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ZTE Flash for Sprint leaks – 4.5-inch IPS display, LTE, Snapdragon S4 inside

0. phoneArena 29 Jul 2012, 23:52 posted on

Rumor has it that Sprint will be getting the ZTE Flash later this year. If the leaked information is correct, the smartphone comes with a 4.5-inch IPS display with a resolution of 1280 by 720 pixels, protected by a tough layer of Gorilla Glass...

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posted on 29 Jul 2012, 23:59

1. SonyFTW2020 (Posts: 311; Member since: 03 May 2012)

Hey you gotta give it to em this phone has the same specs as the big guns...BUTT, it also has a 12.3 mp cam! nice

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 06:21

8. ardent1 (Posts: 2000; Member since: 16 Apr 2011)

The ZTE Warp came out with great spec's on paper but the phone was a dud. I hope ZTE learn from their mistakes.

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 00:05 2

2. MeoCao (unregistered)

don't buy ZTE, the color reproduction is lame.

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 00:37

3. Jasonhunterx (Posts: 111; Member since: 20 Jul 2011)

Battery is small for Lte Device and only 8GB of rom

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 00:57

4. Cyan3boN (Posts: 440; Member since: 23 Feb 2012)

this looks like a previous nokia windows phone prototype!!!

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 00:58

5. chrischau1308 (Posts: 53; Member since: 28 Feb 2012)

I'm sorry but I just don't like ZTE skins on their Android Phones
Beside that, everything sounds great.
And by the way, there is 16 MP camera with suck image quality
what can 12 MP tells anything about?
Megapixel is not everything

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 02:23

7. darkskoliro (Posts: 1066; Member since: 07 May 2012)

making judgement before having used one? we see the standards of pa comments..

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 18:23

10. chrischau1308 (Posts: 53; Member since: 28 Feb 2012)

Did I say that it's bad? Who is judging now?
I said 12MP won't tell anything because usually people see high megapixel cameras and they was like: "Oh, it's gonna be a good camera phone!!!"
We'll all see the result if there will be a review, that's is when I make another comment, or as you so-called, "Judge".

posted on 31 Jul 2012, 06:19

11. darkskoliro (Posts: 1066; Member since: 07 May 2012)

go have a smoke, you seem like you might kill the next person you see

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 01:19

6. pokergator18 (Posts: 4; Member since: 30 Jul 2012)

bet its got a better camera than u think, u dont even own a ZTE so u dont even know what ur talking about

posted on 30 Jul 2012, 16:54

9. GeekMovement (Posts: 2127; Member since: 09 Sep 2011)

1780mAH battery?... eh...

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