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Sprint beefs up its network in D.C. prior to inauguration using COWS and more

0. phoneArena 10 Jan 2013, 16:59 posted on

With 700,000 people expected in one place, including a large number of cellphone wielding media members, Sprint is busy beefing up its network at the site of the Presidential Inauguration; the carrier is using COWS (Cellular On Wheels) and in-building repeaters to make sure that the large crowd is able to connect to its network while the president is sworn on...

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posted on 10 Jan 2013, 17:02 7

1. PhoneArenaUser (Posts: 5498; Member since: 05 Aug 2011)

"...using COWS and more"

Sounds funny! ;D

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 17:10 1

2. billybuttpounder (banned) (Posts: 105; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

LMFAO....Sprint. LOL...

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 17:11 4

3. Izzy_V (Posts: 216; Member since: 07 Jul 2012)

I like cows.

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 19:03 1

4. downphoenix (Posts: 3165; Member since: 19 Jun 2010)

Too bad Sprint doesnt deploy these in areas that have been hurting because of the Network Vision updates, areas such as Chicago. They started Network Vision there about 8 months ago and some areas are STILL being worked on, LOL.

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 19:13 2

5. cowboysfan032970 (Posts: 7; Member since: 09 Jun 2012)

Wait someone is really going to watch this joke of a president get inaugurated
again?I wonder if all the middle class folks that have just started getting an extra
4% tax taken out of there paychecks will show up?

posted on 10 Jan 2013, 19:29 1

6. metalpoet (unregistered)

As much as I hate your comment, you do have a point on the extra taxes taken out and if those people will show up. No they will not be able to afford to go there because of the extra taxes.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 01:16 2

7. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

What are you talking about??? Taxes don't go up for middle class families. Unless you consider people making $250,000 and up middle class. The real joke is the guy he ran against. Thank goodness my vote counted.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 09:46

10. DonkeySauce (Posts: 194; Member since: 03 Dec 2011)

I don't make over $250k, and my taxes went up. You can try the slide of hand excuse "They didn't go up, some breaks just went away", but bottom line is that This month, I started paying more than I did last month. That's an increase to me.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 10:29 1

11. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

Really?! Your taxes went up since Jan 2? Because that was the first day of the new taxes. Are you receding to maybe state or city tax, because that's something you could actually see taking effect right now.

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 13:56

12. MartyK (Posts: 923; Member since: 11 Apr 2012)

Dude, check again it's your beloved StateTaxes that went up on you, you know the ones you love to death...hahaha

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 07:46

8. hybrid06339 (Posts: 23; Member since: 16 May 2012)

i heard drones will be flying cover during the event

posted on 11 Jan 2013, 09:44 1

9. DonkeySauce (Posts: 194; Member since: 03 Dec 2011)

Wish they would beef it up in my area. I know when I think of speed, I think of 2 things: 1. Cows; 2. Sprint....

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 18:58

13. cowboysfan032970 (Posts: 7; Member since: 09 Jun 2012)

its federal taxes that went up as much as the Obama puppets hate to say that!!!
worst president in US history!!!!!

posted on 13 Jan 2013, 14:05

14. CfullerTX (Posts: 19; Member since: 06 Aug 2012)

Actually your wrong. It definitely increased. I live in Tennessee and my Taxes increased. My brother lives in Texas and his increased as well. There was a tax increase due to some tax breaks not being renewed. So, like donkeysauce said taxes increased. How's your change now? Dumbass.

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