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iOS 7 Preview

0. phoneArena 17 Sep 2013, 08:24 posted on

Apple has announced that iOS 7 is coming this fall, but how can one just stand here and wait? We mean, boy it's painful! And knowing that there's actually a way of getting the iOS 7 beta 1 that is currently available to developers, we decided to go ahead and install the thing on an iPhone 5...

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posted on 12 Jun 2013, 11:54 2

6. Daftama (Posts: 619; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Airdrop only works with pics and Sbeam or Nfc works with everything on your phone...why was in every part in your presentation was talking about Android. ..will till cheesecake comes out

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:02 8

9. Joshing4fun (Posts: 1236; Member since: 13 Aug 2010)

It looks like some weird morph between Android and Windows Phone in a bad way.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:17 4

11. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Additional functionality, animations and transition effects... Not bad. The neon colored icons... Lol! The fellas are really gonna love this update.

Hey, anyone else notice a significant lack of iOS fans on PA since iOS7 announcement? Will you all be updating your devices or waiting for ios 8, in hopes they'll go back to the old look? Me personally, I'd skip it!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 15:06 2

42. darkkjedii (Posts: 21379; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

I can't wait for it this fall. I almost always go very early, and stand in line. This fall will be no different...ios7 nailed it.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 15:20

44. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

IDK DJ. Those colors scare me, but who knows. I heard a few reviewers say that it's much better in person, that may be the case. Either way, I will be there on release day too.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 15:49

49. darkkjedii (Posts: 21379; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

What're your overall thoughst so far WM?

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 16:09

52. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

I really like the FEEL of it. The executions looks a step or two ahead of Android I have to admitt. The folder and opening app animations are soooo nice. The way the way the dialer kinda shows you a peek at the wallpaper when you press a number, genius! I just hate the look of the icons. I'm a "Dark Theme" kinda guy, and the bright colors just aren't working for me. Jailbreaking in search of a different theme would be my first step, but all things good and bad considered... Not bad.

And you sir? Inquiring minds want to know.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 17:32

59. darkkjedii (Posts: 21379; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Overall great update, I'm the opposite of you in that I prefer a bright theme. Definitely inspired by android, but hey who isn't these days, androids pushed the envelope so far. Glad to see apple taking chances, and swinging for the fence. I think they homered.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 23:42

76. Android4u (Posts: 456; Member since: 16 Aug 2012)

Dark I like you bro you know that, but really? They nailed it? Maybe your not wearing your glasses? All joking aside bro, I seriously think the new os is a mix between the movie tron and Kirbys dreamland

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 18:42

98. darkkjedii (Posts: 21379; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Lol that's a good one, I just like the new look. It's pretty cool.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:18 15

12. alltechinside (Posts: 248; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

IMO I think iOS copied too many designs and functions from other OS/apps which caused inconsistent design. If you look at a single app, they've done well with the change, but if you look at the whole picture, there isn't a consistent apple "design. Android has the holo design while Windows has the flat live tile design. You can't really say what Apple has. Just a mixture of every design on the market and all they really did was add a different color. None of the icons really matched the "feeling" of the app you are using. Even some of the stock apps they revamped didn't feel like it was from the same OS. It almost felt like Apple put in a skin to make the OS "feel" different. You can almost say that iOS 7 is confusing, which is ironic considering that Apple brags about their simple and easy experience.

The strangest thing I've seen in iOS7 is that they did not really change the App store. The design is almost identical to iOS 6 app store, except they added color to it. And I never really liked the app store experience in iOS 6 (especially compared to the google play store).

There's nothing bad about copying the competition but I feel that Apple did a bad job "copying".

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:28

15. PunyPoop (Posts: 752; Member since: 18 Jan 2013)

Because they are not meant to copy. I agree with you with inconsistencies, gradients ups, downs, flat icons, etc..

