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Report: Samsung Galaxy S IV to have Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 inside; boot screen leaks

0. phoneArena 23 Feb 2013, 07:24 posted on

According to an insider, it looks like the Samsung Galaxy S IV will be powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor instead of a Samsung Exynos one because of heating issues with the latter; while the HTC One will use a Snapdragon 600 processor clocked at 1.7GHz, the one used on the next flagship Samsung handset will be set at 1.9GHz...

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posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:27 18

1. wendygarett (unregistered)

The top bezel reminds me Xperia z... Let's hope it's just a prototype lol...

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:22 28

37. abdane (Posts: 494; Member since: 07 Oct 2011)

i just want to say this, DO NOT, I REPEAT, DO NOT EXPECT MUCH OF THE GS4 ! when people expected alot of the GS3, they got disappointed, and yet it is the fastest selling gadget ever... the GS4 will be a successor either with or without AMOLED and Exynos !

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:29 19

79. sniper1087 (Posts: 508; Member since: 31 Dec 2011)

it depends I can see the HTC One taking it this year thanks to its premium design, this might be the year for HTC just like when the first evo came out.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:26 6

102. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

I have absolutely no faith in HTC even if Samsung gives them an opening. The HTC One X and Sensation seemed great on paper and when announced too but when they were released.....

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 16:53 6

143. cheetah2k (Posts: 1579; Member since: 16 Jan 2011)

While I don't disagree, if you want premium design and materials, best wait for the Moto X with their Kevlar and solid aluminium chassis.

This year is going to be exciting in the mobile race, but its already disappointing to read this article and seeing Samsung has essentially pitted the SGS4 at the same level as the Sony Z, Moto X and HTC One.

What this article indirectly confirms about Samsung is:
1. Samsung is rushing SGS4 to market
2. Exynos A15 Quad is not ready
3. 5" 1080 Super Amoled screens not ready

Such a shame really.....

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 17:43 3

145. Dynamac (Posts: 23; Member since: 01 Dec 2012)

What you say is interesting actually. There is one silver lining to the disappointing specs.

The reality is that for most people SGSIII is probably still sufficiently powerful and equally usable, which is the case for me. Many have had it for less than a year.

Samsung largely has no choice but to launch the SGS4 (even if the techs are not ready) to keep up with HTC and Sony's releases, in order to maintain market share. SGS4 will be a worthwhile upgrade for those on SGS2 and skipped the SGS3 upgrade cycle.

But maybe in 6 months, the various aspects will be ready for production and a SGS4 Plus can be timed to incorporate all of those things (Octa, FHD Amoled, android 4.3 etc) and be the perfect time for those on the SGS3 to upgrade.

That's what i'll be hopefully waiting for.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:16 9

99. Mxyzptlk (Posts: 13103; Member since: 21 Apr 2012)

I'm not really expecting much other than what they normally produce.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:16 7

115. androiddownsouth (Posts: 598; Member since: 02 May 2012)

Sounds like Apples since their phones have changed very little in years...... Pot, meet kettle.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:21 4

117. tedkord (Posts: 11733; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

They normally produce (and sell) many more smartphones than any other smartphone maker. And the lead grows every year.

So, we all expect that.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:48 1

123. PhenomFaz (Posts: 1236; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

ok as much as I dislike your trolling...and I really really dislike it I have to agree with you (with bated breath of course) as thee absence of the AMOLED display and the Exynos sillicon has dampened my spirits a bit....

But I still have hope that you'll be proved wrong!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:28 3

118. yougotkilled1 (Posts: 167; Member since: 27 Apr 2011)

I'm not expecting much from the OS side from the IV. It'll probably be 4.2 jellybean with slight upgrades to touchwiz and a bump in specs. Nothing special until KeyLime Pie comes out.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:44 8

122. PhenomFaz (Posts: 1236; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

Not true bro!
As much as I love Sammy and yes they're mu fav this year (bless the Note 2) I do not think the GS4 will be able to mimic the success of the GS3!
Saying that it'll be a sure success is the same attitude Apple had and look what happened....for the first time ever they got beat by Sammy (YES!....woohoo!)

