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President Obama wins re-election, will preside over BlackBerry 10 era

0. phoneArena 06 Nov 2012, 23:50 posted on

Once one of the most famous proponents of BlackBerry, President Barack Obama has won a second term which means he will be presiding over the BlackBerry 10 era; RIM is expected to launch its new OS sometime in the first quarter...

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posted on 06 Nov 2012, 23:53 11

1. nobelset (Posts: 270; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Well... replace your iPad with an android tablet/surface RT/pro and your phone with an android or windows phone 8. hahahaha...

posted on 06 Nov 2012, 23:55 6

2. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Oh boy, this article was clearly comment bait.

It'll be interesting to see how smartphones evolve in the next four years.

(For the record, I called the election months ago with the statement that if Obama won, it would be because Romney sucks and not because Obama's actually a good president.)


posted on 06 Nov 2012, 23:57 2

6. DaUpside (Posts: 2; Member since: 06 Nov 2012)

LULZ seriously I didn't love romney but Obama was not a good president. Lets Revolt!! :)

posted on 06 Nov 2012, 23:57

7. nobelset (Posts: 270; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Well, we''ve put all our faith in him , as he requested for another 4 years. If 8 years isn't enough for him, then there's something really wrong.

posted on 06 Nov 2012, 23:57

8. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

i dont think its goin to be "anarchy" lol

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:01 12

10. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

You're right... He's a great president! 4 more years! 4 more years!

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:23 6

11. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

No. He's a terrible president. Not more terrible than Bush, but terrible. Continuing wars, imprisoning Bradley Manning, pushing for "reforms" which are worse than the already s**tty status quo. There is not a single remarkable good thing he has done.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:28 1

13. Dr.Phil (Posts: 1540; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

Well, for years now Americans have been choosing who they believe is the "lesser of two evils". Why can't we actually choose someone who we genuinely believe is good for us? Why do we believe that our choice should only be between two people from two parties?

It would be like saying you only have a choice between a Coca-Cola or a Pepsi when you would really much rather have a Dr. Pepper.

So long as we continue the two-party system, the longer we are going to just be choosing the lesser of two evils.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:35 2

14. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

The trouble is that there are differing opinions on what is good for us. There are those who think somehow that Obama is anything other than a bad president, and those who somehow think that Romney would be better. Then there are those with logic who realize that if anybody in power will do some good, it's a Libertarian candidate. The trouble there is that Libertarians piss off Democrats in an economic sense and piss off Republicans in a social sense. They make almost nobody happy even though they're the closest to being a good thing for the country that we have.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:44 1

16. mas11 (Posts: 1034; Member since: 30 Mar 2012)

We didn't have anyone good to choose from. Except Gary Johnson and nobody will vote for a libertarian.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:42 4

15. remixfa (Posts: 14600; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

Why thank you. I voted Johnson and I'm proud. Obama was the worst president in history... period. His reelection shows us just how STUPID the american public is..

And for all the republicans out there. You were up against a president with a worse record than Carter. By all judgements, Obama is the worst president in history. .without exception.. yet he was still electable and even won... Instead of blaming everyone else (they are stupid after all), you should look at why your platform cant even win against a moron, with quite literally american history's worst record.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:52

17. GoodFella (Posts: 112; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

I did, sucker. That is the problem... you all think people won't vote this way or that, and you are too afraid to do so yourself. Try it sometime...

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:55 2

19. lyndon420 (Posts: 4888; Member since: 11 Jul 2012)

It would be interesting to see where smartphones go, but unfortunately apple isn't done sueing everyone about everything.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:56 2

20. Dr.Phil (Posts: 1540; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

Well, remixfa, it's not that black and white. While I believe the Federal Reserve is largely to be credited to the inflated economy numbers (DJI being at around 13,000 and the artificial increase in investment), it makes it look like it was Obama's doing. Hurricane Sandy also affected how people saw Obama as a leader. Then there was the poor debate performance by Romney in the second and third debates. So, I wouldn't say that was really the GOP as a whole's fault but more so it was poor choice of a candidate and just events that happened that people placed misdirected praise towards.

