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No Canada: HTC One max will not cross the U.S.-Canadian border

0. phoneArena 16 Oct 2013, 14:44 posted on

If you live in Canada and have been mesmerized by the HTC One max, better turn your attention to the new NHL season or even curling; in a statement released on Wednesday, Taiwan based HTC said that its new phablet will not be crossing over the U.S. border to Canada. In its release, HTC noted that the models that it offers in the Country is "sufficient for the Canadian marketplace"...

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posted on 16 Oct 2013, 15:09 4

1. seret6 (Posts: 96; Member since: 14 Aug 2013)

htc one max is a love
my s4 and my brothers note3 are laggy
htc one on the other hand is lag free

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 15:46

2. Bernoulli (Posts: 2547; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

any android is laggy really, I actually used to have an htc glacier and that phone was so laggy, it lasted me until last year's october, when the lag was so irritating that no matter how many master resets I did it would still take a minute to perform a task, then I got the note 2, definitely better, but still lagged, nonetheless very fragile. If lag is the main concern there's no better choice than getting a windows phone, and my friend has an htc one, she hates it with a passion BECAUSE of the lag and how at times it freezes up.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 15:54

3. Doakie (Posts: 1685; Member since: 06 May 2009)

I have a One. And the other day when the One Max was announced I was thinking to myself, "Snapdragon 600 is good enough, I'd totally buy it!" then my phone was lagging so bad yesterday that I had to reboot it to make it stop. It would take around 5 seconds to respond to a screen tap. Problem isn't the processor or the manufacturer, sometimes Manufacturer skins have too much overhead but usually it's a buggy third party app. So no matter what brand of phone you buy if you install that app it'll just bog your phone down.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 16:00

4. Bernoulli (Posts: 2547; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

Not really, I moved from a note 2 to an 808 PureView and that right there wasn't that bad, sure it lagged when browsing and when recently powering it on but then it was fine, then I had a lumia 810 and for the longest (6 months) I experienced not a single second of lag, not one, and even when I still grab it at times it's still a very capable device, right now I'm using a blackberry z10 and no lag here either (other 6 months of use) and have yet to experience lag, so it's not really the manufacturer, but rather the OS that drives the phone.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 22:01

13. ZPM101 (Posts: 28; Member since: 12 Apr 2010)

Rebooting a device daily should be as routine as charging it every night. I do everyday regardless of the device (mobile, PC, etc..) and I never experience lag. Once one gets used to it, it becomes second nature.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 17:02

7. amats69 (Posts: 1238; Member since: 12 Nov 2012)

I have HTC One and so far i didnt encounter any lags on my daily used.i already consumed 25gb from the 32gb of my storage.and even tried to watch mkv movies and played heavy graphics games like real racing asphalt on my htc one but i didnt encounter any lags as what you have stated on your post..about lags on note 2 i expect that because of thier heavy UI that full of bloatwares..even tech experts praise the htc one for the smoothness..

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 18:56

9. Bernoulli (Posts: 2547; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

I haven't owned an htc one just speaking from a friend's phone

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 21:23

12. sprockkets (Posts: 1590; Member since: 16 Jan 2012)

How funny to watch two idiots talking back and forth about "lag".

Guess what? There are complaints that a Nokia WP lagged as well. So fing what? I've seen the new apple iphone 5S lag in the browser.

Lag is just BS speak for your GUI didn't draw itself so pretty. So fing what? Its eye candy. And WP has to have this obsession with eye candy animations, so much you can't do anything while it does it.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 22:25

15. Bernoulli (Posts: 2547; Member since: 01 Sep 2012)

I have no problem with that, as long as I can go back and forth from Facebook, Pandora and working on an excel spreadsheet without any lag I'm fine.

posted on 17 Oct 2013, 04:11 1

16. seret6 (Posts: 96; Member since: 14 Aug 2013)

there's no denying that android is generally much more laggy than ios
however having used note2&s4 i can say these both are hell lot lagggggy than iphone5. in last six months i dont remember iphone5 giving me a lag
however personal experience taught me htc one deals with lag problem in a much more efficient way
therefore i expect awesome lag-free feature in one maxxx
since i havnt used i5s i cant make a comment on that, but given the various reports of annoyed customers it is agreed that finally some notable lag has appeared over there mainly due to io7, lets wait and see

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 16:17 2

5. User72042 (Posts: 23; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

Really HTC?I Need This Beast For my wife's Birthday,Come on!!For god's sake...Im one of your fans here,Ooh god i was thinking to buy this for her for a long time,I cant believe it...Depressed

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 16:19 2

6. apple4never (Posts: 1046; Member since: 08 May 2013)

dude up here in canada we have better options, z max, n3

posted on 17 Oct 2013, 07:14

17. User72042 (Posts: 23; Member since: 30 Sep 2013)

I know,ZU is better,but After i bought my 5s,she keeps on saying that she wants a fingerprint sensor on her phablet,The only phablet that i know which has a fingerprint sensor is One Max

posted on 17 Oct 2013, 10:03

18. dexter_jdr (Posts: 1163; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

you do know that a fingerprint sensor is not a necessity

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 19:27 1

10. newbey123 (Posts: 519; Member since: 19 Mar 2012)

You can import it like I plan on doing! :-)

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 18:16 1

8. vandroid (Posts: 323; Member since: 04 Sep 2012)

The HTC one has quality written all over it especially the boomsound speakers I never liked listening to music on a phone speaker until I got the one and the build quality is excellent it had s good feel in the hand but shatter deleted their comment like a little p****

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 20:26

11. Taters (Posts: 4994; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

Canada definitely does not another HTC product with quality control issues. First good move they have made I awhile.

posted on 16 Oct 2013, 22:09

14. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 1701; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

better yet next time..

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