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:25 1

13. PunyPoop (Posts: 752; Member since: 18 Jan 2013)

Too many complaints blah blah! iOS can do what android cannot, SMOOTHNESS (UI, apps, games).. Now where's the red thumbs? LOL

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:36 9

20. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Now that iOS7 "multitasking" supports 3rd party apps, I don't think it'll be as smooth as it used to be with more than 5 third party apps paused in the background.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:42

23. PunyPoop (Posts: 752; Member since: 18 Jan 2013)

Watch and learn from the COPYCAT my friend! You will surely eat your words! LOL

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:51 6

26. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Yeah, keep dreaming, bud!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 13:36 7

34. ama3654 (Posts: 295; Member since: 27 Nov 2012)

Just try loading a web page and moving your finger on the screen at the same time on iOS and see, the page will stop loading until you take your fingers off the screen. NO way iOS can do 2 things at a time, it will bug down the system to a crawl, let it just be a basic phone.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:40 14

22. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Android is just as smooth as iOS. Even if it wasn't, is that all iOS really has to offer to it's users? What about NFC, an unobstructed wallpaper, the ability to use the same charge the other 80% of the world uses, a screen you can see, making your device look like no one else's, function like no one else's, WIDGETS, etc, etc...

I can sacrifice all that for smoother UI. That's like passing up a Lexus for a Smart Car because it's cute.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:46 1

24. PunyPoop (Posts: 752; Member since: 18 Jan 2013)

Where?? Even the QuadCores, the FRYING PAN OCTACORES, still lags, where's the smoothness there? No they are not offering anything, users got the privilege somehow to experience the simplicity and the sleekness of the phone :D

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 13:46 8

35. ama3654 (Posts: 295; Member since: 27 Nov 2012)

iOS 7 crashes and lags like hell just like any new OS, just check videos on youtube you'll see, new updates on the Octa-Core has quashed all those bugs you mentioned and its as smooth and cool as you like, plus S4 can be as simple and sleek with EASY mode, and the full monty with tons of features and customisation iOS can only dream of.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 15:08 1

43. darkkjedii (Posts: 21379; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

It's beta 1 dude what do you expect. Stop hating, cuz you're wasting your time. Nobody really cares to the point where your commentary will stop them from upgrading.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 14:20 4

37. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

No way I can change your belief about Android (noticed I said Android, not TouchWiz or Sense). I'm just saying my experience isn't the same as yours. My Note has been silky smooth since day one. If the iPhone a whole 3 frames per second smoother, yeah. But those 3 frames are hardly worth using an iPhone. It's too small, too limited, and smooth just ain't enough to ignore everything it lacks. Not to mention... It crashes waaaaaaaay to much.

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 17:04 1

85. ahhxd717 (Posts: 332; Member since: 08 Dec 2011)

Well I find sense 5 to be lag fee, so it may be different now. But yeah, is definitely say Android CAN be lag free now. My GNexus barely lagged and my One hasn't at all since I got it.. but I guess it's only been a month or so.

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 07:19

88. taikucing (unregistered)

lol, I still hear "android lags bla bla bla...." you must be living in a cave. lag is so 2010. today is 2013. my android phone is still dual core but doesn't lag.
watch this video of cheap lenovo phone (under $250). It has a mediatek dual core cpu but doesn't lag when playing games.

posted on 17 Sep 2013, 08:54

121. bucky (Posts: 2583; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

My S4 lagged worse than any other phone i have used in years.....

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 13:08 2

30. Eonnaydra (Posts: 217; Member since: 23 Oct 2012)

You wanted to say that the iPhone is a Lexus,because it is faster/stable than any other smarthphone.
S4 lags/freezes even when you try to put some photos in Skydrive.
And I am laughing when I see some idiots who say that iOS doesn't have ,,true multitasking"...and what?As long as is more efficient/faster it's a better choice.
Look at Android,even with JB and with quad/octa cores,is lagging alot.
Your argument is invalid.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 14:27 2

38. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Apparently you guys are all ignoring the HTC One. It's smoother, faster, more functional, and better looking than the iPhone. Why use the second best phone to make your point, go after the one that won the best phone award? I think the GS4 is a fantastic phone, but there is no GS4 with Octocore. Only the white hot Snapdragon 600, and love it or hate it, that chip makes the GS4 and One look like Maybachs if the iPhone is a Lexus.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 14:54

40. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

With that said, when you really think about it you can't really go wrong with any of these devices. Yeah, we all have our preferences, but whether it's WP, iOS, Android or whatever, they are all top notch devices.

