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You got cropped! Galaxy S8 and S8+ video display grief comes in stages, here's why

0. phoneArena 20 Apr 2017, 09:23 posted on

Most TV series you'd watch on, say, Netflix, as well as the YouTube content, are meant for 16:9 displays - those get letterboxed on the Galaxy S8 and S8+. You lose about 18-24% of the 5.8" and 6.2" screens' real estate, depending on the video app, if you watch the vids in the default "fit to screen" regime. You'd have to manually add third party apps to the compatibility mode list in Display settings, so that the full screen toggle appears in, say, Netflix. Even when you toggle compatibility mode, a 16:9 video will still be letterboxed or cropped top and bottom, depending on the app...

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posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:15 2

76. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

You mean how like they were on the iPhone when they finally went big? Or how it is on the iPad as well? Even with full sized bezels?

Hardware simply changed. Software can easily be changed to catchup.

After all, software is always catching up to hardware.

18.5:9 is a new aspect ratio. No one supported it, because no one had devices that used it.

Just like when 16:9 came out at movies, other than PC's and laptops, phones did not support the format.

So I fail to see your point.

The words were stupid. The first aspect ration I am aware of was 4:3/4. When 16:9 camea out devices available then were vast majority 4:3, so they didnt work with 16:9.

Later devices screen sized increase to fit this. Same happened with TV's.

18.5:9 is simply because the screen size being used is wider than 16:9, so duh there are gonna be black bars.

Well since for example Amazon Kindle's and Apple's iPad are all 4:3, 16:9 content on both are "letterbox" by default.

Hwoever I havent seen one complaint about it, so why complian now.

All OEM's have to do is like they did with Apple when their stupid non-standard resolutions, is fix the app to work properly.

At least with Android, Android can scale apps automatically because they contain the bitmaps for all standard size screens ratios.

So far every Android app I have opened even games have scale and have no black bars. The magic of Android. Try that on iOS. My iPAd pro still has a 2X button when I load an iPhone app or older iPad app that doesn't support the new resolution.

Apple had a bigger issue, because at the time iOS apps only contained bitmaps for specific resolutions and when you open said app on an iPad or iPhone, they too were letterbox and thus why the iPad had a manual 2x button.

Which sucked, because it double the resolution of the app but did scale to fit. So many games i played looked pixelated at 2X and were better letter boxed to their original size.

Now please claim you never saw that. Oh and those device have full bezels.

The issue which isn't an issue at all is the same. Viewing content not designed for your specific device resolution will be letterboxed.


But you Apple retards forget when Apple had the same to deal with.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:26 3

77. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

The difference is DICKO007 forgot that on iOS, the same issue arose with ever resolution increase, because all IOS apps only contain bitmaps for the specific device resolution and unlike Windows and Android, the apps don't scale automatically.

On Android, apps contain bitmaps up to 4K. SO all the Android apps that support at leats 5.01, will scale.

Movies are specific to the ration shot at. We all know this.

But the issue is identical to viewing 16:9 content on a 4:3 display.Most of the movies I watch on iPad that are npt being streaming, will be letterbox. Netflix has fixed its streaming so that when it detects an iPad or iPhone or any tablet, it will adjust the stream to fit the device properly.

They simply will have to do the same for the new aspect ratio.

Again PA is tryign to make a big deal!

FACT - Each time the aspect ratio has changed, the industry has to upgarde software to support it.

In the 80's and 90's most devices were 4:3. When 16:9 came out they were letterbox even on TV's. Once devices displays came with 1920x1080 displays which natively support 16:9, this problem was fixed and for TV's too.

The same will happen with 18.5:9. The streaming providers will have to fix the stream to adjust to the device display capability. AS THEY ALL DO NOW

What is the fuss about?

Why are the haters all got their panties in a bunch.

This is goign to happen when aspect ratios change to 22:9 or 32:9 or whatever the next big leap on content comes.

Also remember.

Original DVD content is 4:3. If you play those old movies on a 16:9 display, its letterbox. Has anyone complained? NO.

