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Probable Sprint model Motorola X Phone passes through the FCC

0. phoneArena 21 May 2013, 18:53 posted on

The Motorola X Phone is popping up more and more these days. It looks like things are on track for the targeted July release, because we've already seen the AT&T variant of the X Phone hit the FCC, and we've seen what appears to be the Verizon model show up in a Motorola driver pack. Now, the Sprint model of the X Phone has passed through the FCC...

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posted on 21 May 2013, 19:01 3

1. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

Looks like Motorola making a Come back all they need is too be on T-MOBILE and their set

posted on 21 May 2013, 19:22 3

3. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3639; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

I'm curious as to whether or not it will happen. Motorola hasn't put out a phone on T-Mobile in over 2 years.

posted on 21 May 2013, 21:23 3

8. MichaelHeller (Posts: 2693; Member since: 26 May 2011)

Our source says the X Phone will be on all major US carriers.

posted on 21 May 2013, 21:44 1

10. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3639; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

Fair enough. I believe the last was the Cliq 2 in January of 2011.

posted on 21 May 2013, 21:57

11. KingKurogiii (Posts: 5704; Member since: 23 Oct 2011)

i sure hope it will.
i imagine if there is one it would either be the XT1058 same as the AT&T model or a XT1054 because they all seem to only be differentiated by two numbers and it's likely Verizon will get the top one.

posted on 21 May 2013, 22:10

12. g2a5b0e (Posts: 3639; Member since: 08 Jun 2012)

Well, it probably won't be the same as the AT&T model. They don't have all the requisite bands for T-Mobile's LTE network.

posted on 21 May 2013, 19:07

2. eman99 (Posts: 336; Member since: 03 Aug 2010)

Finally moto on sprint is rare haven't even seen a Nokia on sprint

posted on 21 May 2013, 19:52

4. true1984 (Posts: 762; Member since: 23 May 2012)

the photon q came out last year...

posted on 21 May 2013, 20:26

5. Ruckus (Posts: 286; Member since: 20 Oct 2011)

ZzZz boring! Motorola is garbage. Trust me I have the Photon for Sprint. Where are my Windows Phones for Sprint???

posted on 22 May 2013, 23:18 1

16. lsutigers (Posts: 817; Member since: 08 Mar 2009)

Photon was a great phone when it came out and as usual Motorola's radios yielded much better reception that Samsung and HTC.

Obviously, comparing it now to a new smartphone is crazy, technology has moved so fast since the Photon and Moto has stood still waiting to clear their product pipeline to allow Google to begin working on product design.

posted on 21 May 2013, 20:50 1

6. andyisdrew (Posts: 2; Member since: 21 May 2013)

You say zzz boring than ask for a windows phone??? Your a dips**t lol

posted on 21 May 2013, 21:15

7. Ruckus (Posts: 286; Member since: 20 Oct 2011)

Im a dips**t for wanting a phone with an OS that doesn't lag or crash constantly?? It gets boring having to pull my battery daily -_-' my wifes Nokia Lumia rocks and never fails.

Andyisdrew I take it you don't try technology much?? Ignorant fool.

posted on 21 May 2013, 21:35 3

9. ItsTheJuan (Posts: 5; Member since: 25 Mar 2013)

You must not know how to use your phone. My Photon works fine.

posted on 22 May 2013, 06:43

15. Ruckus (Posts: 286; Member since: 20 Oct 2011)

Ah we can get technical I guess. My phone works fine, but the Android OS doesn't =)

posted on 22 May 2013, 05:12 1

14. WHoyton1 (Posts: 1635; Member since: 21 Feb 2013)

Look your both dips**ts for one of you saying moot is dead then the other starting a comment war....leave it at that...

posted on 24 May 2013, 23:02

17. andyisdrew (Posts: 2; Member since: 21 May 2013)

The fact that you are with sprint and have the photon q still shows that you don't try technology much. I am with verizon and get every new droid when they come out. I had droid x2 , than RAZR m and now RAZR HD. Never had an issue with these amazing Motorola devices. My mother , brother and sister all have the original droid RAZR and still have no issues with theirs. If you are pulling the battery that much than your downloading bad apps. And p.s. I have worked as a tech in the mobile industry for several years so I work with all phones and all OS.

posted on 22 May 2013, 03:38 2

13. sarge77 (Posts: 202; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

yes I love my photon but it has its downside like keyboard freeze simetimes happens but bar none moto has best signal in sprint network no one can deny that oh htc does as well all you sammy lovers cry because all the technology sammy has they have they never fixed the reception issue...

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