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People crave a premium Galaxy S IV that's made of metal, but Samsung wouldn't listen

0. phoneArena 11 Mar 2013, 06:14 posted on

Samsung's smartphones are definitely among the better ones on the market, but there are certainly not top performance when it comes to style and design. The white versions of "nature-inspired" products like the Galaxy S III and Galaxy S III Mini may be suitable for women, but it's obvious that the male part of society desires something a bit more aggressive...

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posted on 11 Mar 2013, 09:23 4

46. speckledapple (Posts: 892; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

It might be plastic or polycarbonite. Either way, it will probably be built pretty solid and even if it is plastic, it sure does not blend or drop worse than other phones on the market which is always a plus.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 09:45

48. _PHug_ (Posts: 444; Member since: 11 Oct 2011)

I actually voted for the above concept because of the listed specs.
I'm not fem enough to care if the phone is pretty or not

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 09:48

49. BadAssAbe (Posts: 456; Member since: 22 Apr 2011)

The Design of a phone doesn't matter to most, here is my proof


Spec's, Software, and Price are more important so stop bashing on samsung

LG announce that metal will interfere with some of its radios on the LG Optimus G, same reason Samsung wont use metal and glass is to brittle at the moment

Metal sacrifice performance, durability (easily damage)
Glass Sacrifice durability more
Polycarbonate Sacrifices feel

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 10:52

54. donfem (Posts: 646; Member since: 30 Mar 2011)

Very nicely written.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 09:58

51. _PHug_ (Posts: 444; Member since: 11 Oct 2011)

Every time Lumia and/or Nokia is mentioned in association with something positive it makes me chuckle

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 18:23

68. muhsen (Posts: 281; Member since: 07 Jun 2012)

well,since nokia phones r currently of the best built and designed phones (this is irrespective with whether u like nokia or not) and this article is about design and built quality, it seems u chuckled a lot and will chuckle a lot more

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 10:33

52. deathgod (Posts: 122; Member since: 23 Nov 2011)

I voted for number 1 because of its design, not because I thought it was made of metal. Like I've mentioned before this whole premium feel is a non issue for me, as I'd rather have a lightweight phone/tablet, and if I don't like the look of the phones back, I can always throw it in a case.

Most of the people that I know with 'premium material' phones always keep them in cases for fear of being scratched.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 12:01

57. Lboogey6 (Posts: 281; Member since: 31 Jan 2012)

ive said this 100 times when are these "cheap plastic phones" breaking? no one can tell me all they do is cry about something that hasn't even been an issue

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 12:37 1

60. cornerofthemoon (Posts: 590; Member since: 20 Apr 2010)

Metal scratches to hell in the first week (and gets all smudgy even with a case). Plastic is too flimsy. Polycarbonate is the way to go. Nokia seems to get it.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 14:47 1

64. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

My theory is most people voted due to looks rather than material. There is no telling if it was metal or silver trimmed polycarbonate. Personally I don't care of it is metal or polycarbonate. As long as it retains both a removable battery and SD card, I would be pleased. In all honesty, I'm probably in the minority of wanting polycarbonate. However, I feel it keeps the price down as well as insurance replacement cost. We are already seeing an increase of insurance deductables because of the steps taken to repair or replace handsets.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 15:43 1

66. lubba (Posts: 1313; Member since: 17 Jan 2011)

Its gonna sell well no matter what they use. But they'll get more bang for the buck using plastic. Frankly only fanboys in here care about metal, where as consumers buy what you tell them to buy.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 17:20 1

67. MyJobSux (Posts: 103; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

I wouldnt want a phone with a metal case for various reasons. Personally, it doesnt matter what the body looks like becuase I will put a protective case on it anyway. Phones are super thin now and to be honest, I welcome the added bulk of the case. A case generally gives some grip to the phone also. Most companies are putting a polished finish on their plastics and Samsung is no exception. During a fall, the plastic will abosorb the shock better than metal. Metal will pass the shock onto the components while the plastic will act more as a shock absorber (have you ever seen a fiberglass car in a low speed crash? the body is gone but the car is intact). Granted, there isnt much case so its not a huge benefit but its better than metal for absorbing shock.

posted on 11 Mar 2013, 20:47 1

70. ymp72 (Posts: 11; Member since: 02 Mar 2012)

I am with you Samsung, please do stick to PLASTIC to lower the radiation & less weight. Let those retards buy iPhone or HTC if they want metal & cook their brain when they use the phones.

posted on 12 Mar 2013, 14:17 1

74. garz_pa (Posts: 154; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Why would you people care about whether it's plastic or metal or whatever when you'd be ditching your phones for the new ones, say, the Galaxy SV 365 days later. You won't be doing finger-skating with your phones within that timeframe, would you? I've been using my S2 for more than two years now and it still feels as sturdy as ever.

You see, Samsung makes plastic phones. People put them in cases. Apple builds metal phones, still, people put them in cases. Why do they put it in cases? Go figure.

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