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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 vs Samsung Galaxy S4: first look

0. phoneArena 05 Sep 2013, 17:00 posted on

There might be many similarities between the the Galaxy Note 3 and S4, but at the end of the day, they still boast their own unique features to make them powerful contenders in the space...

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posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:09 8

1. AnTuTu (Posts: 1580; Member since: 14 Oct 2012)

Both of them are Beasts. Probably the beasts of 2013 :)
Way to Go Sammy :)

posted on 06 Sep 2013, 11:08 1

19. Samsungadroidrules (Posts: 104; Member since: 28 Jul 2013)

Only Jealous Sammy Hater will say bad stuffs about these Phones. For me, this Phones are Amazing, S4 Having advance and USEFUL Features for me. While Note 3 A bigger screen,improved and evolved everything on the Note 2! Sammy, keep it up! My Boyfriend will buy this Note 3, And loving my GS4 !

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:11

2. monomilkman (Posts: 25; Member since: 11 Feb 2013)

so I have an S4, is it worth upgrading to the Note 3?

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:33 1

5. Joshing4fun (Posts: 1237; Member since: 13 Aug 2010)

Of course not. The only noticeable difference between the two is the size.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:41

6. E.N. (Posts: 2610; Member since: 25 Jan 2009)

I'd say no. Almost all the worthwhile additions REQUIRE the use of the S-pen. I feel like they'll have a better implementation of the features in the S5 (like they did with air view).

If you want a legitimate note taking device (more than just random scribbles of notes/phone numbers and scrapbooking,) I'd use the money for a Galaxy Tab Note.

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:40

22. Faslane (Posts: 17; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

You get more ram and a faster CPU and a bigger device but is that enough for you to switch? not sure. Hell I would I know I would becuae of the S-Pen and bigger screen to use it on but that's just me. What the hell, Do IT! sel the S4...you only live once! I just ordered mine and shipping overnight so fingerscrossed it'll be here tomorrow or WEd. Oct 2nd. Cheers

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:17 2

3. Navaid (Posts: 46; Member since: 05 Sep 2013)

You forgot a difference in camera flash-light of Note 3.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 17:27 1

4. GeekMovement (unregistered)

So the Galaxy Note 3 doesn't have a fingerprint sensor after all?

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:41

23. Faslane (Posts: 17; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

Not whatsoever, not a deal breaker for me as I'd never let it leave my site and it has the KNOX security option to secure stuff which is highly rated so I'll put sensitiive data in a knox container.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 18:15 6

7. androidornothing (Posts: 143; Member since: 26 Apr 2012)

Note 3 best phone until Note 4 comes out!!! HANDS DOWN! End of conversation. I dont want to hear about G2, iphone 5s, HTC One MAX, MOTO X, MOTOROLA Droid Max, or any other device out there. This is the king until the new one comes out.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 18:18 4

8. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

I wouldn't say it's the best for a whole year as next year will yield to note flagships, but as of now, yes it's the best overall phone.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 22:32

12. zachattack (Posts: 621; Member since: 31 Jul 2013)

That's probably the most blind ignorant comment I've ever seen, just hope you realize how dumb that looks xD

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 18:47

9. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2195; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

HANDS DOWN!hahaha non of these phones are @ peak...or the best.each one have its unique feature consumer still get what they like one either flagship phones, not one(you) thats HANDS DOWN!...

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 19:05

10. baloosh (Posts: 4; Member since: 11 Jul 2013)

all apps and games are optimize for every droid around there why ppl look at specs its 2 gig o man best whateva u will use the same apps u used in single core device no need for upgrading if u have a dual core device its doing the job :)

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 22:31

11. zachattack (Posts: 621; Member since: 31 Jul 2013)

The Samsung galaxy S4 Vs.... ITSELF!!!?!?! LOL

posted on 06 Sep 2013, 07:43 1

17. ebubekir26 (Posts: 333; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

You tried to troll, but failed :)

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:44

24. Faslane (Posts: 17; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

not at all...

CPU faster
Larger Screen
more Ram
Knox security
bigger battery (althugh slight)

and that's just off the top of my head. Similar in visual look-alike yes, specs no.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 23:04

13. lpratas (banned) (Posts: 398; Member since: 09 Nov 2011)

What is the jerkiness you see, John V, in the homescreen? Because you don't like the interface of the homescreen , it's not necessary call it jerk. If something it's jerk here, is you, John V with your review. Even you wrote that the Note 3 shares the same camera like the Galaxy S4, what it isn't true, because the camera of Note has 4K or 2160p recording at 30fps and 1080p at 60fps and you mentioned that. You simply omited that, because you and others reviewers of PhoneArena don't like Samsung products. You only defend the Apple products.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 23:43

14. lpratas (banned) (Posts: 398; Member since: 09 Nov 2011)

I wanted to write that you don't mentioned about the camera features of the Note 3 like 2160p recording at 30fps or 1080p at 60fps, John V. You simply omited that. There is a big difference between 1080p recording at 30fps and 2160p recording at 30fps. It is 4 times more than 1080p video recording, even in 1080p at 60fps there is a noticiable difference.

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:45

25. Faslane (Posts: 17; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

I'm sure he got you the first time.

posted on 05 Sep 2013, 23:57

15. lpratas (banned) (Posts: 398; Member since: 09 Nov 2011)

You PhoneArena reviewers only like Iphone and Ipad because they are american products and for you Android and the products of foreigner brands specially the Korean ones, are trash and s**t.

posted on 06 Sep 2013, 04:58

16. daniel_bargs (Posts: 325; Member since: 27 Nov 2010)

My problem with my S4 is that, i cant hold it comfortably because it is too thin and large. I like slightly thicker and smaller phones. It just feels disappointing when you came from a smaller phone.

posted on 06 Sep 2013, 11:06

18. Samsungadroidrules (Posts: 104; Member since: 28 Jul 2013)

Both are BEAST AND AWESOME! I have Samsung Galaxy S4, And i'm using it for almost 3 months and I have NO REGRETS that I chose it over HTC ONE, iPhone 5 or others. Now my Boyfriend is coming to you Samsung and will buy this amazing note 3! Great Job again Sammy! This Phablet is just Amazing!

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 01:23

20. Trex95 (Posts: 1090; Member since: 03 Mar 2013)

I like note 3 after i saw the introduction video that made by Samsung. But Super Amoled used to gave me some temporary colors blind.

posted on 30 Sep 2013, 11:38

21. Faslane (Posts: 17; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

It's interesting to me that the S4 has the home button thats rectangular but arounder body and the note 3 has a rounder button and retangular body. The should simply trade home buttons. It looks like a mistake side by side. They should each match, rectangular home for Note 3 and rounder one for S4.

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