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Should Google remove the option to sideload Android apps?

0. phoneArena 26 Jul 2012, 04:38 posted on

The problem with Android app piracy seems to be escalating lately, with more and more developers expressing their negative opinion towards the platform's little to no protection against it...

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posted on 01 Aug 2012, 06:02

117. w4fflesrgood (Posts: 3; Member since: 01 Aug 2012)

So I know the perfect answer to this.
1. Sideloading is one of the beautiful things about android. Not all apps are actually on the app store (for one reason or another) and i have actually installed a few apps from the internet not on the Play Store and offered for free. Also Devs use this test their apps, after all dont you hate it when you update your perfectly good app and the updates just FCs all the time - that would occur more often and drive users away from android.
2. Jailbreaking REALLY isn't that hard and piracy on iOS is ridiculous. You literally have an APP STORE (Installous) that contains nearly EVERY SINGLE APP on iOS in one handy spot that also UPDATES the pirated apps. iOS designed is designed for piracy. It can often be difficult to impossible to find the app you are trying to steal on android, you cant just browse an illegal market (speaking of which Apple can spend millions toblock sales of Samsung tabs in many countries but CANT shutdown an actual and blatantly illegal piracy APP.
3. SOLUTION: Google's next update to Android includes dev tools that check for authorization for the device upon launch of app making launching an app on device that doesnt have a Play Store receipt unable to launch the app. Simple

posted on 01 Aug 2012, 13:47

120. cptbeatstix (Posts: 101; Member since: 19 Jul 2012)

Thus is the pain of being an open-source OS. What you probably didn't realize also is that even if you do close side loading, Rooted phones can install it via ADB. Thus this article is pointless in the fight of piracy. I think it is wrong and completely disrespectful to the devs. but you can't stop it.

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