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*UPDATE 4* Sprint's Diamond gets pictured, dated

0. phoneArena 01 Sep 2008, 10:21 posted on

The first shots of the Diamond have leaked out and the phone will start shipping on Sept 14th...

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posted on 15 Aug 2008, 00:03

5. pk (unregistered)

GSM has only 900mAh

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 00:15

9. (unregistered)

Yeah, only 900 but it's also 11,5 mm thick and looks much better than this

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 00:43

11. (unregistered)

Both have advantages. The Iphone syncs audio and video files WAY faster than any Windows Mobile device. I would say WM devices over USB take 5-6 times as long (very annoying). The only way to speed it up is to take your memory card out and use a USB adapter (which is a pain). The Iphone also has a better UI and feel. The Diamond is going to include picture and video messaging, navigation, live TV through SprintTV, etc. which the Iphone cannot do. Also cut and paste is missing on the Iphone, which is a pain... BTW - There also several apps that can add Youtube onto the Diamond (free ones), if that is a priority. Also --- The Sprint Simply everything plan ends up being way cheaper than the Iphone plans.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 01:12

13. (unregistered)

please explain "looks much better than this"?

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 09:16

27. (unregistered)

Form vs. function. I'd rather have a slightly thicker phone that lasts the day than a better looking device that becomes a pretty paperweight after 4PM.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 18:15

60. (unregistered)

I was going to say the same thing! Thinness is great...but most WM phone owners are heavy users. And with high-drain music and TV playback among other things. Give me couple more MMs and a high-amp battery any day! To the QoS argument. I live in Miami, FL and been with Sprint for 2 years and the service has been great. I cant remember the last time I dropped a call, but I'm tired of counting the number of drop calls from my friend with his att/iphone...either the first gen or the new 3G. My billing is correct every month...so I dont place importance on calling "customer service" as i do on overall usage cost. I guess VZW users have to have one rallying cry. But Nordstrom has reknowned customer service...the best there is! But its not my choice to purchase a Polo shirt.

posted on 16 Aug 2008, 18:46

76. primewax (unregistered)

Yeah really, and the fact that it was on 'leaked' Sprint documents is fishy too.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 00:08

7. (unregistered)

best to stick with sprint. att has horrible service, u'll end up paying more for att's apple plan. diamond holds its own against the iphone.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 00:13

8. (unregistered)

Im really not feeling that maroon backing, but im sure they will offer in all black.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:10

20. (unregistered)

I with you on the backing. Its nice for the females but I want an all black back....better get your sharpie out!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:25

38. (unregistered)

LOL Amen! Use one of those sharpie mini's as the dongle.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 17:34

58. (unregistered)

Hammerite makes a black, glossy spray paint that would adhere to the surface (lol, if someone does it) and wouldn't damage the phone!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 01:56

14. (unregistered)

Hello im one off the sprint lucky empl to get a free HTC diamond 2 weeks befor the release date all the advocates get their phone about 2 weeks befor the release date :) hahahah

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 11:02

33. diamondluvr (unregistered)

So have you gotten yours yet? Because according to the post it's being released 2wks from now.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:36

39. (unregistered)

The treo 800 advocates got their devices about 4 days after the launch.

posted on 16 Aug 2008, 18:26

75. (unregistered)

Your probably also one of the lucky employees that's about to lose your job becuz y'all can't keep your customers. Ha!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 07:27

16. ageffner (unregistered)

The Diamond's nice and all, but anyone have any more info on when the Diamond Pro is getting released?!? Adam

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 23:04

93. (unregistered)

October 08

posted on 02 Sep 2008, 13:47

156. (unregistered)

Actually, this site has just recently posted a picture of an internal Sprint document now that shows October 19th.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 07:30

17. (unregistered)

"verizon killing hardware"... i bet you can't tell who this author is a fan of.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:07

18. (unregistered)

He is just speaking the truth....what's wrong with that?

