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iOS 7: release date and all the new features

0. phoneArena 17 Sep 2013, 07:56 posted on

Apple iOS 7 was a closely guarded secret that did not leak out until today, and even today’s leak was very slight. It definitely seems Tim Cook has indeed doubled down on secrecy…

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posted on 18 Sep 2013, 11:08 1

191. wrxified (Posts: 4; Member since: 17 Sep 2013)

So the only debate should be what has happened since then and has Apple copied Android features in place today.
AirDrop – Been in place as a part of OSX desktops and laptops since the public release of OSX Lion in October 2010. It’s a simple means of file sharing where the machine recognizes contacts nearby with OSX enabled devices and allows you to easily drop the file to them vs. sending it in an email or text. File sharing is of course not new to anyone and if Samsung believes they came up with the idea by allowing people to bump phones that’s not the case. Apple has always pushed to blur then lines between the desktop and mobile device so AirDrop was inevitable.
Flattended Icons – How is a simpler icon copying another idea? I can’t even think of what to respond with on that. It’s a refresh plain and simple. They guy running the show who liked textured icons is gone. New guy didn’t like them. End of story.
Control Center – It’s just a shortcut to the setting menu. The first idea implemented on IOS was in 2010 where you would double click the home button twice for spotlight searching, playing a track and switching between AirPlay devices. This new control center involves single finger swiping (hint - look up one of the initial patents included in the copyright infringement case of Apple vs. Samsung), to get to the control center.

This whole topic could be debated non-stop by both sides for days without resolution. That’s not my issue. It’s more or less reading the snide comments like “Apple Fanboy” and such that kinda rubs people the wrong way. I’ve worked in the cell phone industry for 17 years and started when we were installing 35 lb phone systems in peoples trunks that allowed them ability to drive up and down main street while talking on a corded phone. I’ve probably used more phones in a year both for personal use and testing than most families will use in a lifetime. I have my Galaxy Note II work device used for testing sitting to the left of me as I type with my personal iPhone 5 in my pocket. I have a box of Samsung’s, Nokia’s, Blackberry’s and Motorola’s in the garage as other seed devices. Half I’ve tried, half I haven’t. No matter what I try though, I find it difficult to drop the iPhone for my personal device. Yah I can probably find a bigger brighter screen or a 41 mp camera, but when it comes down to the general use of the device I can’t see many benefits out there. That and the idea of selecting text for a simple cut & paste on some of these devices becomes a 5 minute ordeal.

posted on 17 Sep 2013, 23:42

186. Gravitygamer95 (Posts: 5; Member since: 17 Sep 2013)

i have a ipod touch 4g bummer

posted on 22 Sep 2013, 16:52

192. NormanMcFarlane (Posts: 3; Member since: 22 Sep 2013)

I got my iPhone 5 just before iOS7 arrived. Loved it with iOS6, and love it even more with iOS7.
Worked with the Samsung S4 quite a lot (one of my editors has one and she is not tech savvy) and I find it clunky and not at all intuitive. iPhone with iOS6 and now iOS7, is smooth, fast, and intuitive.
Steve Jobs may be dead, and that may result in Apple innovating far less (yes, Steve Jobs did drive innovation at Apple, so who will now he's gone?), but it will take at least 5 years before Apple really takes a hit in the market place, and that's at least another major iPhone release (6?) I'll be able enjoy before contemplating moving because of a lack of innovation.
So, haters, prattle all you like. I'm real happy right now with my iPhone 5 / iPad Mini / iPod Nano 7th gen.

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