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notification madness

Just got the Rhyme for my wife and so far it seems pretty nice, except for one bewildering issue. Whenever she gets a call that she does NOT answer, and it goes to VM, she will ...

Author: redman    Started: 29 Oct 2011, 10:30    Last reply: shelliedog


Does this phone have a hole where you can loop things into it?


Author: lovestarhope    Started: 01 Sep 2012, 22:18    Last reply: lovestarhope


plzzz help me...........

frnds i am confused about which cell phone should i buy samsung , sony ericsson n htc.
Please suggest me a good phone ............
My budget is of around 15,000-17,000

Author: mightyvk    Started: 18 Mar 2012, 04:22    Last reply: mightyvk

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