However, I will say that I too voted for Gary Johnson. I originally wanted to see Ron Paul win the nomination, but I just couldn't let myself vote between two people who really are the same person.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 00:57 6

21. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

I think its quite easy to overlook the fact that bush was indeed the worst president in american history and given the fact that he pretty much "handed" obama a pile of mess to clean up after him, It is very easy to say "obama was no good and didnt do anything for us" but much harder to accept the truth that it really isnt his fault for "inheriting" such a problem as great as what bush left him.......Maybe somethings he has done was his fault no doubt but to put "all" the blame on just a man under that much pressure is just plain wrong bro......and I think we all know that but somehow refuse to admit it

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 01:08

22. GoodFella (Posts: 112; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

Weak argument... Bush left a pile of crap, yup. Obama has done more to contribute to the pile of crap than to clean it up. He's gonna add more to it over then next four years. Romney would have added to it too.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 01:19 4

23. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

well until america learns that the president is not "God" and start looking "to" God, to help the president WE (america) not obama, will continue to "add" to that pile of mess......peace to you bro and good night

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 01:21 3

24. Dr.Phil (Posts: 1540; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

Xperia-Knight, I think you need to add "inherited from Bush and a Democratic-controlled legislature" and I will agree with your statement. Don't forget, from the beginning of 2007 on, it was the Democrats who were creating laws.

Also, I understand that it's hard to deal with things that happened under a previous president, but it doesn't excuse yourself from having to do something about it. The truth of the matter is, the Democrats had control over both houses of Congress and the presidency for 2 years, but if you just look at what all they passed in those 2 years it was really nothing. In fact, the only ones you really hear about are the Healthcare Law and Dodd-Frank. Saturday Night Live, which as you know is normally more liberal minded considering what city they are in, even joked about what very little the Democrats passed in those 2 years. The deficit is still rising. We are still involved in foreign conflicts (Obama even involved our forces, though not ground forces, in Libya). Religious institutions are having to violate their conscience in offering something they morally object to. The NDAA was passed with a new law that allows the president to arrest any U.S. citizen he believes is involved with terrorism (with terrorism being very loosely defined). I mean these are serious issues that a lot of people don't really think about.

So, while I don't blame any one man for events that are outside of his control, I do hold the man to the fire that he created himself.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 01:38 1

25. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

and right fully so Phil........but if you read my post again i did, infact say, he did somethings on his own, as did AND do, every other president AND every other man or women do things (mess up) on there own .....As good fella said, romney would have done the same......maybe not done what obama did in particular but any other president in his shoes would have done something that america would be enraged about........So the question is, if "man" is not the answer to americas delimma then what or WHO is?

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 02:10 1

26. Dr.Phil (Posts: 1540; Member since: 14 Feb 2011)

I think GoodFella was trying to point out that Gary Johnson wouldn't have. I'm not going to make any assumptions though, so I'll let him clarify that.

If you honestly believe that Obama adds more to the pile as well as Romney, then why would you have voted for Obama? Why not put your vote towards someone else? I think that's the point we are trying to get at.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 02:27 1

27. XPERIA-KNIGHT (unregistered)

true but the point im making is that any other person will surely not "fix" america, as america seems to think.....the hole we are in is too deep for just one man to climb us out of........It will take america as a whole to put forth "effort" and the rest we must leave up to God.....Yes its true that america may get worse over these next four years but that's because america refuses to humble themselves and let God do what a man is unable to do........not because Obama or Romney isnt "fixing" us......Obama is there for americas sake not just for one area of america like, JUST THE UPPER CLASS, or "just" the middle class.......Hes there For AMERICA but once again he is NOT GOD.....so we must humble our selves and acknowledge God or we will continue to spiral downward

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 03:42 4

28. Whateverman (Posts: 3284; Member since: 17 May 2009)

You have a right to that opinion, I just can't agree. The man isn't perfect by any means, but 4 years to clean up 30 years worth of crap is all he gets??? How about we see how far this recovery goes, see where the country stands, then judge him based on all 8 years of his presidency. I realize a lot of people will never give him credit for the millions of jobs he saved, the millions of jobs he's help to create, nor the millions of lives he will save with "Obamacare". But he's accomplished more in 4 years than some of his predecessor could accomplish in 8. But I'm not trying to argue, I'm just really happy Obama is still president.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 05:07

29. Non_Sequitur (Posts: 1111; Member since: 16 Mar 2012)

Gary Johnson is awesome.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 05:21 3

30. chrisdistaz (Posts: 8; Member since: 07 Nov 2012)

Really? You are that uninformed??? Both Obama & Romney BOTH support indefinite detention of American Citizens through the NDAA sec 1031b without legal counsel or trial, Both support kill lists of American Citizens for connection of "terrorism" which can be anyone who disagrees with federal gov policy claiming a link to "terrorism", both are in support of some of the most basic violations of the natural rights of man.

How can you determine if someone is a "terrorist" if you haven't tried them in a court of law, how could you have a kill list and completely violate the rule of law by not arresting someone who has been accused and giving them a proper trial and just killing them instead.

The day has come where those Americans who TRULY believe in Liberty HAVE BECOME the enemy of the State because the State has become the enemy of Liberty.