When TV move up to 32:9 that mean sold Blue-Ray content will be letterbox and it goes on.

PA and the iRetarded are simply technology dysfunctional losers!

PA wants do desperate for this to be an issue.

When the iPhone comes out with it, every streaming provider will have fixe this issue, so it wont even be subject matter. It really isnt now..PA on its Samsung attack as per usual.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:36

78. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)


In this video @ 4:23, the video playing on the iPad is "letterbox".

Why? Because the video being played is 16:9 and not 4:3.

The same thing is happening on the galaxy.

What is the point?

Other than you are a stupid troll!

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:36

79. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)


posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:37

81. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)


posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:47

85. ecmedic4 (Posts: 379; Member since: 02 May 2013)

You basically said the SAME thing in 2 massive essays. Was that really necessary? Sounds like your the one that got ur panties in a bunch. Take an Ativan and some BP medicine, jeez. If you hate phone arena so much, stop coming and reading the articles. That would be awesome!

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 17:36

92. pankajxdx (Posts: 58; Member since: 11 Sep 2014)

I guess you are getting upvotes from both the sides.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 18:38 1

96. NoToFanboys (Posts: 2624; Member since: 03 Oct 2015)

Stupid just like you, an idiotic fanboy of another brand who is always butthurt about anything samsung.

posted on 21 Apr 2017, 00:19

103. techbuttcheex (Posts: 130; Member since: 25 Jul 2015)

For web browsing a 2:1 ratio is even worse because all the content is cramped. Tablets are more square than 16:9, not more narrow.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:31 13

2. VasiliS7 (Posts: 76; Member since: 10 Jan 2017)

S8 is a 2018 phone. Companies are struggling to follow.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 11:04 5

32. Hoggington (Posts: 349; Member since: 23 Feb 2016)

No, actually it's a 2017 phone and the aspect ratio is just bad. Plain and simple.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:38 5

82. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

Really? So when phones were all 4:3 when 16:9 came out. i guess 16:9 was just bad?

You are a stupid ignorant fool!

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 15:39 1

83. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

What struggle? Its a brand new aspect ratio. The same thing happens with 16:9 content on 4:3 displays. Its why you have black bars on the iPad.

Theer are enough posts here that show, just how tech ignorant most users are. Yet they claim iOS users are smart or have higher iQ's...lol

What a joke you fools are.

16:9 content doesn't fit 4:3 displays. It gets stretched wide and has black bars on the top and bottom -https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nR-NgtQv3rY @4:23

Same thing will happen when pcntent goes to 32:9. 16:9 content will fit wider, but not fill the top and bottom.

This is not a display issue in the hardware. Its the content provider who has to provide content that fits. As they have always had too.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 20:02

98. Mixkhata1 (Posts: 135; Member since: 26 Feb 2017)

There is a difference though. While 16 by 9 was significant for movie industry, what does 18.5:9 ratio offer us? Give me one good SOLID reason why 16:9 is, all of a sudden, obsolete? This weird aspect ratio is not fruitful for media consumption. I mean, we have to have universal standards. We can't just change aspect ratio becoz it fits more content.

posted on 21 Apr 2017, 08:15

109. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

No one said it was obsolete? We are simply moving to the next level of display capabilkities.

How about this - Even though we have 16:9, has 4:3 be made obsolete? NOPE!

So basiclaly you're saying, we shouldn't progress?

Even though we have CD"s and DVD's and BlueRay, many people still use 8-Tracks, BetaMax, VCR's, and cassettes and even vinyl records.

So I fail to see why progress is always an issue.

Things change dude. Why are you are so against change?

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:32 11

3. RoboticEngi (Posts: 991; Member since: 03 Dec 2014)

The ever none stopping iphonearena crusade against S8......

