleek.
Reception 9/10 Quirky at times but very good overall.
Call quality 10/10 I am hard of hearing without aids and quality is great!
Internet 9/10 If you are in an area with unreliable wifi' turn it off. It constantly searches and impedes connections.
Multimedia 10/10 Awesome.
Camera 10/10 Great for a phone that's a camera too.
UI speed 10/10 Great in Vegas
Everyday usage 10/10 So far so good (have had it three days.)
Text input 10/10 Easy with the 4 in.screen.
Display 10/10 Don't need my readers!
Battery 8/10 If you want spec. times turn off all your apps. Can charge daily and charges quick.


  • Everything works as advertised


  • Waiting for the price to drop on accessories

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