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Report: Windows Phone has 104% year-over-year growth in fourth quarter

0. phoneArena 31 Jan 2014, 23:27 posted on

The latest data from ABI Research shows that 10.9 million Windows Phone handsets were shipped worldwide in the fourth quarter, a 104% gain from the 5.3million sold in 2012 fourth quarter. That was a gain of 19% sequentially from the third quarter of 2013. Despite the huge gain in shipments, Windows Phone still makes up just 4% of the global smartphone market...

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posted on 31 Jan 2014, 23:48 24

1. xperiaDROID (banned) (Posts: 5629; Member since: 08 Mar 2013)

Why Windows Phone is growing? That's because of Nokia Lumia, people buy Windows Phone because of Nokia. Try changing the brand to Microsoft as Microsoft Lumia, you will see Windows Phone go down, just like the elevator say: "GOING DOWN...".

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:06 5

2. Nimay_7 (Posts: 26; Member since: 04 Dec 2013)


posted on 01 Feb 2014, 17:56

31. sgodsell (Posts: 4643; Member since: 16 Mar 2013)

Something is wrong when Nokia sold 8.9 million lumias in Q3 2013, and then sold 8.2 million lumias for Q4 2013. Thats with lumias with sales pricing during the holiday season. Not to mention reports saying over Nokia sells around 92% of all WP devices.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:11 18

3. AppleHateBoy (unregistered)

I think the reason for WP8's growth is inexpensive Lumias, but your thinking is correct too.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:28 12

5. ihavenoname (Posts: 1693; Member since: 18 Aug 2013)

One word: 520. Inexpensive, made by Nokia, low end device which doesn't suck, and it's really great device. I've tried one and yeah, it's bit hollow, not very ergonomic and screen is nah, but unlike same priced devices, it works, and is well made and most of all, it can do the same things that expensive Lumias can, without a lag.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:23 4

4. NokiaFTW (Posts: 2072; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

I think thats why Microsoft shouldn't drop the Nokia name on its new Lumias.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:33

6. ihavenoname (Posts: 1693; Member since: 18 Aug 2013)

They shouldn't, and they probably won't in a long time, but at some point, they have to. Note that real Nokia is still in Finland, it is networking company now on, and after selling phone part away, they are now profitable.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 14:13

27. nokia12 (Posts: 579; Member since: 19 Nov 2013)

they will have to they can only use nokia name for devices launched before acuqisition.. so the devices that will be unveiled at MWC will be last ..

after that Microsoft Lumia.. and sales Will begin to drop..

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 16:32

29. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

That's not changing.. Lumia hardware will still be developed in Finland.. Nothings changing except it will be called a Lumia device not a Nokia Lumia device..
it will not be called a Microsoft Lumia..

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 01:46 1

9. AhmadAlsayegh (Posts: 308; Member since: 18 Jul 2011)

remember, MSFT bought Lumia and Asha brands, not Nokia...As for Nokia as a name still belongs to Nokia

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 04:34

13. aksa123 (Posts: 334; Member since: 30 Jan 2014)

Yep, the name 'Nokia' itself is a selling point.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 02:00 3

10. theminolaboy (Posts: 128; Member since: 18 May 2013)

I believe that removing the 'Nokia' branding will really affect people's perspective about Windows Phones. Lenovo retained IBM's ThinkPad and now, they will do that again for Motorola. It will only show how selfish Microsoft is if they will remove Nokia's name on their future Windows Phones. On the other hand, I can feel that Nokia will be back in the game in 2016. Making an Android phone even without proper launching (I doubt MSFT will allow Normandy to see the light of the day) is still something that Android-Nokia fans should never overlook. Research alone cost a lot of money and Nokia is not dumb to put a forked version of Android in their handset then throw it out of the window afterwards. This is the reason why MSFT will no longer use Nokia on their future Windows Phones. If Nokia will be successful in the Android arena, MSFT will became their competitor in 2016 going forward. Keep in mind that Nokia still owns their patents and they can just license Pureview to any other Android manufacturer out there or use it on their own if something came up. Unless MSFT talks to Nokia about a long-term agreement, Nokia is free to allow even Samsung to use their Pureview tech.

posted on 02 Feb 2014, 02:40

36. pookiewood (Posts: 631; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

Its not selfishness. They CAN'T use the Nokia name. They have to stick with Lumia.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 02:18 1

11. aksa123 (Posts: 334; Member since: 30 Jan 2014)

Maybe that's true, but wp8 is not that bad tho.
MS also promised to support wp8 'til 2016, so wp8 is a very future proof os.
Still, wp growth = MS 30% + Nokia 70% lol.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 07:52 3

15. djcody (Posts: 131; Member since: 17 Apr 2013)

And you believe what MS say??