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 09:20

28. (unregistered)

If the reported specs are correct, I don't see how you can argue that it's not "Verizon killing hardware". It's not even remotely close.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:09

19. Anonymous1222 (unregistered)

Can someone tell me if the Verizon version of the diamond will have wi-fi. That's really the deal breaker for me between the Dare and the Diamond. If the Diamond has wi fi I'll go for it. I know that verizon usually verizon takes out wi fi but just wondering. Also, does this phone support 3rd party applications. I'm pretty sure that smart phones support 3rd party applications. Thanks! Srry if these are newby questions!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 09:23

29. (unregistered)

Yes, Verizon's version will have WiFi.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 16:54

53. rbz275 (Posts: 37; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

And yes you can install any Windows Mobile 6 3rd party application

posted on 21 Aug 2008, 08:28

107. Esquire0399 (Posts: 53; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

VZW never takes wifi out of smartphones. Where the hell are all of you people getting this from!? Did they remove it from the i760? Nope. The 6800? Nope. The 6700? Nah. How about the 6600? I think not. It bothers me when people run around making false claims because they don't bother to do any research first. You should never have expected the Dare to have wifi as it is NOT a smartphone and was never intended to be. At its core it is really no different from a Voyager, enV, Chocolate, RAZR, etc. When will people figure that out???

posted on 26 Aug 2008, 09:02

133. Bearxor (unregistered)

The PPC-6600 didn't have WiFi. The GSM version did.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:19

21. Doitall76 (unregistered)

I kills me how upset everyone gets about defending their phone carrier. "Verizon's better than Sprint", "No Sprint's Everything plan kills Verizon's", "the next phone to come out is going to kill the Iphone", and so on and so on. Instead of using this forum as a way to pass information and help each other, it seems that too many people using it for b#tching. And it is stupid, rediculous b#tching at that. Half of you have never been on the carrier's service that you complain about, so you don't even know first hand. The other half of you work for the damn carrier that you are saying is soooo much better than the others. If that doesn't devalue your opinion, I don't know what does. Some of the people on here fire off posts that are incredibly non-productive for anyone coming on to get REAL information. Let's get this website back to how it should be Doitall76

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:51

24. Mjgio10494 (unregistered)

Thank you I agree one hundred percent. Everyone has their own favorite carrier. You're entitled to your opinion, but don't be rude abouit it.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 11:03

34. diamondluvr (unregistered)


posted on 15 Aug 2008, 11:19

35. (unregistered)

yes yes and yes!!! i always come here to find out info on the diamond b/c i want it. instead i find ALL these complaints about this and that and the 'other guy'. i just want info on the phone and any insider info that is out there =) one of my only agreements is that i hope that verizon doesn't take much out of the phone... my dream vzw diamond: wifi, gps, expandable memory (microSD, etc), accelerometer, no changes to UI. i'd love to have an easily accessible expandable memory slot instead of the fixed 4GB. oh, and all black and the diamond backing. also, i just turned 30 and wish i could get the diamond soon! =) great job HTC!!!! lastly, i wish VZW could put TV on this phone...

posted on 17 Aug 2008, 01:07

78. (unregistered)

no, verizon kicks att and sprint butt even with iphone or instinct we have beautiful dare because i care and have beautiful hair and i wear some nice jeans, yo

posted on 17 Aug 2008, 16:29

81. (unregistered)

i hate you.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:23

22. Doitall76 (unregistered)

I don't get it, in the PAppeal rating column, how is the Touch Pro getting a 1 for Christian Dior, 1 for Average Joe, and a 7 for the High Tech Junkie, but the Diamond gets a 10 for Christian Dior, 8 for Average Joe, and a 10 for High Tech Junkies. The phone looks exactly the same (with the edition of a keyboard), and it has a few more features. That is stupid.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 08:26

23. Anonymous1229 (unregistered)

Never mind! I'm going to get the HTC Touch Pro version for verizon. I know you can get 3rd party apps for WM touch screen phones but where exactly. It's much more easier on a iphone... Also, what's the pricing for the touch pro. I am hoping for $300 but I know it's most likely $350-$400. Which is very costly. The touch pro has that QWERTY and a flash with wi-fi and 3rd party apps. So that's for me but it's just how easy is it to get the apps, (like the iphone?), and the price.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 09:52

