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Next Apple iPad mini rumored to have 324ppi pixel density

0. phoneArena 04 Feb 2013, 14:55 posted on

When Apple came up with the Retina display, it selected 300ppi as the line that would make a device qualify for the title; when it came to tablets, Apple figured that because people hold them a greater distance away from the face, a 264ppi Pixel density on the third and fourth generation iPad would qualify as a Retina display on the slates although a rumored 324ppi on the next Apple iPad mini would require no massaging of the numbers...

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posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:01 8

1. Levon (Posts: 35; Member since: 09 Aug 2012)

then the ipad5 may have an 3072x2304 or 4096x3072???

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:05 16

2. gmracer1 (Posts: 646; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

lol. They need to just close their doors. There are only so many times you can polish a turd until it falls apart :-)

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:17 8

5. nwright94 (unregistered)

They're still ruling the tablet market (who knows for how much longer) so slim chance of that happening. They still make one of the best tablets, although android tablets are finally starting to match/exceed the iPads appeal. Too bad the apps haven't caught up on android yet, it's what keeps me from switching. Can't stand blown up smartphone apps. I'm sure it will get there in a year or two.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:36 6

11. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

I have no idea, why they give you thumbs down. Ipads are really awesome tablets, the apps and snappiness are really great. But do not get me wrong, the new android tablets are great too, like nexus 7 or nexus 10 awesome tablets which if you root and have access to xda forums are turned into fu..... beasts.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:15 7

14. BattleBrat (Posts: 1457; Member since: 26 Oct 2011)

I have an iPad 4, and well, it sucks! My Xperia Tablet S, although sporting a non retina screen, is superior, all those nifty "windowed" apps just make the tablet. That and most of the major apps scale to the tablet, so no blown up apps. The Xperia tab is better constructed too, it just feels stronger, more highly polished.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:51 3

19. nwright94 (unregistered)

I played with that tablet at the local Walmart and I was very impressed by it, it definitely had a nice feel and was weighted better than the iPad, and 4:3 is such a weird aspect ratio for a tablet, but the apps in my case make or break a choice of tablet. I don't hate any android tablet, I loved my asus tf300t, but with the app situation with android at the time of owning that tablet, I couldn't stick with it. Half the apps I wanted to use either didn't show up for my device in the play store or would say "device not supported". I payed $500 for it, I want everything to work right. So I traded my friend who hates Apple but got an iPad 3 for Christmas and I enjoy this iPad better except for the 4:3 screen (seriously, only a 3rd of the screen shows content on an HD movie). It's just what works for me, no offense to any android users.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:07 6

25. gmracer1 (Posts: 646; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

I totally understand what you mean:

iPhones, iPad, and iPods have (in a sense) the same OS and hardware; Therefore, it's easier for developers to make an app for them.

With so many different Android versions, and so many different hardware makeups (including screen sizes), the developers have to make their apps compatible with all of it. Now I'm far from a dev, but I'm pretty sure that they wanna make money on the best-selling phones/tablets, so they're gonna focus on certain ones, and leave out the garbage----yeah I'll say it: There are some extremely sh*tty Androids out there xD

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:55 3

22. omar300 (Posts: 209; Member since: 24 Jun 2012)

even as a pure android user. i agree with this comment. androids do have moderate app store. i see apps on ipad and they are fantastic. Good needs to get developer on their side. i know google already gives out devices to devs in dev con and doesnt have high charges for apps submission. But they need to block apps installation through apk files.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:02 2

24. gmracer1 (Posts: 646; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

I know what you're talking about (from the past), but the Play Store apps have, in my opinion, become golden. I don't see any problems with compatibilty or choice. My phone and tablet run all the same apps without any hiccups.

Now I can't wait for this Summer. The Play Store apps will outnumber the AppStore's and I'll have another thing to brag about :D

1,000,000 apps FTW!

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:51 1

31. joey_sfb (Posts: 5741; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

That's only true for honeycomb 3.1, honeycomb 3.2 onwards has already solved the problem with vector scaling.

I do think iPad has better choice of apps but android is just a step or two behind.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 20:05

37. nwright94 (unregistered)

It was an android 4.0 tablet, I think it was something to do with the tegra 3 chipset though.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:54 2

13. sectime (unregistered)

Different day, same gmracer brain boogers and down voting

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:51 4

18. gmracer1 (Posts: 646; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)

You know I hate Apple :D

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:53 2

20. nwright94 (unregistered)

Which is perfectly fine ^_^ I love their products but hate the company. Same with Microsoft, whereas I love Google but I'm not too much of a fan of Android. I don't hate it, it's just not for me. Simple as that.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:56 2

23. nwright94 (unregistered)

I don't understand why the thumbs down? I said I didn't hate Android -_- can you guys really not accept a differing opinion? I didn't attack any of you.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:48 1

28. papss (unregistered)

No they sure cant..
I have both an android tablet (infinititf700t) and a iPad 4 and as much as I really don't like apple their Apps made for iPad are much better than the play store. Now on phones I think the play store is amazing but not for tablets

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:50

30. papss (unregistered)

