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Sprint to showcase a glasses-free 3D phone on Feb 7?

0. phoneArena 28 Jan 2011, 16:18 posted on

Two weeks ago we recieved an invitation to an event that is to be held by Sprint on February 7, stating that it will be an industry-first, and will have illusionist David Blaine on hand. Since the announcement, there has been some rumors of what the device will be, but today we got word from an inside source saying that it will be for a glasses-free 3D phone.

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posted on 31 Jan 2011, 15:12 1

65. DECK (unregistered)

Get ready to buy a Metro PCS phone then becasue ALL 4 major carries and even some of the smaller ones will have 3-D phones this year. Also pretty sure Sprint does offer more than any other carrier becasue I was shopping around when my contact was about to run out and only T-Mobile offered a plan similiar to what I had for the same price.

Between the EVO, Epic, and Shift they have covered the main form factores people want and that not even counting the low end Android like the Optimus, Transform, Hero. AT&T and VZW are finally offered an EVO like Android 8 months after the EVO lauches yet Sprint is behind?

posted on 29 Jan 2011, 14:13

46. aztaxia12295 (Posts: 272; Member since: 22 Nov 2009)

ha, i think its gonna be the htc 4gd! and when im right, youll all bow down to me!

posted on 29 Jan 2011, 15:53

48. Mr. DAvis (unregistered)

i'm proud sprint user and i pray to the heavens that they dont present anything that has to do with that 3d crap, no one will buy it, i can garuntee it, they did so well with the evo, and the evo shift is making it's rounds, they should be thinking in the realms of dual core and dedicated gpu's sprint please don't let your customers down

posted on 29 Jan 2011, 16:28 1

50. dalaron1 (unregistered)

I really don't think anyone would even be on this site if they didn't care about features on the phone. Its the driving force behind cellphone providers gains or losses. But 3d maybe neither here nore there. I've seen the difference it makes on a single game. So it will give you better experience with things outside of 3d. So you will benefit indirectly for the hardware needed to support the 3d enviroment. Now is it worth the upgrade or change of provider, remains on personal needs or wants. But really don't think there will be anything that the phone can really use to take advantage of the 3d features until year end. By this time they will have flooded the market with this type of device. Sprint being good at giving us industries first which is great, but give us things we can use and benefit from now. Having a 4g phone and the fee but no 4g services is a little bit much.

posted on 29 Jan 2011, 19:15 1

52. TLJester (unregistered)

I have to agree that bringing 3D is not a great thing. however the hardware platform needed should be good in its own rights.
However Sprint seems to be behind the curve at the moment and really is no longer the no. 2 carrier but the no. 3 or 4 even. (ATT and TMobile are lucky that all world wide phones use the same network tech, unlike Verizon and Sprint, and so have access to all the phones being developed without having to change the hardware.)
Sprint needs a 4G, dual core, NFC etc etc device to keep in the running. and i get the impression the the HP/Palm devices are going to go the way of Windows 7 Mobile.
My 2c

posted on 30 Jan 2011, 10:22

53. MoJoJoJo (unregistered)

omgg David Blaine!!! :DDDD

posted on 30 Jan 2011, 12:22 1

56. Pochi (unregistered)

Ya people who rip 3D so bad must be so mental really... 3D is a amazing tech and it would be nice to have it on a phone look at how it is in movies mainly anime and movies who use CG its a wow factor... and sprint doesnt need a IPHONE to win this carrier battle cause IPHONE arent even all that with there small screens how can u type on it ? EVO is perfect for a non qwerty phone iphone isnt... If sprint release a different version iphone then wat the two companies offer then it would be great and in past history sprint always have better versions of phone like Optimus S and Galaxy S

posted on 30 Jan 2011, 18:44 1

57. dotdotjuan6654 (unregistered)

HTC Evo 3D

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 07:50 1

60. Day (unregistered)

Well, if you dont like it dont buy it!!!

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 09:58

61. JuanCanola (unregistered)

I love my Samsung Seek!

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 11:53

63. Peanut069 (unregistered)

U guys are thinking way to much into this, its either going to be a next gen. IPhone, or a underwater resistance phone... A 3d phone would be pointless

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 13:29 1

64. Mikey47 (unregistered)

So, I see a lot of "hate" for the 3D. What's the downside?

Let's say it is a 4G, 1Ghz dual core, with 1GB ram, and 3D display, why would you not want it?

Assuming you HATE 3D (like obviously a lot of people here do), why would you not get it?

Obviously not everything will be in 3D, it will be capable of 3D...

posted on 04 Feb 2011, 12:33

72. Justfunny (unregistered)

Have you seen the current state of glassless 3D screens? Horray, you get low contrast, low refresh rates, low lumens, and low color depth!!!!

3d screen have a harder time in bright light, just run down to your tv store to see the difference. Just what everyone needs, a cellphone that you can not read unless you are in a darkroom. just pointless.

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 17:09

67. cdr (unregistered)

Mah Mah, I just want HTC to come out with a 7in screen and ALL the goodies. I played with the Samsunk Galaxy just not for me,can't even plug that to your laptop, no sdcard slot no hdmi no usb returned it three days after I got it....
Please Sprint/htc get in the Game and put the rest toooo Shame.
Thanks everyone for the input!

posted on 31 Jan 2011, 20:09 1

68. Napoleon (Posts: 60; Member since: 09 Dec 2010)

I wonder if this is the LG Optimus 3D phone floating around?

posted on 01 Feb 2011, 15:07

70. domnj26 (unregistered)

this new device will be made by kyocera

posted on 02 Feb 2011, 20:30

71. Jerry Attrick (unregistered)

You guys are all wrong. I have it on good authority that ATARI is coming out with a phone. Will play all the great games...pong, pacman....all of it! It is gonna be GREAT!

Also will feature a rotary dial. No texting but who cares?

I like the retro feel of this. I'll buy it!

posted on 05 Feb 2011, 15:04 1

73. gangna (Posts: 1; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

What does Sprint have up its Sleeve? It's a sleeve like the peel except this one also turns your Ipod touch into a cell phone allowing you to make calls and connect at 4g speed.

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