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Verizon Wireless adds 2.1 million new subscribers

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Verizon Wireless adds 2.1 million new subscribers
It's that time of the year again, and the numbers of new subscribers to the various carriers are beginning to trickle in. By adding 2.1 million new users, Verizon Wireless officially crossed the 70 million subscriber mark for the first time. Their numbers come from 1.5 million new customers, and approximately 630,000 from the purchase of Rural Cellular Corporation.

As we covered last week, AT&T gained quite a few customers itself. With all of the new customers coming to the largest two carriers in the U.S., one has to wonder exactly where they're coming from. Sprint's 3rd quarter announcement on November 7th may be a bit worse than investors had hoped.

source: Verizon Wireless via Sprint Connection

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posted on 20 Oct 2010, 01:42

1. (unregistered)

Yay go VZW. Imagine what happens when they finish buying Alltel. But Ive never heard of Rural cellular before.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 13:03

19. (unregistered)

maybe u know them as unicell

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 06:28

2. pena411 (unregistered)

I cant wait to see the VZW and Alltel Complete. I wanna Know what is going to happen to "CHAD" Will he talk the place of the VZW Dude and still put down at&t, sprint, tmobile or will they FIRE CHAD and have the VZW dude Take his place and put down the reset of the companies at&t, sprint, tmobile well either way To Bad CHAD

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 07:26

3. (unregistered)

you people have absolutley no life.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 08:26

4. (unregistered)

just because your friend is out of a job is no reason to be salty

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 08:57

5. (unregistered)

Hi HATER!!!!!!!

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 08:58

6. (unregistered)

That"s How BIG RED does Work......

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 09:05

7. (unregistered)

haha, salty

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 11:47

10. (unregistered)

Maybe they will leave Chad hanging around, get it political humor, hanging chad. I would rather see the phones that Alltel allows on it's network that VZW has passed on or has taken many more months to release become available.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 14:00

23. (unregistered)

neither do you if your looking at this so get over it.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 00:01

43. (unregistered)

lol that is true

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 09:54

8. JDubReno005 (unregistered)

BIG Red does DO WORK SON!! Yeah I said it....

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 11:18

9. Big Moe (unregistered)

Good Job VZW! Keep up the good work and you will be the biggest carrier in the country...! GO VZW!!!

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:01

11. (unregistered)

And thats called job security... Sorry Sprint guys

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:03

12. (unregistered)

I think they should have a commercial where test man beats up Chad from alltel. That would be pretty funny.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:04

13. BalzDeepNher (unregistered)

GayT&T Can you hear me now. I would like to see a comercial where the Test man is T-baggin Chad.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:08

14. (unregistered)

T-baggin! Wow, I love it. What's the matter Chad? I can't hear you. Oh, wait, what's that?

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 17:27

36. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

haha lol.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:19

15. (unregistered)

i would like to drop a deuce in chad's mouth piece right about now....

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:41

16. (unregistered)

Didn't at&t add more customers than vzw? Hmmmmmmm you guys should really get off vzw's @#$% and get a real job.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 12:59

17. (unregistered)

no at&t only added 1.7 million new users this 3rd quarter

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 13:00

18. (unregistered)

no actually they didnt... someone cant read to good... derr errr... att added something like alittle over a million customers and verizon added 2.1... go back to eating crayons....

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 13:04

20. (unregistered)

actually before you eat the crayons ill let you know that it was 1.7 million which is alittle closer.. now you can go talk to a tree

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 13:05

21. (unregistered)

and #19 wasnt up when i posted #20.. my bad...

posted on 12 Nov 2008, 17:43

75. bong_water (unregistered)

verizon wireless added less post pay net adds then att but verizons profit margin was a lot higher then att's. this means att has more cheap customers that complain to much and they lose more money on people always wanting free stuff

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 13:52

22. (unregistered)

too bad that Verizon still sucks and I have been with them for ten years. If it weren t for all the people I helped grt tthem I would switch to AT&T.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 14:17

24. (unregistered)

"Other numbers were impressive as well, including a record 1.7M postpaid adds and 2M total adds" att added 2M NEW CUSTERS AS YOU CAN SEE HERE FROM THE STATEMENT. AND VERIZON ONLY ADDED 1.5M THEY HAD TO BUY OUT ANOTHER CELL COMPANY TO AQUIRE THE REST OF THERE NUMBER. yOU GUYS ARE SO SMART..LMFAO P.S. the other .3 was pre-paid customers which still count...

