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Nokia's Windows RT tablet cover to include the battery pack?

0. phoneArena 24 Dec 2012, 13:31 posted on

With speculation about a Nokia built Windows RT tablet building to a fever pitch, some new details about the device have been leaked including a cover similar to the Touch Cover available for the Microsoft Surface; unlike the one for the latter tablet, the Nokia cover will be embedded with a battery pack that will allow the tablet to be used for longer hours on the go and will also recharge the internal battery...

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posted on 24 Dec 2012, 14:21 4

1. Kriksis (Posts: 90; Member since: 27 Aug 2012)


posted on 24 Dec 2012, 14:21 1

2. HTCOE (Posts: 629; Member since: 20 Nov 2011)

hmmm.... not interested so where is more info on this "X Phone" aka the neXus?

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 17:25 9

6. pongkie (Posts: 514; Member since: 20 Aug 2011)

hmmm.... yeah right so you are looking for an "X Phone" then clicked on an Nokia Win RT article and commented.

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 16:03 3

3. -box- (Posts: 3978; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

So much win... Definitely rivals the Surface for raw appeal, more so than any other tablet (only tablet, not convertible laptop) yet to come out.

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 16:35 3

4. Omar-BHR95 (Posts: 184; Member since: 23 Dec 2012)

I hope it comes in yellow , red or white so I could buy it for my Lumia

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 16:45 4

5. motty (Posts: 84; Member since: 13 Dec 2012)

Very good nokia

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 19:41 1

7. Wiki_jaan (Posts: 704; Member since: 24 Jun 2012)

good nokia ... design it like lumia 900/920 .... but careful about weight (dont make it 1kg)

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 20:49 2

8. lolol (Posts: 64; Member since: 14 Nov 2012)

Nice one Nokia :) Do something new and innovative , we are with you

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 22:13 1

9. duwiegeneral (Posts: 48; Member since: 07 Dec 2012)

yeaaaaaah!!!! nokia to the world and for the world..

posted on 24 Dec 2012, 23:24 1

10. shashi.map (Posts: 30; Member since: 16 Oct 2011)

Really good from Nokia........it would be more appealing if it can come with Windows 8pro with intel atom dual core .......... fingers crossed for MWC

posted on 25 Dec 2012, 02:08 1

11. Mallouette (Posts: 10; Member since: 23 Dec 2012)

This is good news about Nokia. They are always great when it comes to build quality. Wish them good luck in 2013.

posted on 25 Dec 2012, 07:46

12. lauremar (Posts: 181; Member since: 29 Feb 2012)

This is awesome! I can't wait for this... I love the idea of incorporating the click-on type/touch cover - it's just like the Surface but with a much cleaner and more durable design... Include the PureView Camera and this will be one killer tablet!

posted on 25 Dec 2012, 09:59

13. Bernoulli (limited) (Posts: 2586; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Hopefully the table will have the same or higher pixel density than an 808 pureview, I don't mean the camera MP but the screen resolution, but you know, why not throw in a huge pureview sensor and a 41 MP camera? That would be very nice if it were to happen lol but as long as the screen resolution is similar or better than the 808 pureview is the most I could ask for.

posted on 25 Dec 2012, 12:02

14. CardiWPfan (Posts: 129; Member since: 12 Sep 2012)

I am hoping Nokia venture enters the X86 market for Tablets. I need a Windows 8 Pro tablet. Come on Nokia build a Lumia Tablet already!!

posted on 25 Dec 2012, 16:59

15. Dunknown (Posts: 84; Member since: 23 Jul 2012)

Hope it will be a ground breaking tablet. With intel 7, quad core, 8gb ram, long lasting up to 20 hours or more, Pure Motion Full HD plus, 12 megapixel pureview back and front,

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