31. kdm777 (unregistered)

That's easy...all you have to do is Google "Windows Mobile apps". Plenty of sites to download from. Many apps are free. Enjoy!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 16:57

54. rbz275 (Posts: 37; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

It's true there is no centralized "app store", but it isn't hard to find good apps. A few sites with free and paid apps: www.handago.comwww.pocketgear.com There are many others (including a section onwww.microsoft.com/windowsmobile

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 17:36

59. (unregistered)

www.wmexperts.com has reviews and software galore for WM5, 6, 6.1

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 23:07

94. (unregistered)

i wouldn't be suprised if they put some kind of subsidy lock code on there where you can only purchase official software.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 09:08

25. (unregistered)

who cares about this phone for features, the sprint version has so many more features and double the rom, just switch to sprint, you'll get ur moneys worth thanks!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:06

36. (unregistered)

its coming out this week on telus for 450 $ without contract (canada)

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:19

37. (unregistered)

so hopefully with a 2 year contract price on verizon it would be cheaper? im waitng for the touch pro on verizon. download tons of 3rd party apps and enjoy the keyboard. so does this mak late september as verizon's release of he diamond? then late october for the touch pro.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 21:33

62. (unregistered)

Lol, ya right. Full retail on another carrier = contract price with Verizon.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 21:41

64. (unregistered)

yeah prolly true. but i dont care im gonna pay whatever for it cuz i know its better then all those crap touch phones and phones they try to sell me. im 17 and they think i know nothing about phones and i only want a phone for texting. oh how wrong they are

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 23:08

95. (unregistered)

Kind of like when a woman goes carshopping. I know the stigma i used to sell cars hahahah

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:47

40. (unregistered)

The red backing is really disappointing. The diamond back was real cool and gave this phone some style. Now it just looks like an ugly toy and the diamond name no longer makes sense. What a shame. Sprint has no common sense or sense of style. I appreciate the bigger battery a lot, but I think they've limited the appeal of this phone with such a garish color choice. I don't know what the thinking was behind the move to red, maybe they just wanted to really stand out and look different from the iPhone and Instinct, but this is just a really bad choice. I can't even begin to imagine how ugly the Touch Pro will look with it's giant red back. The Pro will be 90% red and 10% black, what a disaster. Way to screw up an exclusive Sprint. This was your best phone, probably your biggest exclusive of the year, and you messed up the design.

posted on 16 Aug 2008, 01:41

67. (unregistered)

it's coming in black too moron. They are just showcasing another color that is available that will set them apart.

posted on 17 Aug 2008, 01:09

79. (unregistered)

Just say that it is coming in black, you don't have to be so rude about it. So what if he didn't know, you obviously do so instead of insulting others, help them. I really don't understand why people are so obnoxious these days.

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 09:40

88. (unregistered)

Guys or gals like that are obnoxious because it makes them feel better about themselves. Plus, they don't have to worry about consequences. They'd never say something like that so someone's face for fear of being smacked in the mouth. It's one of the negatives of the computer age. I didn't know the phone would be available in black either. Guess I'm a moron also. :) I kinda thought the whole point of this site was to share info.

posted on 18 Aug 2008, 22:34

91. Big Kippa (unregistered)

Please smack me in the mouth....I dare you. Replying to this will go directly to my personal email. You're response to mine was just as obnoxious 103. So shut your mouth. I respond like that because people don't ask questions on here, they just post stuff assuming that they know everything and ask nothing. Those kind of people are morons, people who make idle threats, like a smack in the mouth, will get called out. Don't assume stuff and bash a company, and don't bash somebody for their behavior and then turn around and exhibit the same behavior, so yes, now, you are a moron also. You weren't a moron for not knowing there would be a black one, but you didn't come on here bashing Sprint for only making it in red. However you are a moron now for displaying behavior that you were talking shit about. So what now 103? i apologize to 90 you are correct, 103 let me know where you would like this "smack in the mouth" to take place. Don't be a bitch.