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 10:14

21. papss (unregistered)

As much as any big business I suppose. I'm sure you feel cool now that you jabbed at M$ but the consumers as a whole speak louder that you and considering how much revenue M$ raked in last year they could care less if you believe them or not.

posted on 02 Feb 2014, 02:41

37. pookiewood (Posts: 631; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

Windows XP........

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 04:53 2

14. rf1975 (Posts: 259; Member since: 01 Aug 2011)

Partly true. But I have a HTC 8X, an amazing phone. With dual core, still fluid. Better than S4. Windows phone has lot of potential. Windws Tabs will rule the market in near future.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 08:20 3

16. akki20892 (Posts: 3902; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

Why nokia device and service sold if wp is growing. Nokia when you will come in war land.

Nokia......long live king.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 10:53 2

23. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

That is one of the silliest reasons ive ever heard, that is like saying the only reason Android is growing because of Samsung. Both Android and iOS is copying WP flat UI, look at consumers feedback they love the OS. Next time I suggest you look at actual facts instead of making silly assumptions.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 20:57

35. aksa123 (Posts: 334; Member since: 30 Jan 2014)

Then why does Nokia own 93% wp8 marketshare??
Because Nokia has better overall qualities. Especially camera and software support.

posted on 02 Feb 2014, 08:35

40. Liveitup (Posts: 1798; Member since: 07 Jan 2014)

Samsung sells the majority of Android devices, whats your point. I chose WP not because of Nokia but because of the clean beautiful looking OS.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 11:55 1

24. Tommy1960i (Posts: 119; Member since: 11 Oct 2013)

There are many people in Europe that are buying Nokia because it was the best mobile brand for a very long time and after a pause of a couple of years of android and iOS, many want to feel their childhood with Nokia once again, especially in Europe (Finland is Nokia's home and will be forever)

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 16:30

28. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

Who cares why it's growing.. The fact is that it's growing.. Quit panicking on every WP related article..

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 00:55

7. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Why is the BBOS 7 growth compared to BBOS 10 growth shocking?

The handsets that run BBOS 7 are selling for less than the handsets that run BBOS 10, and cost matters it would seem. And then there is the issue of BBOS 10 UI being a perfidious lash-up. Given a choice between a less expensive handset with an OS that is easier to use, it should be no surprise which OS BB consumers are choosing. As a former BBOS (my last BB was a Bold 9000) user, I was completely under-whelmed when BBOS 10 was released, so the sales growth of BBOS 7 vs. 10 is no surprise to me.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 09:03

18. rihel_95 (Posts: 301; Member since: 21 Mar 2012)

Question is that for how long Google will ignore WP and stop making apps for it!

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 09:43 4

19. NokiaFTW (Posts: 2072; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

I don't understand why WP users want Google apps on WP. Why would you purchase a WP if your invested in Google's services ? One of the main reason of purchasing a WP is that your into Microsoft's ecosystem.
Still, its high time Google bring their services to WP for those users who are invested in Google's ecosystem.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 10:16 2

22. papss (unregistered)

I agree.. I've backed out of every google service other than the occasional YouTube.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 13:51 1

25. thealphageek1 (banned) (Posts: 942; Member since: 02 Feb 2013)

I agree as well. Microsofts ecosystem is just as robust as Googles. I don't even use Google services anymore.

posted on 01 Feb 2014, 18:26 1

32. rodneyej1 (Posts: 3576; Member since: 06 Jul 2013)

I only use YouTube on WP... The best YouTube,, MetroTube.... Other than that MS has the user covered with better, more quality, and nicer to look at services than Google services...

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