Butthe for me the exynos sillicon, the AMOLED displays and other hallmark features belong to the Galaxy line and without them a Galaxy isnt a Galaxy anymore!
I know the S600 is a beast and defi itely the SoLux display is awesome but...it oesn't belong in a galaxy! the processor, the screen,etc created a lot of good hype for the GS3 and I just dont see it happening for the GS4 because every other high-end phone has a S600 this year so whats the X fator for the GS4?

i AM DISAPPOINTED....gonna hang on till the Note 3!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 12:27 5

130. darkkjedii (Posts: 21374; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

It's like the fourth movie of a saga, it'll be great but topping the previous movie that was unbelievable will be a tough act. It won't need to be much of an improvement however, since the S3 really raised the bar. They only need to polish it, Samsungs mistake would be to keep trying to drastically push the envelope from year to year. Feartures are derived from technological advances, which often take more than a year to produce.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 15:22 1

139. PhenomFaz (Posts: 1236; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

very true!
in terms of true advancement the past year has been slow.
I used to really like Apple but always had respect for Mto and HTC even 5 years ago. But then Sammy caught my eye with the Galaxy S2 (not S1) and really made me a believer with the Galaxy note...sure it was bigand used to lag but it was revolutionary in sheer productivity and a trend setter for a whole new device type.

However this year so far the best thing from mobile industry without a doubt has been the HTC One!
I mean its not like a Note...its just a phone but damn the sheer beauty of that thing makes me want one right now!
I am just waiting for the reviews on the software and if HTC has learnt from the past (Sense 4 debacle) and made a decent effort on software then I am getting myself one!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 15:46

142. darkkjedii (Posts: 21374; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Agreed. I'm not too big in the back of the Htc one, but overall it's gorgeous. I've heard sense has been toned down a lot for the fifth version. My best friend is an Htc fanatic, so I'll definitely get the full report. For me personally its the next iPhone, and note that I'm really waiting for... Apple needs/has to do more with their flagship, and soon. 2013 is shaping up to be a big year in tech. My interest in the S4 is minimal due to its big brother, however expect it to be another winner for Samsung.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 19:18 2

153. tedkord (Posts: 11733; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I know I'm in three minority, but I actually like Sense. The weather lockscreen and the ring unlock is to me the best out there. I also like the animated clock.

I know its heavy, and requires a lot of resources, but even my single core Thunderbolt was smooth with it. Todays processors could chew through it like it wasn't even there.

posted on 24 Feb 2013, 06:17

167. Altair (Posts: 367; Member since: 02 Feb 2012)

It is already known that HTC one camera will be poor. They did bad mistake while trying to copy Nokia. HTC camera is fine at low light, but in normal situations it will be poor as hell.

Anyway who wants a iPhone like copy phone with Windows Phone looklike main screen?

How about getting a real beauty Lumia 920 and you get everything in ONE device! Something original, not just copied stuff from others.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 15:08

137. yougotkilled1 (Posts: 167; Member since: 27 Apr 2011)

The US Galaxy doesn't use the Exnyos processor. It uses a snapdragon S4, so does that mean you're saying that the US Galaxy doesn't belong in the galaxy? o_o

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:02 6

92. alila2 (Posts: 155; Member since: 01 Nov 2011)

I hope the leaked dimensions (140.1 x 71.8 x 7.7 mm ) is not true , that's even bigger than the xperia Z.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 17:25 1

144. vincelongman (Posts: 4447; Member since: 10 Feb 2013)

Same here I was hoping it would be the same size or smaller, just with smaller bezels to fit in the bigger screen

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 19:59

158. kclgphilsbsa (Posts: 765; Member since: 21 Jan 2013)

the "g" in samsung should always be on top of the "X" in GALAXY
just like in all galaxies...

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 20:40

162. Twisted247 (Posts: 282; Member since: 12 Oct 2012)

If this news is true that makes the half way consideration of moving from the note2 to the gs4 a definite no. I would have considered it if it came with the octa I MAY have debated it but now its a DEFINTE NO if this is the case.

On the plus side that means the Note3 should either have the exynos Octa OR the Snapdragon 800!!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:29 27

2. lee480 (Posts: 197; Member since: 24 Sep 2012)

Sorry. I'm getting the Xperia Z!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:28 18

38. AamirSIII (banned) (Posts: 187; Member since: 04 Oct 2012)

better get the ONE

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:33 4

40. wendygarett (unregistered)

Both z and one will fail for making such thick device with sub par build quality...

