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Video shows how to use the Samsung GALAXY Note II as a PC

0. phoneArena 23 Nov 2012, 22:23 posted on

A video posted on YouTube shows the Samsung GALAXY Note II being used as a PC with a Samsung made adapter connecting the phablet to the display along with an HDMI cable; could this be a satisfying computer experience?...

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posted on 24 Nov 2012, 15:30 1

72. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I think what we're disagreeing on is when you say things like

"that is enough for many people to ditch the PC"
"its fine for the vast majority"
"android is ALREADY a great desktop alternative already, for vast majority of people"

If there was such a big market, by now we would have seen a huge push for using smartphones as a PC and that hasn't happend.

Lol, you're comparing making a powerpoint to CAD? Even the simple mobile office apps are not good enough. Some people may need 3-4 word docs open at the same time to write something meaningful. On a PC, that's an EXTREMELY simple task, but on a smartphone you now have a challenge. Why limit yourself?

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 15:33 3

74. roscuthiii (Posts: 2229; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

My company doesn't even have desktop computers anymore. Everyone has been issued a laptop. All we have at work are desks with docking stations, no cubicles, the team can just get together and find a table to sit at to conduct work.
(A slight drawback to that is they also figured if they put everyone on salary, that there was no excuse not to work from home as well. Technology - a true Sword of Damocles)
Mobility is the future of technology. Key portions of that future are already here.
Tablets will probably be the next step for the company... I've already heard talk of Windows 9 tabs being issued once they're available, but with just switching to all-laptop and Windows 8 still be new they decided to be fiscally responsible. Other companies are already starting to implement iPads in their business activities even as we speak (err, type). What do you think the next evolutionary step is? The pocket PC. Oops, I mean smartphone.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 15:37 2

75. roscuthiii (Posts: 2229; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

E.N. - "Why limit yourself?"

Ask the droves of people that bought iPhones.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 16:33 1

76. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

As always, the simple-minded creatures like roscuthill and SleepingOz can't think pass iOS vs Android. If you really like to know, the reason why I have an iPhone is for apps, music, fluidity/speed, browsing, and the camera. The iPhone may not be the #1 best in all those categories (i.e. Lumia for camera), but it excels at all of them combined. If you prioritize customization and installing custom roms, then OBVIOUSLY the iPhone isn't for you.

Now that we're done with iOS vs Android, maybe we can segway back to what we were actually talking about.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 16:41 1

77. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I pretty much consider laptops/desktops to be PC/Macs, but maybe I'm using the word incorrectly.

And I agree with the majority of what you're saying. The smartphone is great for mobility. But let's not pretend that it's going to out PC the PC anytime soon and that a smartphone is a good replacement to a PC for most users. That's just crazy

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 16:58 2

78. SleepingOz (unregistered)

"can't think pass iOS vs Android?" WTF? Did I ever mention iOS here? Seems like you're really butthurt dude, since your beloved iphone can't do a single thing that this monster can do. Oh com'on just don't be jealous.. May be you'll get these features in 3years or so and you'll call it "magical".

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 17:08 2

79. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Suggesting that all these comments are because I somehow hate Android or Samsung is so stupid and pretty much stepping into the territory of iOS vs Android.

And just read the comment you just wrote, lol. what a tool

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 17:21 2

80. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Fine, but that's exactly what I was talking about. You basically shot down your own argument.
You are a power user of pc.
You are NOT a majority. Not even close.
Here's some food for your thought.
The percentage of pc owners that have played skyrim?
The percentage of them using any of those programs you listed?
How many people will own some android smartphone in 3 years?
Here's your answer - probably well over 3 BILLION people. For more than a billion, it will be their first computer ever.

BTW.. which phone are you using?

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 17:31 1

81. chaoticrazor (Posts: 2347; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

well i havent as i said even those who dont use all i do still would go for windows pc's as its just more natural and easier to use. andrid offers a lite version only you dont get the full package

its funny how your saying im not the average user but there are more who now have high end pc's then tablets etc. the pc becomes the central hub for the house where all can be done for each user.

android will not take down the pc, i dont get why you believe it will it would be a downgrade. you go on about why would android users go to ios and be restricted, well why would pc users go to limited functions and lite apps offered when they could have more.your over promoting android, its a capable mobile os, and with some work i.e optimising apps it will be great on tablets too but to think it will take away the need for pc's is a leap to far.

and i have the 808 why ? i dont see the relevence of that

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 17:48 3

82. SleepingOz (unregistered)

There's a lot of Android haters from WP/Symbian/Nokia fan base. And there's a lot Samsung haters within the Android fan base as well. Calling people "simple-minded" for something they never did or said, makes you the simple-minded one, dude! Unless if you're an egocentric biased ifan, not everything in the tech world is related to apple.