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 14:26

26. (unregistered)

how do you think at&t became the largest company... Cingular bought them... remember your own companys history before you try talking $**t.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 14:40

27. (unregistered)

maybe you should do your homework att bought back cingular wich was from bell south which is the original company that is know today as AT&T. ooo yeah your famous VZW was also part of bell south....YOUR SO SMART!

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 15:27

29. (unregistered)

actually att was bought from cingular.. THEN CINGULAR CHANGED THEIR NAME TO AT&T. att vs AT&T is different. i worked for them at the time. Left because vzw pays alot more.. LOVE BOTH COMPANIES THOUGH..

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 15:29

31. (unregistered)

Noooooooo cingular bought att then rebranded... idiot learn your history... it was actually a bidding war between verizon and cingular....

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 17:03

35. (unregistered)

your an idiot cingular did not buy att it was the other way around. you need to get your facts straight. smart guy

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 23:58

42. CannedNoodlez (unregistered)

#38.... Formerly a joint venture between SBC Communications and BellSouth, Cingular Wireless soon acquired the old AT&T Wireless; SBC later acquired the original AT&T and re-branded as "the new AT&T". Cingular became wholly-owned by the new AT&T in December 2006 as a result of AT&T's acquisition of BellSouth. Smart guy.

posted on 02 Nov 2008, 15:33

72. (unregistered)

I also know that to be a fact. i worked for them also and now work for verizon. much better pay and better security and integrity.

posted on 03 Nov 2008, 06:57

73. (unregistered)

actually if you want to get technical VZW is a joint venture of vodafone and Verizon communications. GTE, Air Touch, And some various smaller carriers comprised to make the initial company. Bell south was a land line company which is different than SBC(the owner of Cingular which bought the old ATT and rebranded it. ) Later sbc merged with the old ATT non wireless division and formed the new att. At that time SBC which held 51% of of the new company and also the cingular name decided to rebrand the wireless division as att so there was synergy with the whole company. VZW was never part of bell south. Vz Communications was part of bell atlantic. If you want to know more of the progression of telecom look it up and stop making dipshit claims that mean nothing. The only true carrier that was never part of Att offcially and started themselves was sprint. But then again you all know everything

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 14:18

25. tflex (Posts: 146; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)

people need to realize that all the newest hottest phones are gsm. After the omnia, verizon wont have anything. Well maybe a chocolate 4 or envy 6. Verizon's phones are corny as hell. Att will launch LTE first and even more suscribers will join.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 15:28

30. (unregistered)

where you read that.. VZW is scheduled to launch LTE 1st.. Srry man..

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 15:30

32. (unregistered)

I doubt Att will launch LTE first but we will see...

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 18:09

40. (unregistered)

Mis-info. Verizon has already conducted their first LTE to CDMA handoff test in Germany over seven months ago. The handoff and test were successful. By purchasing the the coveted 700 mhz spectrum here in the U.S. ( outbidding AT&T in the auction ), VZW ensured itself that it will be the first carrier to roll out LTE. Sprint will come out with WiMax a lot sooner but the standard in Western Europe will also be LTE.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 08:30

46. (unregistered)

ur an idiot #27. verizon's parent company, vodaphone is the one leading the LTE tech research. ATT is going to LEASE it off of VODAPHONE/VERIZON 3 YEARS AFTER VERIZON has it in full swing. ATT will BE GIVING MONEY TO VERIZON for the privlidge of LTE. the beauty of it all is, then all phones will be on the same signal. that means eventually, verizon will gobble up att like pacman to pellets! :)

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 22:12

55. (unregistered)

