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Samsung Galaxy S 4 video review demos pop, detail the Floating Touch and SmartPause features

0. phoneArena 14 Mar 2013, 06:10 posted on

Samsung must be pretty peeved by now, but the Chinese source that leaked the dual-SIM version of the Galaxy S 4 for China Unicom, is the gift that keep on giving, hours before the official launch...

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posted on 14 Mar 2013, 09:52 1

119. dexter_jdr (Posts: 1163; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

even the 3 year old nokia N8 is sturdier than the apple iphone5

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 10:08 1

120. frydaexiii (Posts: 1471; Member since: 01 Dec 2011)

To be honest, the design was what I wanted to S3 to be in the first place, not too rounded like the S3 is now, but still looking sleek with it's curves

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 10:11 2

121. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Notice how often Samsung haters are so dumb and ignorant they can't even spell?

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 10:17

123. Suraj3337 (Posts: 45; Member since: 20 Apr 2012)

Somebody Please Translate!

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 10:18 2

124. sbw44 (Posts: 433; Member since: 04 Dec 2012)

What makes it the best? because it sells the most?

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 10:55 1

128. TheLibertine (Posts: 484; Member since: 15 Jan 2012)

I said "one of the best". We don't even know yet, what this generation of Galaxy S is going to bring.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 11:11

129. SherlockHolmes (Posts: 125; Member since: 10 Apr 2012)

Absolutely true !!
Samsung has a Brand Name as it is in Numerous Products !!
And that's why it sell more than other companies as people see Samsung Around them !!
It is also a Big Company and can have plenty of Money for the Marketing all over the World !!

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 11:31

130. SherlockHolmes (Posts: 125; Member since: 10 Apr 2012)

Seeing the Smoothness of the Web Browsing I think it is a Dual Core Phone !!

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 15:12

134. AnTuTu (Posts: 1580; Member since: 14 Oct 2012)

If this is the phone then I am so not getting this phone :(

HTC One here I come :(

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 16:05

135. chistoefurpuffer (Posts: 140; Member since: 11 Mar 2013)

It's kinda sad how some people exaggerate how "ugly" this phone is. No one would be saying that if the s3 and note 2 didn't exist.

posted on 15 Mar 2013, 03:35 1

137. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

XPERIA V have removeable battery, micro sd, IP
rating, 4G and good battery life
if you want to know what sony can do with DUAL
CORE ON XPERIA V just see benchmark result and
compare with QUAD CORE GALAXY S3
with XPERIA V you can calling, chating, browsing, and playing games in heavy rain, swimming pool, or
XPERIA give you beauty, durability, and real
innovations and until this day only SONY is able to do

posted on 15 Mar 2013, 06:49 1

138. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

hahaha galaxy not bad at all the plastic maybe light but not durable go to androidauthority and see iphone5 vs galaxy s3 drop test and you'll see how bad the plastic on galaxy
if look sony for example the xperia have diffrent desaign every year
their flagship
xperia arc, xperia s, xperia t, xperia z and xperia zl
thas what i call innovations in desaign
if you complain about removeable battrey you can buy xperia v
with only dual core xperia v beat quad core galaxy s3 on benchmark
xperia z is the champion benchmark with last year quad core SOC
Even good enough to compete with 2013 SOC device if you want real innovations just wait for next sony flagship
this is what samsung mobile chief j.k shin say ''Innovation is what will get consumers to
buy new devices''

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:14 9

2. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

These Chinese leaks are prototypes according to a Samsung insider on Sammobile, the final design will be revealed today. But it'a FingAirView all right, and I love it.

Note II users: can you set AirView function to instantaneous reaction like mouse?

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:20 8

6. MrJerry (Posts: 403; Member since: 05 Oct 2012)

I think so

But those features!!
Already FTW

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:58 1

30. voxmarc (Posts: 335; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

no...sadly....but the trick is if i am using my note 2 that long it becomes faster and quick....