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 10:35 6

23. Settings (Posts: 2263; Member since: 02 Jul 2014)

Phonearena looves Samsung fanboys. They are easy to agitate. They'll just post something negative about Samsung and fanboys automatically rescue their beloved God. More fanboys = more traffic.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 10:49 5

28. Ninetysix (Posts: 2569; Member since: 08 Oct 2012)

This is why Amazon is always out of preparation H wipes. The Shamesung fanboys are always buying them in bulk for their butthurt.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 11:30 6

38. RoboticEngi (Posts: 991; Member since: 03 Dec 2014)

And morons get triggered by fanboys, trying to show they are smart asses...

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 11:34 1

42. Plasticsh1t (Posts: 1763; Member since: 01 Sep 2014)

@ninetysix you mean these LMAOOOO?


posted on 20 Apr 2017, 13:05 6

64. Tech_fan (Posts: 92; Member since: 28 Mar 2017)

so look at yourself and your iSHEEP friends...

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 14:22 3

73. Plasticsh1t (Posts: 1763; Member since: 01 Sep 2014)

@tech_fan iSheep friend better than a dumbass like you.

posted on 21 Apr 2017, 08:19

110. TechieXP1969 (Posts: 13501; Member since: 25 Sep 2013)

No it has nothing to do with fans. It has to do with PA constant bulls**t with their so-call tech knowledge.

They always do this purposely against users of Samsung devices.

This bullsh|t is never mentioned with anyone else and its wrong and unfair.

You can call it whatever you want.

None of you even understand tech to begin with, so you don't see the issue.

The issue us simple. Theer are reader who come here to read and understand pros and cons of new products.

When someone reads this, they will think this is an issue and not buy the device potentially.

PA is using BS to deter what could be possible sales.

Then when the iPhone comes and the industry has fixed the issue, PA will play it as if Apple fixed the problem and make it seem like Samsung could not.

This is BS. If you cant see that, then it means you're just as stupid the as the ass that wrote this piece.

posted on 21 Apr 2017, 10:07

111. Settings (Posts: 2263; Member since: 02 Jul 2014)

Calling someone stupid doesn't make you any wiser. And you have the guts to call someone stupid when you yourself can't even spell right and do grammar right.
What do you want PA to do when 35% of it's traffic came from US and India; countries where iPhones are much more popular? Easy. Post more news about Apple. It's a no brainer actually. This site is a business, they want more traffic and views. If you want biased news for Samsung, go to Sammobile or Android Authority. Not here.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:32 8

4. hamaidx (Posts: 23; Member since: 28 Apr 2015)

O really .... Man.. you guys must be all iFtards working all together to eat all crap that comes out of Cooks rear... Future is 18:9 ... Old effin s**t works on your Rotten old Apples...

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:33 7

5. afrohoxha (Posts: 25; Member since: 13 Mar 2014)

You just cringe on latest PA articles and that's really sad. I'm not even bothering to say anything related to the article. Hope this get roasted and these writers learn a thing or two how to respect their loyal readers before any potential 'sponsor'.

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:44 5

11. Sakeem (Posts: 593; Member since: 05 Sep 2012)

The tone of the article seems very....very........I can't find the right word. Someone help me out...

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:56 7

17. ibend (Posts: 6433; Member since: 30 Sep 2014)


posted on 20 Apr 2017, 09:45 8

12. ibend (Posts: 6433; Member since: 30 Sep 2014)

okay, now place S8+ and iPhone7 plus side by side and play same video in both of them...
S8+ still have MUCH BIGGER viewable area than i7+, lol..

now open web browser on both of them, see that screen size? lol.. no one can defend iPhone in this case, lol...

posted on 20 Apr 2017, 10:15 3

18. ecmedic4 (Posts: 379; Member since: 02 May 2013)

They are saying if you watch a video at 16:9 on the S8+, its basically like watching it on a phone with a 5.5 inch screen, which is what the iPhone 7 Plus is, so how does it have a "MUCH BIGGER" viewable area? Are you counting the black bars? Lil confused there. Seems to me that a video at 16:9 would be the same size on both, only the iPhone wouldn't have the black bars. But please, spin it to fit your trolling.

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