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RIM to continue supporting BlackBerry OS 7 as BlackBerry 10 rolls out

0. phoneArena 21 Dec 2012, 01:11 posted on

just because RIM is rolling out BlackBerry 10 next year doesn't mean that the current OS will disappear as though it never was issued, and RIM CEO Thorsten Heins addressed the issue on Thursday by announcing that there is still a rather sizable R&D squad hard at work on BB OS 7; Heins pointed out that BlackBerry OS 7 devices remain strong in the Asia Pacific market...

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posted on 21 Dec 2012, 01:25 1

1. wendygarett (unregistered)

Will rim support playbook as well? Because that's crucial as well...

and I also hope the CM team works on this qnx based os so that we can root this bb10 in order to be cydia killer... Just sayin lol

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:45

14. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Don't know about Playbook. Maybe not, since sales volume just was not there. OS7 is a different matter. If RIM bailed on OS7, that would be suicidal, and RIM doesn't strike me as being suicidal. At least not yet.

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:54

15. wendygarett (unregistered)

I'm thinking of that too lol

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 08:26

16. stychill (unregistered)

the playbook will be getting BB10 as well, just at a later date, after the launch.

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 01:56 1

2. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

o no the world didnt end? damn another prediction gone wrong :(

guess its making the bible look more and more correct these days lol

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:01 1

3. wendygarett (unregistered)

That means I can keep on hanging out with you!!! Lol :p

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:07 2

4. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

yes wendy thats what it means...........sigh... lord help me


posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:26 1

7. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

o and wendy u should evolve into an ampharos now lol

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:28

9. wendygarett (unregistered)

Wow you play pokemon? AWESOME!!! :D

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:29 1

10. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)


posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:34

11. wendygarett (unregistered)

Lol you Google it... That's sad :(

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:36 1

12. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

haha no i already knew what mareep evolves into jus wanted to show u some cool pics of ampharos :)

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:44

13. wendygarett (unregistered)

Oh ok, I will change my avatar for you :)

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:17

5. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)

and that also means apple can keep taking your money :D

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:18 1

6. Nikolas.Oliver (banned) (Posts: 1574; Member since: 01 Jul 2012)

MC1123 a.k.a pikapowerize doesn't appear anymore for whatever reason

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 02:27

8. wendygarett (unregistered)

Because you are annoying and naughty... They will never came back to see you again lol

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 08:28

17. stychill (unregistered)

This isn't new, its been confirmed long ago by rim, they plan on having the os7 devices serve as low end models for awhile.

posted on 21 Dec 2012, 09:55

18. slaggyb (Posts: 214; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

This is why I love RIM, they won't just dump BB7 cos BB10 is at the corner unlike samsung who won't update its last years flagship to jelly bean.. Its ridiculous knowing that the galaxy s ii beats the so called samsung galaxy s3 mini hands down in every aspect from the processor to the screen etc but won't taste jelly bean.. F U samsung.

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