Hey 49 while your calling 27 an idiot you should include yourself. If you look back at the auction Att won their own 700 band not to mention what they bought from Hauiiei. So in fact they will not be leasing off of VZ. If anything or I should say if they are both SMART, they will be leasing off each other so that service will be seamless. VZ will be first with LTE because they will have to cuae Vodefone is paying for it and they are the boss as well as HSPA & HSP+ (ATT) is faster and more upgradable then EVDO (VZ) so Att will not have to rush out new technology. VZ will never gobble up ATT cause of ATT's size. Take away Vodefone and VZ is a pimple on ATT's ass. All of you VZ yoyo's need to realize that with out Vodefone VZ is just an average company. All of their buying power is becuase of their parent company. No Vodefone, no exclusive BB Storm. It is a proven fact that ATT is BB primary carrier. I'm sure that BB got a little salty att ATT over the I Phone, so they went to Vodefone for the Storm not VZ. Being that V owns VZ, they get the hand me down as well. Atleast ATT is its own company. All 100% US owned. ALl of the money stays in the US vs half going back to England. IT may be a silly argument but if the car industry can use it why not wireless as well. I'm not saying VZ is a small company but looking at the whole picture they owe a lot to their daddy Vodefone. ATT should buy the US side of T MObile and go 50 50 with D Telecom. Then it would be more of a fair fight. We will see if VZ has the balls to buy out Vodefone and then see what they can do on their own and not have all of that extra cash to fall back on. If ATT would of gotten the Storm to go side by side with the I Phone, people would be saying VZ who? The funny part is that the Bold will do its part to keep ATT in the game against the Storm. ATT invented the exclusive handset deal when it Launced the Razr in 2004. THey will have others that will top the Storm. One last thing in this long winded blog, After the merger is over between VZ and Alltel VZ will be #1 in size but not by as much as you think. AN article that was posted puts VZ #1 with about 78 million and ATT #2 with 75 million. For all you VZ math majors that say VZ now has 70 million and Alltel has 13 million that should be 83 million. What your not considering is all of the markets that VZ has to give up to meet the FCC and gov requirements. So after spending $28 billion you only picked up 8 million customers. WOW, thats a bargin. Now, that is if the article is correct. VZ will not be #1 in size for long. ATT will buy someone to close the gap as well as continue to keep selling I Phones and BB Bolds and in the Future a BB Storm of their own. Charish the top spot while it lasts cause it won't last long. Glad I got that off my cheast. Feel free to bash it cause know you all will.

posted on 01 Nov 2008, 11:16

58. (unregistered)

Amen!! Seems like no one has replied yet... checking up on your homework VZ Fanboys?

posted on 01 Nov 2008, 16:32

63. (unregistered)

you want a tissue there buddy sound like you are pretty salty... You care to explain why Apple came to Verizon first? Or how verizon is in the top 2 usually in customer satisfaction and ATT is at the bottom? Your really going to use the argument " well you parent have more money so its not fair :o( " Boo whoooo When in the future will ATT have the storm because i hear all you att guys claim "oh we are getting it" WHEN? Oh and PROOF? When verizon gets the IPhone? Or when the phone doesnt matter.. What you fail to understand is the MOST of ATT growth has been thru the IPhone. Soon it will be old news. How many customers do you think vzw will gain with the release of the Storm? And to your argument "lets see if verizon has the balls to buy out Vodafone" well lets see if ATT has the cash to buy out the second largest telecommunication company in the world.. You sound like a guy making excuses because he knows he is gonna lose. Even if verizon hadnt gotten the Storm it would have killed them. People stay with verizon because of the service. Verizon has grown consistantly without the almighty IPhone. I would like to also point out the the first verison of the RAZR sucked and verizon's was actually better when it released because it had more built in storage and i believe expandable memory. The one thing I can thank ATT for is that with ATT and the Iphone, vzw has relized that the market has changed and they do need to be more competitive with phones if they want to regain the number 1 spot. Oh yeah and since you think your so smart and that ATT money only goes into the US i thought i ask you if you understood how stocks worked since you were so concerned with the money not going to England. Is that really all the revelant? No but neither was your point. The only advise I can give you is to enjoy the next 14 days because the games about to change. At least that way you have more time to find some more things to whine about. I dont really need to bash you too much because once sprint rolls out wimax on a large scale and tmobile goes to 3g in more market, it will be ATT that feels the crunch. Once again to make it clear Verizon has still grown without an Iphone and thats where most of ATTs growth came from and its game over come later this month.

posted on 02 Nov 2008, 01:46

65. tflex (Posts: 146; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)

thats all verizon will probably do is buy up more cdma carriers to expand their suscribers. verizon is ranked no. 1 according to what JD power says. so all verizon users get all hot and bothered claiming verizon is the best. most people believe everything they read and that is why there are all these LG envy owners running their mouths saying verizon is the best. truth is verizon could buy out any company they want and att will always be the bigger company regardless if ten publications say verizon is the best. and it doesnt matter how buggy the iphone 3g may have been, it selled and will continue to, so verizon users need to get off of att's nuts.