I get it.. So do I but the iPad 4 is pretty good. Who am I though.. I like WP8, nexus 4 too

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:19

6. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

I don´t think so because that is way too many pixels too put in 9.7 inches. i mean that would translate into more than 350ppi and that is ridicilous on a tablet, because I do not even see pixels on Ipad 4 from a normal distance. And 3072x2304 is 2.25 more pixels so you would need a very powerful GPU, maybe the new PowerVX, 6xx. I am not saying that Apple couldn´t do this because, everythink for marketing :). But I would sure welcome a 324 ppi Ipad mini, the current generation is good, but the display is a downer so if they improve this, they would sure sell a lot more.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:51

12. Commentator (Posts: 3685; Member since: 16 Aug 2011)

This makes a lot of sense for them to do from a development perspective. Now they can finally phase out the old resolution that has been around since the first iPad.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:39

26. HDShatter (Posts: 1021; Member since: 17 Jan 2013)

its more than needed a 2.25x more powerful gpu. It doesn't seem like a lot but it really is. For example 1080p is 2x more render space than 720p. I think 2k will be the peak for tablets and 1080p for phones. Anything higher is unnecessary and compromising gpu performance for no gain.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:10

3. _Bone_ (Posts: 2154; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Make it 16:10 and I'll consider buying it. Some nasty stuff coming out this year, core-doubled Nexus 10, fullHD Nexus 7, A15 lineup, and all have to price it competitively, a $330 330ppi iPad (probably with iPad3,5 level HW) is definitely fits.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:20

7. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

Oh yeah, this year is going to be big :)

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:12 1

4. darac (Posts: 2156; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

Now just put an A6x in there, and you will have your best product, Apple

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:22 1

9. Pedro0x (Posts: 271; Member since: 19 Oct 2012)

A6x is a powerful SoC, but it takes a lot of juice. That is why they put such a big battery in Ipad 3 and Ipad 4, and because of the resolution too of course.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 19:40

36. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

iPad3 has the A5X chip. iPad4 got the A6X. The mini has just a 'piddly' A5. I suspect a Retina-spec mini will get the chipset of the iPad3, the A5X. No need to accelerate the specs of the mini ahead of the full-size iPad.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:22 2

8. Taters (banned) (Posts: 6474; Member since: 28 Jan 2013)

This should have been the screen used for the first iPad mini considering the price. 329 for a mini iPad 2 when something with much better specs is selling for 199? Please Apple...enough raping of your loyal customers.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 15:36 5

10. PhoneArenaUser (Posts: 5498; Member since: 05 Aug 2011)

Apple all the time was slow in technological advancement, but now it is not just slow, it is going backwards...

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:25 4

15. jli5att (Posts: 6; Member since: 20 Nov 2012)

Haha apple is done as soon as the bendable OLEDs comes out. Funny how if they didnt patent every single device or technology that comes out maybe Samsung would let them in on their new bendable/ foldable technology. I honestly dont know how theyre going to come up with something extravagent to match samsungs new and upcoming devices. Apple is a bunch of greedy tyrants who only want their customers money.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:55 2

21. nwright94 (unregistered)

Name one company that isn't making products only to make money.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 18:26 4

34. lyndon420 (Posts: 4377; Member since: 11 Jul 2012)

It would be easier to figure out how many commentators on PA only read the last 5 words of someone's post.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 20:06

38. nwright94 (unregistered)

No I read the whole post before posting, my question still stands.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 18:29 1

35. jli5att (Posts: 6; Member since: 20 Nov 2012)

Look you're right but most companies move in a direction based on the customers wants. Why charge 30 for an adaptor when they can just be universal and have a micro usb charging unit.. its things like that make me despise apple. Some devices cannot even be used even after they purchase the lightning adaptor because it is now uncompatible.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 20:08 1

39. nwright94 (unregistered)

I'm not saying you're wrong lol, Im just saying don't accuse only Apple of something when every other company on earth is just as money hungry. Apple is too worried about staying propriety, I don't think any of their products use any kind of standard. They're just that type of company, and I don't agree with them.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:29 1

16. sprockkets (Posts: 1611; Member since: 16 Jan 2012)

"By raising the resolution on a smaller screened device, Apple gets to offer a higher-resolution device without requiring developers to rework their apps to a new screen size."

Wrong, the smaller screen size makes for smaller text and GUI elements from a normal ipad app. It isn't as simple as it looks.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 16:49 1

17. InspectorGadget80 (unregistered)

Still looks the same. All their doing is trying too max out their ols screen while others are doing 1080pa full hd screens

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:43 4

27. Droiddoes (unregistered)

"This just in! 'New' ipad to have marginally improved screen and not much else! That'll be another $400, thank you and go f*ck yourselves!" - Tim Cook

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 17:49 2

29. gmracer1 (Posts: 646; Member since: 28 Dec 2012)


posted on 04 Feb 2013, 18:19

32. lyndon420 (Posts: 4377; Member since: 11 Jul 2012)

Strange they left out the 'retina display' on the first mini because I thought that was one of their main selling points. Hopefully the 'new mini' has more to offer their users than just a better screen.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 18:25 1