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:36 19

42. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Quit trolling and GFYM, dude!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:39 6

43. rizevnarastek (Posts: 347; Member since: 06 Sep 2012)

Wnndy you don't know what the hell you are saying... HTC One has better build quality then any other phone... Solid block of aluminium ;)

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:43 3

48. SleepingOz (unregistered)

He's doing this on purpose!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:07 3

68. rgxVOiD (Posts: 440; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

Haven't watch this have you?

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:52 1

86. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

There is more to build quality than the materials used for the casing. HTC would do well to learn that if they ever want to beat Samsung and Apple one day.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:39 15

44. kobainez (Posts: 429; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)

sub par build quality? Are u stupid or just trolling? Both build quality are better than s4 plastic

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:54 15

56. SleepingOz (unregistered)

How do you know the GSIV will be made of plastic?
Also plastic(polycarbonate) is more suitable for phone than aluminium, One X, L920 and even my GNOTE II are clear examples! Aluminium doesn't absorb shocks well and is also prone to bending, scratches and dents. Not to forget signal and NFC issues.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:57 3

60. kobainez (Posts: 429; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)

SO polycarbonate is not plastic? GENIUS!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:59 16

61. SleepingOz (unregistered)

Where did I say polycarbonate is not plastic?
LMAO! Go back to school and learn how to read properly, dude. You're embarassing yourself in public.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:09

70. kobainez (Posts: 429; Member since: 13 Apr 2012)

I said that because u said hw u knw the gs4 will be made out of plastic? it sounds like u saying its nt made of plastic(polycarbonate)

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:59 17

62. maccess (Posts: 742; Member since: 16 Jan 2013)

he said : "also plastic(polycarbonate) is more suitable for phone than aluminium" use your eyes dude don't use your butt..

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:02 9

66. SleepingOz (unregistered)

He's just a butthurt idiot, feeling the heat of the GSIV.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:44 2

107. KFear (Posts: 143; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

I agree. The HTC EVO LTE bends. We've noticed this with a few models. It's not that the polycarbonate is "bad", it does make sense to use this material for phones, but most of us want people to look at our devices and be able to say "premium". I can't say that for the S3. I still love the phone, but even LG is coming up with better builds now. I might go HTC ONE this time. I will miss Odin, however

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 13:19

134. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4275; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

Aluminum is a soft metal, so it should actually be very good at absorbing shocks, because when you drop it the aluminum should create sort of a crumple zone to absorb all the energy of the impact. You contradicted yourself, those dents that you claim aluminum is prone to actually absorb practically all the shock of a drop. It's better at absorbing shock than plastic, it just isn't as forgiving as plastic is.

HTC has had very high quality metals on their devices before that hardly ever scratched or dented, I don't expect the One to be any different. My only concern for scratching is the black model of the One, but as long as HTC does a quality anodizing job on it, it should be fine.

As for signal and NFC issues, only time will tell. There can be aluminum clad phones with good signal strength, but anything can happen. I'm not even sure how HTC got NFC in the One, I always though aluminum = no NFC.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 19:15 2

152. Oxygen (Posts: 125; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

As an engineering student, I can say without a doubt that you're wrong. Aluminium may "absorb" shock better than other metals like steel and iron but it's a well known fact that solid metals have mediocre shock absorbing ability. Even if the moment of inertia has to be three times as great for an Al extrusion to achieve the same deflection as a steel profile, it cannot be compared to polycarbonate when it comes to shock absorbing ability. One of the reason why Al get easily dented/deformed on strong impacts is because it doesn't cope with stress like plastic does, even though it's a soft metal. It just takes the shock(a) and transfers it to another point(b), which mean that the Al part that took the shock may not break, but the other parts around it probably will. Plastic, polycarbonate in this case, will absorb shock better and distribute it more uniformly over the object.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:15 5

73. wendygarett (unregistered)

Sorry, the Xperia z will break and shatter once you throw it into the aquarium and the fish will die on electric shot from the device, sony make a very poor quality in the past and it will continue to the future

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:30

103. rickysam (Posts: 44; Member since: 07 Jan 2013)

sorry but i didnt undrstand what do you exactly mean by build quality??????

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:01

63. rgxVOiD (Posts: 440; Member since: 30 Aug 2012)

to each his own?

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:21 2

75. aayupanday (Posts: 574; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

Earlier I was looking for the Note II then came the Optimus G then the Xperia Z then HTC One and now after these renders and for waiting 10 months there's an obvious reason to go for HTC as there ain't gonna be the Octa Chip in the Galaxy S IV.and the HTC One looks and feels Super Premium.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:53 2

87. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

It's HTC though. That is a red flag in itself.

