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Supposed iPhone 5 screen demoed on video: taller, thinner

0. phoneArena 03 Aug 2012, 09:50 posted on

One thing you can’t complain about is iPhone news, rumors and legal twists. And here is another one that looks very legitimate. ETrade Supply got their hands on the glass…

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posted on 03 Aug 2012, 11:48

41. jmoita2 (Posts: 930; Member since: 23 Dec 2011)

If this is the scope of the changes, the "new" iPhone will be an epic fail. Now, the dude on the video wearing those fingertip gloves to just so delicately handle the parts just to take a set of keys and completely demolish them was pretty peculiar...lol!!!

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 16:34 1

65. tedkord (Posts: 11619; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I explained that. Fingerprints will get you a late night visit from the Apple police.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 12:17 5

44. wsucoug13 (Posts: 164; Member since: 04 May 2012)

That is stupid, so glad I my friend talked me into getting an android and not an iPhone 3 years ago or I'd be a sheep right now!!

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 12:29 1

46. PhoneArenaUser (Posts: 5498; Member since: 05 Aug 2011)


posted on 03 Aug 2012, 12:58 1

50. altarius530 (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Aug 2012)

Cant believe people still buy the iphone! Apple had a good idea and android took it and ran with it! apple has a lot of things mastered but phones isnt one of them.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 13:18

54. levvy (Posts: 33; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

Steve Jobs no more. No more Steve job's magical creation. "Downfall" probably ahead like the Period Jobs fired from Apple.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 13:35

57. levvy (Posts: 33; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

Steve Jobs no more. How could Apple manage another Perfect man to offer magical creation ? Remember what happened without Jobs when Wozniak threw him from Apple.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 13:59 3

59. Seannyc (Posts: 59; Member since: 21 Jul 2012)

Idk about the screen, this construction looks very similar to my driod X. The screen is weird, not wide enough. Bad move apple, the S3 screen is very balance

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 14:51 1

60. minteke (Posts: 30; Member since: 27 Jul 2012)

" Any customer can have a phone screen sized any scale that he wants so long as it is 3.5"

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 15:03

61. sgtdisturbed47 (Posts: 548; Member since: 02 Feb 2012)

It's not the official iphone screen. Other manufacturers make screens too. This is jsut a proto based on rumors.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 18:10 2

67. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3108; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

lol considering the the iphone is small and thick compared to the competition, this is nothing to get excited about.

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 19:39 1

69. TangTung (Posts: 6; Member since: 03 Aug 2012)

The host said "Thank you for your WEE WEE..." at the end of the video.... What is WEE WEE anyway?

posted on 03 Aug 2012, 20:19

71. aoikemono27 (Posts: 177; Member since: 27 Feb 2012)

So it's still pretty small in comparison to the 4.5" screens of yesteryear, the 4.7/4.8 screens of this year, and the nice 5.3" one I'm rocking on my note. 4" is still a pretty good size. My old galaxy s was 4" and the pantech burst my roommate has is also 4" and it is pretty nice size. However, since the iphone is originally 3:2 and this screen is practically the same width, it's not much of an improvement as far as reading webpages go. Most people just handhold it and read it in portrait mode and scroll downward anyway. More height lets you see more of the bottom early on, but doesn't make it any easier to read since the text will be the same size. There's no width to zoom in more, unless you want to pan left and right, so it's not much different from the 4S. I know they had to keep it slim, but people are fine nowadays with 4.3" and even 4.5" so should've gone bigger.

posted on 04 Aug 2012, 04:39

72. levvy (Posts: 33; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

No More Steve Jobs.....No more magical creation.
Return to the age without Jobs, again.

posted on 04 Aug 2012, 11:38

73. appleDOESNT.com (banned) (Posts: 456; Member since: 19 Nov 2011)

Remember when Apple stated they were going into extra secrecy mode? Well I do, and while iHope Apple blows it with such a antiquated/ugly design but iFear Apple is just leaking the designs that they want the public to see and actually might have something drastically better cooking (oooh a pun!)

iHope for this iCrap but iFear something much better is coming. iGuess we will all see soon enough

posted on 05 Aug 2012, 16:28

75. levvy (Posts: 33; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

iPerfect(?) iApple iGugys = iDressed 70s + iSunglass 60s + iShoes 50s+iPhone 2012
= iGoddamn dashing appearance

posted on 05 Aug 2012, 20:55 1

80. BDW2008 (Posts: 25; Member since: 30 Mar 2011)

who would seriously want an elongated 4 inch phone when samsung has this 4.8 inch behemoth that still manages to stay thin and usable not to mention an os thats literally been ahead of what ios 6 will be when gingerbread was the new android os i cant believe apple has not changed the look of ios in six major releases and meanwhile android just keeps getting better some says its more complicated but its really not it just has so many more features and people coming from ios aren't use to having so many options that they repond by saying they don't understand the os no you are just used to that old ass os called ios thats been the same since 2007

posted on 06 Aug 2012, 09:22

81. wsucoug13 (Posts: 164; Member since: 04 May 2012)

That was one ridiculous run on sentence.... but i agree

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