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AT&T Avail 2 benchmarks

  • Performance BenchmarksIf there’s one thing smartphone consumers value extremely highly, that’s lightning-fast system performance. But how do you tell if a device has the necessary power to carry you through the seas of demanding apps and beyond? The answer is simple - through synthetic benchmarking! Thankfully, there are now tools that are professional enough to give us a good idea about the punch our devices really pack.
    Higher is better
    Samsung Galaxy S4 12078
    Motorola Moto G 8512
    Motorola Moto X 8509
    Motorola Moto E 5222
    AT&T Z998 4441
    AT&T Avail 2 1857
    Higher is better
    Samsung Galaxy S4 24701
    Motorola Moto G 17014
    Motorola Moto X 18483
    Motorola Moto E 12746
    AT&T Z998 13785
    AT&T Avail 2 3856
    GFXBench Egypt HD 2.5 onscreen (fps)
    Higher is better
    Samsung Galaxy S4 39
    Motorola Moto G 27
    Motorola Moto X 54
    AT&T Z998 26
    AT&T Avail 2 3.6
    Vellamo Metal
    Higher is better
    Samsung Galaxy S4 704
    Motorola Moto G 499
    Motorola Moto X 749
    Motorola Moto E 451
    AT&T Z998 496
    AT&T Avail 2 264
    Vellamo HTML 5
    Higher is better
    Samsung Galaxy S4 1702
    Motorola Moto G 1933
    Motorola Moto X 2412
    Motorola Moto E 1179
    AT&T Z998 1905
    AT&T Avail 2 903

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