Also the HTC One uses LDR2 ram and the Samsung is rumored to use the much faster LDR3 ram.

Judging on how crappy Asus tablets run on the slower ram, it will be a huge performance difference.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:48 1

109. KFear (Posts: 143; Member since: 06 Feb 2012)

HTC's Hardware breaks down. Samsung has software issues after updates. I see this all the time as i'm a wireless service manager. The red flag is there alright. I'm worried, but damn, HTC ONE looks NICE. The camera pics i've seen on the web are great too. I don't expect a 13 megapixel camera to beat it as it will probably not work as well in low light conditions. Better to have 5 megapixels and a better BIG sensor. It will be the future.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:51 2

124. CanYouSeeTheLight (Posts: 1116; Member since: 05 Jul 2012)

Still haven't got any problem with my HTC's hardware, my sister's Samsung on the other hand the screen's glass started unglueing itself from the frame of the phone leaving a big gap between the glass and the plastic frame around the screen (Galaxy S2).

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:31 17

3. xerxer (Posts: 3; Member since: 23 Feb 2013)

Go SAMMY!!!!

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:01 5

90. Yaldo_27 (Posts: 28; Member since: 11 Feb 2013)

I think the next iPhone will be even better than this "thing"

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 10:23 9

100. tech2 (Posts: 3458; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

It would have an extra row of icons -.-

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 11:10 9

113. abdane (Posts: 494; Member since: 07 Oct 2011)

please stop comparing iPhones to Galaxys ! ^_^

i don't have to keep saying this, IPHONE IS BEHIND TECHNOLOGY !

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 12:33

133. darkkjedii (Posts: 21374; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

That person said the next iPhone, its not out yet. No one actually knows what it's gonna be like, and for you to say the iPhone is behind on technology, it sure keeps up with the rest of the pack, and is the phone that everything still gets compared to. I wouldn't say it's behind on technology, I'd instead say its behind on features. There's a difference, believe me, I'm the first to admit its time to revamp iOS but the hardware is right there at the top.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 19:24 2

154. tedkord (Posts: 11733; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

The iPhone typically is behind in technology. I had LTE for two years before the iPhone. It still doesn't have NFC. It is two steps behind in screen resolution.

It always had top of the line GPUs, good cameras and good enough (but not awesome) CPUs, but thats it.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:31 12

4. Technobri (Posts: 84; Member since: 10 Dec 2012)

Removable battery is a plus definitely. I love that they went back to a square design. Square seems more elegant than round

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:31 2

5. spideyhead256 (Posts: 148; Member since: 05 Nov 2012)

well,atleast the dev support will be great for aosp roms.as much as i have heard,qualcomm has showed great support towards indie dev communitys (cyanogenmod etc.) whereas samsung's support has been pretty broken for the most part.the exynos sources they've made available are mostly crap.atleast as much as i have read i ain't no dev.and to be honest,exynos isn't much of a beast as it has been proclaimed to be.i have owned 3 different exynos devices (galaxy s2,galaxy s3 and galaxy note 2) and i'm pretty sure about it.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:32 1

6. thachlel (Posts: 75; Member since: 20 Apr 2012)

No ex-sdcard?

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:39

12. kclgphilsbsa (Posts: 765; Member since: 21 Jan 2013)

accdg to sammobile it has..

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 07:33 10

7. sayedejaz (Posts: 24; Member since: 05 Feb 2013)

no no.. this is not S IV .. i wont belive .. i wont belive... :(
S IV will have AMOLED FULL HD !! :(

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 08:06 4

28. Feanor (Posts: 717; Member since: 20 Jun 2012)

For me the unrealistic colours of AMOLED and its dimmness is the main reasons I wouldn't go for an S4. So, LCD is an advantage to me, not disadvantage. I think the best screens seem to be the IPS panels from Apple and HTC, so if Samsung can cook up something similar, it will be great.

posted on 23 Feb 2013, 09:36 2

84. sniper1087 (Posts: 508; Member since: 31 Dec 2011)

neither of those companies make their displays, LG makes the IPS display for the iPhone and as far as I know LG, Samsung and Sony are making the displays. Regardless I think I might get the HTC One, once they show a release date.

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