posted on 02 Nov 2008, 10:49

70. cafromtheway (unregistered)

couldnt have said it better myself .... GO verizon and GO blackbery storm ... att sucks I had verizon for 3 years and had no problems then switched to att cus the stupid iphone.First bill 170 second 160 third 130 then i dropped my iphone from a 2 foot drop ...oops there goes my iphone now I have to buy for full retail how crappy is that.I never ended up buying another iphone instead im using a cheap 20 dollar phone until the storm comes out.

posted on 03 Nov 2008, 07:04

74. (unregistered)

WIMAX has already been launched by sprint. sprint will be launched across the us far before anybody even trys to get LTE going

posted on 01 Dec 2008, 18:43

77. (unregistered)

u all have no life

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 15:19

28. (unregistered)

Who cares about how many customers they added! When the heck is the Storm and the Omnia coming out? HURRY UP already!

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 16:28

34. BalzDeepNher (unregistered)

Storm comes out November 15th in direct locations.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 16:27

33. (unregistered)

I heard the iphone is coming to Verizon next year. I was in salt lake city for training and one of the data guys at the head quarters said they were already running test so it would work on our network late next year.

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 17:30

37. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

why would verizon want to get the iphone? its no big deal anymore, the hype is over. just get an ipod touch and stick wit verizon

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 17:34

38. (unregistered)

hahahaha i dont kow about this being COMPLETELY TRUE as they rejected the i phone 2 years before it was even built.....although it can happen being as last March 2008, VZW began to introduce their "open" project or some crap like that, which let u add any phone to VZW but u had to send the device to its original company (ie:if i had a AT&T LG i would have to send it to LG) and after three months they would send it back and it works on Big Reds network. ...the best will be when all the AT&T fan boys have nothing to brag about because VZW has the I phone as well....then i would just be pages and pages on this website about how AT&T is cooler just cause they had the Iphone 1st....IDIOTS

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 17:50

39. (unregistered)

lol they would only have that to say though.. lol i phone.. great piece.. LTE here we come. I'm sure there will be locking to networks and such but once unlocked.. ANY PHONE on ANY CARRIER.. unless they can mess with your phone and stop you with all the issues with G1 and I Phone deleting apps and such from your phone.. Maybe they would lock you or somthing.. lol.. rich bastads.. greedy executives..

posted on 30 Oct 2008, 18:58

41. BalzDeepNher (unregistered)

I would not be surprised if the Iphone comes to Verizon next year. Phone Arena leaked information about a possible agreement between Apple and Verizon. They also mentioned 2009, if this is true then that would make sense that they are running test on the phone for the q409 release

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 00:30

44. tflex (Posts: 146; Member since: 24 Oct 2008)

verizon will not get the iphone. jealous verizon fans need to stop running their mouths about getiing the iphone when most of them say its a bad phone. u guys have ur jukes and chocolates. be happy with that.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 18:56

54. vzw fanboy (unregistered)

the jukes are gay. if you get a phone for 2 years at least get the best of the best for vz

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 08:06

45. Jyakotu (unregistered)

I don't understand all the AT&T hate. IMO, AT&T has great service. Verizon Wireless lures customers with their trendy phones, but those plans are a rip off.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 08:32

47. (unregistered)

att has horrible service jyak. btw, with the open initiative, verizon doesnt need to bring the iphone. Apple is already hiring VZW emps to get the cdma tech right. Apple just has to sell a cdma iphone from its own stores and have them activated on vzw after the open ititiative starts. that way apple isnt breaking their exclusivity with ATT, and everyone in america can have that stupid iphone... and yes, it sux.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 08:47

48. Jyakotu (unregistered)

AT&T doesn't have horrible service. I get a signal everywhere and I love their plans. Plus, I thought the whole point of VZW getting the Blackberry Storm was to rival the iPhone. So really, VZW doesn't need to get the iPhone.

posted on 31 Oct 2008, 12:00

49. (unregistered)

how are the plans a rip off? its the same price point as verizon... idiot

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