posted on 24 Aug 2008, 14:23

123. eh... (unregistered)

it's comming out in black, when the instinct came out, everyone thought it was going to have a gray face but no, its just so ppl on the pcs can look at the phone details better.

posted on 26 Aug 2008, 20:36

137. (unregistered)

Check again. I never said I would smack you in the mouth. I didn't even address you directly. I said "guys like that". Obviously, I don't know you, but I know people who call people names on message boards for no reason. I was clearly making a comment on a certain element who make the message boards less enjoyable. Consider this: if I walked into a Sprint store and you and I were both looking at the Diamond (with a red back) and I said "Wow, this sucks that it this awesome phone has this ugly red back. That's a bad move by Sprint. What were they thinking?". Would you call me a moron or just point out that it comes in black also? Most people would probably just tell them about the black one. You might think I was a moron, but you probably wouldn't say it. People on the internet should try to do the same, but they don't always and I think it's because they don't have to worry about consequences. If you took offense to that, too bad. I didn't threaten you at all and I didn't exhibit the same behavior. I made a general comment. Deal with it.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:53

41. (unregistered)

To Post #21: Gotta say, own a few Sprint/Verizon stores, and you're right about the carrier conundrum. I currently have a BB Curve with Alltel, AT&T and Sprint (speaks to how much of a nerd I am). They all have great reception in places and spotty in others. I come here for leaked info, not to hear who gets "more bars in more places"! We all have phones and know fairly well from friends and family what coverage is like around our areas. Find a deal on a phone, a good plan for your usage and enjoy! And by the way, gotta say BlackBerry seems to work best on Sprint in all ways, reception, speed, etc.

posted on 20 Aug 2008, 18:56

101. likemytoys (unregistered)

To 41: don't feel bad, I have two Curves, and an iphone. Tmo one curve (love the wi-fi) but got the other Curve for GPS with AT&T. Crazy, hey??

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 12:59

42. Couvillz (unregistered)

I don't think any Sprint customer has the right to bash Verizon or any other company for that matter. Sprint is the worst quality wireless network in the country. Add in their Nextel mess, and I don't care how much you get with their "truly unlimited" plan, you can't use it anywhere! Their National Coverage is TERRIBLE. As an employee of Alltel, I am pumped for the Verizon merger, and it is just going to make Verizon an even superior network than any other! Sprint is already hurting now, I can't wait to see what happens when the merger happens. Sprint will be all but over!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 14:15

46. (unregistered)

So you start off saying how Sprint customers shouldn't bash anyone and then you bash Sprint with some idiotic comments that are based on some fantasy world you live in. Good job! Maybe Sprint isn't strong in Alltel country, but Verizon wasn't wither, thus the merger. To say that Sprint doesn't work anywhere is just moronic. If you don't like Sprint, fine. If they don't work where you live, say that too. "Worst quality network"? Seriously? Please tell me what you're basing that on. The fact is that they serve 52 million people so they must have coverage somewhere. The data coverage is terrific. When you fail to recognize that, it makes you seem ignorant.

posted on 16 Aug 2008, 07:07

70. (unregistered)

stfu u fanboy ur tight verizon will be getting a crippled device something yall are so used to! crippled devices you prick.

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 14:13

44. lilknight54@yahoo.com (unregistered)

When does this phone come out august or september and will this phone require the simply everythin plan ?

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 17:20

57. Car Ramrod (unregistered)

Supposed to be in dealers' stores before the 1st of September. And, yes I would bet you'll be moving to the new plan structures to get this bad boy (or girl - the red is almost pinkish frickin purple)!

posted on 15 Aug 2008, 14:14

45. sprintmgr (unregistered)

Launch date of 8/28 is actually early, as the device is set to launch in retail 9/2, and there is a possibility of a delay or inventory issues for the first 2 weeks. Touch Pro is set to release mid October. As for all you Sprint haters, go comment on your Verizon phones, or better yet, wait the 6 months for Verizon to cripple the functionality and UI and THEN launch the diamond and leave us alone... EVERY carrier has coverage issues, some just have better marketing. Personally I would rather deal with customer care than pay a 30% premium, but the decision is for the consumer to make.

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