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LG Cosmos Touch Discussions


Only One Complaint...

I bought the Cosmos Touch 4 days ago, and I have to say, I really like it so far! It's a big step up from the EnV2 that I replaced! To answer a previous poster's question, YES, ...

Author: MelissaT    Started: 29 Nov 2010, 16:25    Last reply: lennie1326


Lg Cosmos Touch...SUCKS

From what I've seen the cosmos touch sucks. I had the cosmos and I hated. An ugly bulky featureless phone. I thought they'd make this one much better than the old. 2/3 megapixel ...

Author: Sleek    Started: 08 Nov 2010, 19:46    Last reply: bluewinds


is it any good?

is this fone any good???? i have had the moterola rivial for 2 years and it sudenly brke, i do a lot of texting, is this a good texting fone??? i am also looking @ the plam pixie ...

Author: blondeonblonde, Last reply: i want a phone   on 26 Sep 2011, 16:17


Data plan?

does the lg cosmos touch require a data plan? Because it says feature phone and that is not a smartphone. Because the lg cosmos is not a smartphone, its a feature phone to so im ...

Author: Telafee10, Last reply: kdfixet   on 10 Oct 2011, 21:27


On-Screen typing

Does anyone know if this phone has on screen typing. Like if you can type out messages on the touch screen. Thanks!

Author: Nick on 02 Dec 2010, 15:44


Release date?

Does anyone know when the Lg Cosmos Touch is coming out?

Author: Sams2c00l    Started: 29 Oct 2010, 06:33    Last reply: mattstreit2014


i bought the cosmos touch

i played around with it in the store then upgraded over the phone and got it for free for the black friday sale!!!! i am replacing my lg chocolate. i really like it.

Author: a.g., Last reply: thumperz   on 03 Dec 2010, 23:35


Can you record music on this phone and set is as your ringtone?

Im getting the phone tomorrow and i just wanted to know if you can do this

please comment and thnx so much

Author: Josh, Last reply: gotit   on 20 Feb 2011, 09:25



I just got this phone and most of it has been easy to figure out, but I accidently dragged something on to the main sreen and do not want it there. How the heck do you get it ...

Author: nitroliz, Last reply: Kiersten   on 05 Apr 2011, 18:15


Lock screen settings

Is there any way to change the clock settings on the lock screen? I prefer a 24-hour clock instead of 12-hour, but I can't find the settings for it.

Author: Tennessee2010, Last reply: Sarah2   on 04 Oct 2011, 22:16


Data Plan

Verizon has abandoned the 3G Multimedia data phones/plans. All non smartphones coming out after 10/28 will not require a data package, it will be optional. People that ...

Author: Pete63, Last reply: Franny   on 11 Mar 2011, 07:34


back of phone

How do i get the back off this thing?

Author: casey, Last reply: Kayla   on 16 Mar 2011, 19:30


LG Cosmos Touch.

Hey is the LG Cosmos Touch VN250 a touch screen? I know you're gonna say its in the name but in the display column it doesnt say it's a touch screen and the LG Octane it does. ...

Author: Jollypop299, Last reply: plz   on 23 Nov 2010, 20:46



If the name is lg cosmos TOUCH why would it not be touch screen?

Author: aaaaa7787, Last reply: FlamboyantFantasy   on 18 Dec 2010, 14:17


phone lights up often all day long

this aggravating piece of junk turns on randomly thru out the day and night with the "browse and download" screenlit. Battery dead many mornings because the screen is lit so ...

Author: sabb520    Started: 17 Oct 2011, 17:00    Last reply: loforney

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