33. jli5att (Posts: 6; Member since: 20 Nov 2012)

Whats the rumors for the 5s? Nothing spectacular. A better camera? 12mp? thats it? There are crappy pantechs that are out now for at&t that have 13. Apple Iphone is drowning in their much hyped device. Please come out with something that will really intrigue the customers that are blind to your bulls**t. Android and Windows are updating their OS's based on what the customers want. That is why I will always be loyal to google for my celluar devices and windows for my desktop/laptop software. Apple is just trying to take our, the customer's hard earned money with their overprices gadgets that is only popular in the USA. Come on now ppl... itunes is another way that this tyrant company grabs our money... a dollar for a song? wow I can just dl a song from my 10 year old sister's vaio and put it on my S3 just like that. Dont have to go through itunes and make an account and put my credit card info in there and pay for something I already friggin have. Iphone 5 and their lightning usb adaptor? Cmon now every other company is changing their pins to microusb to have a common charger that will be ideally universal. Apple on the other hand would like to be different and charge customers $30 for the adaptor so existing iphone users can use their old products BUT some arent compatible regardless... way to go apple

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 21:43 1

40. HTCOE (Posts: 632; Member since: 20 Nov 2011)

"One of the biggest gripes about the Apple iPad mini is the anemic 162ppi pixel density on the Apple iPad mini." an English professor would pint this out -__-

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 22:33

41. Vangmay_j (Posts: 5; Member since: 07 Apr 2012)

The nexus 7 with the rumored 1080p display gets us 316 ppi and if it has a 1920 by 1200 which is more popular in tablets, it would be equal at 324 .. well lets see about the processor of the mini , the a5 in 2013 sucks at 330 bucks ...

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 09:45

48. Eonnaydra (Posts: 217; Member since: 23 Oct 2012)

A5X is better than any SoC on the market my friend with the expection of A6X.

posted on 04 Feb 2013, 23:24 2

42. idroidequis (Posts: 103; Member since: 23 Jan 2013)

Funny how all the trollroids come out on a apple link. Go each their own. Unless the apple has piliaged your town and enslaved your men and women let them be. Everyone has their own ideas. How is it I feel like apple fans dont give a crap about android and the live their life but android fans feel it is their very existance to kill apple and make them suffer. You guys give a great os a bad name.

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 00:17

43. chadrick0814 (Posts: 209; Member since: 23 Nov 2011)

For the group, can you explain what your personal rules are for commenting so that no one breaks them? For example, if an article is calling for a ban on Samsung by Apple, does that count as an Apple article or Samsung article? Then, does the commenter (if US) get to execute their constitutionally and PA guaranteed freedom of speech in accordance with law of idroidequis? Please let the group know when they can and can't comment.....even though you don't seem to have a problem showing up to a site in English and can't seem to put a sentence together. Now, for your other idiotic points, has apple "pillaged" my village? No. Have they spent millions trying to ban the products I would like because of an idea they stole and then then patented and passed those costs to me, the consumer, yes. Does Apple make lots of money by selling a cheap device for a premium price, yes. As it is your right as a consumer to buy a low-cost, low-tech, low functioning device with a "great os" that has all the features of rows of icons at a premium subsidized price, it is everyone else's right on a tech website to tell you how dumb you are.

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 01:15

47. idroidequis (Posts: 103; Member since: 23 Jan 2013)

You dont get the point trolldroid. The point is that why do you feel the need to put a simple apple down just because you dont like it? Have they done anything to hurt you in anyway? What reasons do you have to call them a crap company? Did they sue you? Why do you feel the need to defend samsung when all you do is buy their product. Its not like your mister vp and samsung is trying to take your paycheck away or keeping you business from growing. Yes its a free country but when we have people who can tolerate a simple company. Why not go to a antismoking site and telling them that their cancer sticks can go to hell? Yet you feel your time is better spent yelling at a apple who's devices makes millions of people happy and satisfied. So mister high and mighty where is your reason now. Im not saying I support apple 100% but when I see people who do not even try to understand both sides before they give their opinion.

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 18:30

49. chadrick0814 (Posts: 209; Member since: 23 Nov 2011)

Has apple hurt me in any way? Yes. I pre-ordered an HTC one x that was delayed because of Apple's actions with the ITC. The good news is that based on your guidelines, no one will see any comments from you when the GS4 or other high-end android devices are announced. Considering that 70% of the iPhone consists of Samsung parts, it would seem perfectly logicical for supporters of other OEMs to comment on their work.

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 00:34

44. gallitoking (Posts: 4718; Member since: 17 May 2011)

this is how the first ipad mini would have been,, but given the success we will have the retina display on the mini 2.. another Apple success and another headache for the haters

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 00:39

45. thunderbolt (Posts: 76; Member since: 10 Jan 2013)

Oh and i though they would reduce the bezel also by 0.5 mm ... too bad they aren't doing it ... maybe next year ... till then i will be buying android tab ...

posted on 05 Feb 2013, 01:06

46. Ameliahunter (Posts: 26; Member since: 15 Jan 2013)

I think the iPad Mini was a FAIL, and Apple will have to work really hard to make me buy the next iPad Mini...

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