And what's with my comment? Aren't you the jerk who called me a "simple-minded" creature for no apparent reason? Are even more butthurt now?Seriously, grow up dude..

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 18:02

83. chaoticrazor (Posts: 2347; Member since: 28 Aug 2012)

and there are alot of wp/symbian/nokia/apple/ios/bb haters in the android fanbase

just thought id add that

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 18:15 1

85. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

regardless of which group you were referring to, its still really "simple-minded" to say that the comments are stemming from hate.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 18:23 3

86. infinitemethod (Posts: 151; Member since: 04 Sep 2012)

You need to work on your grammar for people to actually take you seriously. And you're missing the point of the video. All the applications you listed, about 90% of the world will never use. Get your head out of your ass for 5 seconds.

It is an amazing device and easily the closest to a desktop replacement. I would never use it for my business but the fact that I COULD if need be is awesome. Can't wait to get my Note 2 on Thursday.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 18:39 2

87. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Easier to use than to plug your smart dock into a tv, while your phone is charging? (remember we are talking about worldwide desktop user base in general here, not laptops..which will be a dead breed in 5 years btw, thanks to tablets and hybrids )
Are you really that thick?
Dinosaur stuck in the past?
Can you answer my questions.. please, one by one?
I asked fairly, if you're unable to answer, well..

Oh and the phone you are using(apart from the camera ) is a HORRIBLE OS experience, compared to my phone, for example.
It is an ARCHAIC hardware.
It's so useless that I find it VERY relevant.
I'll all makes perfect sense now, really.
Maybe you should spend some quality time with a quad core jelly bean, before speaking again here. Seriously

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 18:50

88. Nadr1212 (Posts: 741; Member since: 22 Sep 2012)

I really like that fish effect in the beginning of to
He vid

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 21:09 1

89. NaRFL (Posts: 25; Member since: 09 Apr 2012)

My friend this sucks. My iphone 17 can do just that. For now, we've achieved adding one more row of icon to our phone. That's wat i called a revolutionary start :). Screw Samsung!

posted on 25 Nov 2012, 06:13 1

92. SleepingOz (unregistered)

But still you proved me right.

posted on 25 Nov 2012, 14:01

94. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

Yup, keep thinking that

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 22:42 16

2. Schuler2828 (Posts: 59; Member since: 04 Jul 2012)

This video showed me what this phone is capable of doing. It amazes me,I don't care how big this phone is it is worth it,and I'm now getting it:)

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 07:23 1

47. CellularNinja (Posts: 306; Member since: 27 Sep 2011)

Same, I own an S3, but for my next upgrade I might go for the Note series! I can't believe that I could even somewhat replace my PC by just buying a monitor and connecting my phone with it! Super cool.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 13:17

63. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Pal, even the S3 will be like this after the next update.
And S4.. well let's just say you won't have to wait for the next Note :p

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 22:47 3

3. cj100570 (Posts: 204; Member since: 12 May 2009)

Welcome to 3 months ago. There have been videos like this on YouTube since a week after the phone was released as well as for the original note.


posted on 23 Nov 2012, 22:48 12

4. AnTuTu (Posts: 1580; Member since: 14 Oct 2012)

Totally respect for Android platform and tech giant Samsung once again.
And big thanks to "Coldfusion" for his great work for bringing all these great features front of users. Big fan man :)

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 22:53 7

5. RapidCat (Posts: 351; Member since: 12 Jun 2012)

I want to try it when my sgs3 updated to android 4.1.2

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 23:03 3

10. tedkord (Posts: 13161; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I'm on naive 4.1.2 right now. Talk about smooth and powerful.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 02:57 1

25. RapidCat (Posts: 351; Member since: 12 Jun 2012)

because stock android 4.1.2 samsung bring split screen to sgs3.

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 23:01 5

8. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3114; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

I ordered my UNLOCKED Note 2 and can't wait to get it next week! No bloatware and no waiting for updates! I probably won't have LTE in my area for another 1-2 years anyway and AT&T's HSPA+ network does the job for me.

posted on 23 Nov 2012, 23:05 10

12. antmiu2 (Posts: 350; Member since: 19 Jun 2011)

ifans are really quiet now

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 03:39 2

36. AnTuTu (Posts: 1580; Member since: 14 Oct 2012)

They are speechless because this device answer their each n every question.

posted on 24 Nov 2012, 11:54 3

59. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Not just ifans but all Android/Samsung haters in general. WP/Nokia fanboys included!

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