Give me a break. You talk with such ignorance. This President and the President before were entire jokes to the founding principles located in the Declaration of Independence. You should read it some time... but, as the saying goes, MOST people don't want Liberty, they only want security and are willing to forgo their Liberty in place of security! Thomas Jefferson in a letter Dated Jan 1787 to James Madison said "I prefer dangerous Liberty to peaceful servitude". I AGREE!!!

Ben Franklin also noted that anyone who would give up essential Liberty for temporary security, deserves neither Liberty or security and will lose both.

Here's another quote from Patrick Henry: - - - - -
“Guard with jealous attention the public liberty. Suspect everyone who approaches that jewel. Unfortunately, nothing will preserve it but downright force. Whenever you give up that force, you are inevitably ruined.” - - - - - -

But people like you support an Obama, or a Romney... wow, how far away from the principles of Liberty this country has come. To say we are doomed is an understatement.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 05:39 2

31. chrisdistaz (Posts: 8; Member since: 07 Nov 2012)

Liberty is NEVER won with an election. It's something that lives in the hearts of the People of ANY location on this Earth or in this Universe.

Judge Learned Hand said:
"Liberty lies in the hearts of men and women; when it dies there, no constitution, no law, no court can save it; no constitution, no law, no court can even do much to help it."

Again, this is WHY it DID NOT matter if Romney or Obama won. Neither of those candidates are even worthy of the Presidency. The most worthy possible candidate would have been Ron Paul.

John Adams wrote:
---The moment the idea is admitted into society, that property is not as sacred as the laws of God, and that there is not a force of law and public justice to protect it, anarchy and tyranny commence. If "Thou shalt not covet," and "Thou shalt not steal," were not commandments of Heaven, they must be made inviolable precepts in every society, before it can be civilized or made free. ---

I would say we are already there. Government HAS become the biggest vehicle of theft and abuse of power used by the ruling class. Government has become the BIGGEST violator of the rights of Property. Which, for all intensive purposes, means that the Government itself has become Anarchic...

Another 4 years of the decline of Liberty and Freedom. Elections have become like sporting events.

Daniel Webster Jun 1, 1837 wrote:
“I apprehend no danger to our country from a foreign foe . . . Our destruction, should it come at all, will be from another quarter. From the inattention of the people to the concerns of their government, from their carelessness and negligence, I must confess that I do apprehend some danger. I fear that they may place too implicit a confidence in their public servants, and fail properly to scrutinize their conduct; that in this way they may be made the dupes of designing men, and become the instruments of their own undoing. Make them intelligent, and they will be vigilant; give them the means of detecting the wrong, and they will apply the remedy.”

Again, how true and prophetic. To say i'm disappointed in this political system is an understatement. We have become the ruled, not the rulers, we have become the servants to government, not government serving the people, we have become the EXACT opposite to the original intent of the Declaration of Independence. What more is there to say???

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 05:47 3

32. chrisdistaz (Posts: 8; Member since: 07 Nov 2012)


And what he has accomplished in 4 years is helping to BRING THE DEBT LEVEL OF THIS GOVERNMENT to a ridiculous unsustainable level where COLLAPSE of the financial system is INEVITABLE. Can't wait to see what you say when that happens!

Here's a hint for you .... DEBT IS NOT WEALTH!!!
Just because he creates more debt to give you an ILLUSION there is some sort of recovery, doesn't mean there's a recovery. THERE IS NO REAL RECOVERY! The system was built on debt and is in the process of collapsing... Creating debt is NOT creating wealth. They are OPPOSITES!

Responsibility is an Individual thing. That's why Liberty and Responsibility go hand in hand. You are judging this event like a sporting event. As you said, "Lets see what happens with all 8 years" ???? Really... you are def part of the problem. If the first 4 weren't enough to convince you there is a problem here... another 4 surely won't serve us any better...

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 07:38 2

34. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

Yeah, there was something about Romney that just made me uneasy and, I am Republican!

On the smartphone front: I predict Obama will adopt the Galaxy Note II because he has [really] big hands.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 07:39

35. KParks23 (Posts: 677; Member since: 13 Oct 2010)

If he get rid of that dumb ass Obama care and make people on welfare take drug test I wouldn't have a problem with him!

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 11:14 1

37. willard12 (unregistered)

Thanks for your expert Karl Rovian analysis with mature name-calling. But I think your opinion is best on issues relating to tech. I don't think the "everyone is an idiot except me" argument holds water anymore. Your path to T-Mobile began under the previous administration, not the current one.

posted on 07 Nov 2012, 11:34

38. PAPINYC (banned) (Posts: 2315; Member since: 30 Jul 2011)

People on welfare shouldn't take drug tests, they should be taken off welfare (as long as they don't have a true physical or medical disability)!!

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