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:58

31. alila2 (Posts: 158; Member since: 01 Nov 2011)

Here is the statement as it appears on sammobile: According to our insider who gave us the first info on the Octa-Core and the PHOLED screen this is not the real deal. This is just one of the prototypes flying around and we know there are a few flying around of those. He told us to trust him. We will know if he was right tonight! And for some reason i believe it , because everybody forgot the official picture samsung had tweeted couple days ago it's totally different from this prototype .

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:17 9

3. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

BTW notice the warm colors on the screen, no cold AMOLED tinting, it looks gorgeous.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:38 5

20. Diego! (Posts: 667; Member since: 15 Jun 2009)

I agree, the screen looks gorgeous! And those are cool features too! :D

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:52 3

27. Guest_star (Posts: 231; Member since: 30 Dec 2011)

the screen looks great, if it is OLED the whites and brightness are well lets just say fantastic :D and if it is LCD blacks are fantastic :D

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:19 11

4. richardyarrell2011 (banned) (Posts: 510; Member since: 16 Mar 2011)

Yes great prototype but features right on point no doubt.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:20 10

5. Reverence (Posts: 224; Member since: 16 Jul 2012)

well now these features are useless! moving hands like an idiot, useless!
up till now its a disappointment and its so disturbing to have a beast in plastic body...ugu!

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 06:26 11

10. MrJerry (Posts: 403; Member since: 05 Oct 2012)

I have nothing to say how ignorant you are

Not only are those features useful itself, but also they will let the developers have a lot of ideas for their future applications

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 07:02 1

33. voxmarc (Posts: 335; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

can your phone do that,,,,i guess the only innovation your phone has is the built in which the manufacturer paid too much attention,because they know that somehow in someway there are dumb people like you.who only knows that if a phone is goodlooking they can be called innovation....sorry for you but we love features.....future is here.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 07:08 1

38. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I have to agree with you on that.

Airview is pretty amazing and innovative, I'm highly impressed. Everything else is....kinda lame. The floating navigation didn't seem to work that well and you're right, how many different ways do we need to pause a video? lol. First palm to pause and now this? The Galaxy S V will then have blink pause. Reminds me of all the Samsung "features" I turn OFF.

I'm still waiting for the whole best thing since color tv features to come up. I hope these aren't anywhere close to the highlights.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 07:35 9

51. rgxVOiD (Posts: 440; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

"Future is here", you mean last year?

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 08:11 1

72. voxmarc (Posts: 335; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

doesthis thing float images?...or just highlights...relying on other news and reviews have you tried it?...no..
sola only hightlights text and news headers...it doesnt float images or text....see the difference....and why sony did not include in their So called flagship?because they sucks bigtime...and the floating images or airview is licensed to SAMMY...your sola is just plain Floating Highlighter...it doesnt float subjects or contents...ever wonder why sony did not sue sammy on airview...because they own it...sola float is different and dumb.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 08:18 1

80. rgxVOiD (Posts: 440; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

Why didn't Sony sue Sammy on AirView? Because its a feature that's already in the default Android Gallery since Gingerbread, 2 finger pinching a picture.
I rely on other news, so what? They're trust able source and not s**t that's coming out of your mouth.

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 08:41 1

94. voxmarc (Posts: 335; Member since: 22 Aug 2012)

man your funny...obviously you dunno what your talking about.. since gingerbread get outta here...dumb,,,how does airview related to 2 finger zoom?GB doesnt have airview and 2 F zooming is DIFFERENTTTTTTTTTTTTTT..Airview is Samsung Proprietary feature introduce in Note 2..and you know nothing SonyBOY.....hahahahahhahaaaaaaaa....read more man.,all the s**t that coming out my mouth is facts...and you?

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 08:31

91. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

I don't know, float can become the best type of hover, when browsing the web and stuff.... If used everywhere could be something you can live with

Of topic... Where have you been man? I barely get to see you around

posted on 14 Mar 2013, 08:55 2

101. rgxVOiD (Posts: 440; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

Did I said 2 finger Zoom? No

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