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 07:22

89. taikucing (unregistered)

it's just Samsung and some phones with many bloatwares that lag. The others don't lag

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 10:48 1

95. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Eonnadra you argument is invalid. UNless your an idiot who has no clue how to use a smart phone (which is propbally why you have an iphone) the androids do not lag. Now if you have a old android or you are cheap and want a free android that was not designed to do everything then you will never have these issues. And before you say anything about even older iphones not lagging you are dead wrong. My son has an ipod touch 4 and ever since the ios 6 update atleast 25% of the games on the market say they are not compitable and then another 15% that work jitter through the whole game then crash with out saving.

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 10:53

96. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

PS Eonnaydra Iphone does not nor has never had true multi-tasking You comment about that is just DUMB for lack of better word. Obviously a lot of people prefer true multi tasking. Even the old or cheap androids that lag a little are so much faster then the iphone that they can lag and still load pages faster. thats a fact. In my store we do side by side comparisons everyday. I have Slacker radio playing while txting and downloading an app all at the same time on any mid to high end androids and it still downloads the same app faster then the iphone please explain this to me can you? Especially since you can not even attempt to do that on an iphone

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 19:53 1

70. papss (unregistered)

Bad analogy man.. A Lexus is boring and very much the Buick of Japan

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 21:29

72. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Lol, you may have a point. But still really nice cars though. :)))

posted on 11 Sep 2013, 05:52

118. ady_lad (Posts: 82; Member since: 17 Jul 2013)

When was the last time you used an Android? Try the HTC One and we talk about it after...

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:28 3

16. osubucks69 (Posts: 9; Member since: 12 Dec 2012)

Well, I guess if iOS7 turns my 4s into what looks like a childs toy it will be time to move on...

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:38 3

21. ama3654 (Posts: 295; Member since: 27 Nov 2012)

I couldn't find this Launcher in play store, so i settled with Next Launcher 3D, AWESOME!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:48 1

25. Android4u (Posts: 456; Member since: 16 Aug 2012)

That launcher is kickass bro , I've been using it for a while now

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 12:54 3

27. Seymur (Posts: 19; Member since: 10 Jun 2013)

To get this theme you have to download crap icons pack. It's just 76kb!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 13:02 2

28. wk10k (Posts: 9; Member since: 06 Aug 2012)

LOL. thats the Android Phase Beam background...

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 13:22

33. ph0adcbeit (Posts: 15; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

This looks like a huge play on the "Google Now" look, I dig it!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 14:09

36. Rehankhan (Posts: 323; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

copy paste If you know what i mean ;)

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 14:43 1

39. JerzeySniper (Posts: 22; Member since: 21 Mar 2011)

Im really an I mean reaaaaaaally not trying to start a flame war or roast apple but is it me or does the lock screen remimds you a lot of a nexus/android screen? An im really being sincere before apple sends the goons out for my head

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 16:41

55. quesoesgrande (Posts: 217; Member since: 03 Aug 2011)

Apple has managed to emulate Android, Windows, and WebOS to some extent in this OS. To answer your question, yes. There isn't anything wrong with that though... What's wrong here is that Apple failed at making relevant changes (excluding multitasking although that is EXACTLY WebOS).

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 19:21

67. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Honestly, I don't think it was a fail. The people who love iOS will most likely be thrilled to death about the "new OS" (theme, skin) but for those who don't like iOS, this just reinforces that dislike. But they really do have a few pluses worth emulating, like the look of the multitasking feature, and the control center isn't bad, just should have been implemented better.

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 05:10 1

82. zeli007 (Posts: 7; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Iphone is awesome( had 4s have 5), but the new icons are crap!!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 16:37 2

54. quesoesgrande (Posts: 217; Member since: 03 Aug 2011)


posted on 12 Jun 2013, 17:47

62. the-glow (unregistered)

I have been using the beta version of iOS 7. While i love both platforms, I can say without a doubt this is just a skin. Having not needing to scroll thru all of my 1000 photos to find one is great. Also other features are cool control center and all that but even still its the same. White backgrounds everywhere like Windows OS. In the end its refreshing to finally look at something new but once you get past all the new stuff its a SKIN in the end. Take it how you want to take it.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 18:50

66. EclipseGSX (Posts: 1717; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

HAHA, I heard someone talking about this and I asked what the differences were and they said it was completely different from the ground up. LOL it looks the SAME only more shiny, wtf is this apple. Man am I disappointed.

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 19:24 1

68. alltechinside (Posts: 248; Member since: 21 Apr 2013)

Rather than shiny, colourful would be the better term.

Apple did change quite a bit for their standards (this is a big jump for Apple lol see the changes between iOS 5-iOS 6 and iOS 6- iOS 7), but its nothing compared to the competition. In fact, the only thing they really changed is that they took others' designs & functionality and then stuff it in iOS 7. I made a post earlier in here about how I felt with iOS 7.

After seeing iOS 7, I better not see any lawsuits from Apple!

posted on 12 Jun 2013, 23:10 2

75. lexingtonsteeley (Posts: 16; Member since: 12 Jun 2013)

My first iPhone for kids!

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 02:56

78. Trex95 (Posts: 910; Member since: 03 Mar 2013)

IOS 7 and 77 comment! 0777 nice

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 04:10 1

80. TechDork (Posts: 292; Member since: 10 May 2010)

If you like it, great. If you don't, you have the option to not use it. Point blank. End of discussion. Period. The majority of you are still going to jailbreak it anyway, so why are you fussing about how bad you hate it? Geez..

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 05:06 1

81. zeli007 (Posts: 7; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

The new icons are so ugly!!!! S#!t.

posted on 13 Jun 2013, 23:31 1

86. Imaxxacre (Posts: 72; Member since: 23 Aug 2009)

This kind of looks like a bastard son of Jellybean (non-skinned) and iOS6

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 08:04

90. kusalanupama (Posts: 9; Member since: 15 Dec 2012)

for every step anyone take there are haters, so haters gonna hate and peeps who like it will like. i like change. thumbs up for Jony :)

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 10:23

91. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Now I dont own an Iphone but I do ru a store in NJ and have a Fb page with a folowing of over 2000 fans. A lot of people there have downloaded the Beta version of Ios 7 and while some are happy with the changes a lot more are upset with the overall performance.
A lot of people are complaining the florecent backdrop makes the phone look cheesy or girly. Maybe this is because more woman by the phone now a days then men not sure but this def isnt going to help that cause.
They are seeing that the only new things are directly copied straight from android. Example: Apple calims it now has true multi-tasking. 1st thing I have to ask is " Didnt they already claim they had true multi-tasking on the previous version." Truth is it is not true mulit-tasking still all the did was made a window exactly like android that shows the last pic of the page or app that was open." Everyone was asking how do I close these? My reply was' " Not sure I do not have an iphone but since they copied that feature from android try swiping it away thats how they do it. And what do you know swiping worked." And people who own the 4 or 4s the phone is very slow and lags all the time. Ios 7 seems like another huge fail from apple. People are already asking how do i go back to Ios 6

posted on 14 Jun 2013, 14:00

97. Karriope (Posts: 97; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

I Kind of like the new transition of the icons coming in for Springboard, but for most part I don't like anything else much visually. The new control center would probably have been better off integrated into the task switcher interface (as it currently is) to avoid the accidental swipe probkem seen now.
As for slide direction, they just have expected people to figure it out from the white highlight running -rightwards- on the Slide to Unlock text.... should've just appended a small arrow to it? (Slide to unlock >)

posted on 15 Jun 2013, 04:30 1

99. mrzero (Posts: 1; Member since: 15 Jun 2013)

Seriously Apple. wtf with ios 7. Looks like you just install a new theme.

posted on 15 Jun 2013, 16:33

100. waaelsaadk49 (Posts: 2; Member since: 25 Apr 2013)

Hello there,
Where is the voice memo app?did apple forget it?

posted on 18 Jun 2013, 09:28 1

103. Armor (Posts: 52; Member since: 06 Dec 2011)

Wow apple copied a lot of features from Blackberry 10. The lock screen is just like BB10 lock screen, even right down to the camera icon in the bottom right corner. The photo editor is a copy, even swiping from left to right to view messages. Since Steve Jobs has passed away apple has come to a stand still. Steve Jobs was Apple.

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