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Motorola kills the Etna DROID BIONIC, with the Targa to replace it?

0. phoneArena 15 Apr 2011, 22:41 posted on

We've recieved word from the depths of Motorola that the highly anticipate DROID BIONIC, which was slated to be their first 4G LTE smartphone for Verizon, has been canceled due to a variety of reasons. First off, we got a nice hands-on look at the DROID BIONIC earlier this year at CES, as the phone would be the first for Verizon to come with a NVidia Tegra2 dual-core 1GHz processor, 4.3" qHD display, and 4G LTE data capabilities.

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posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:14 2

2. Thump3rDX17 (Posts: 2160; Member since: 10 May 2010)

that's sad, i liked the Bionic but at least there's finally some sense being made with what Verizon is doing for Q2-Q3, i'm sure this will mean that the Targa will be "leaked" more in the next few weeks to keep Moto's 4G hype up.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:25 2

3. Tottenham (Posts: 86; Member since: 05 Jan 2011)

Quite a disappointment, as I have been holding out for the Bionic to upgrade. One more reason for me to give consideration to jump ship to Sprint, as the Evo 3D is looking like the baddest of the bad ass phones coming out in the near future. I do have to give Moto some credit for not launching another phone with major power management issues, and then trying to fix them after the fact.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:30 1

4. PAJARA (unregistered)

Wow, I was waiting for this phone, if this is a fact for sure then I am one dissapointed customer. the Targa specs sound really good but I really wanted the bionic. Right now I have the HTC thunderbolt and will just have to use it until the Targa comes out.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 11:47 1

50. gabe (unregistered)

You get the feeling that some people have no life other than their cell phone- Who would spend another $600 to upgrade from the Thunderbolt to the Bionic within 3 month time? The whole smart phone craze is just that Crazy!

Spending big $$$ every year or less (sic) to upgrade , paying $30 for a data plan limited or soon to be to 2 gig and getting a phone that has tons of bugs....and absolute within 2 month!?
This is true both for the I phone zombies and Android zombies- all a while the Telcos and the phone Manuf. rake it in.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 08:23 1

54. iHateCrapple (Posts: 734; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

At least the iZombies get to save up for a year!

And thats capitalism for you...go to China if you don't like it.

posted on 19 Apr 2011, 11:46

85. Xan-Diesel (Posts: 7; Member since: 04 Feb 2010)

It's possible he works in the field, maybe as a technician. I work as an Equipment Technician for a rural carrier and I am always carrying around a device for a small period of time and then swapping it with something different (nature of the job). It's one of the best perks of the job!

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 09:23

56. queen (unregistered)

Dude, you're seriously sick in the head if you're going to jump from the Thunderbolt to the "Targa". Why did you even get the Thunderbolt in the first place? I would love to be the manufacturers who are literally raping you of money right now.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 18:58

63. tedkord (Posts: 11712; Member since: 17 Jun 2009)

I'm going with the T-bolt simply because I don't want to re-up for another 2 year deal, and the 1 year deals are gone effective tomorrow. I waited as long as I could hoping for more 4G choices to drop, but Verizon is slowly removing all choice we have.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:32 5

5. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

wow.. the bionic would have been a good device. But for all of you that were waitin for it and now bitching... did you not read the end of the article? The Targa will basically be the same thing but with a 13mpx camera instead of the 5mpx on the bionic. Am i the only one that caught that? DAYUM SON!! lol. That phone is gonna give everyone camera envy.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:46 1

10. Tottenham (Posts: 86; Member since: 05 Jan 2011)

Yes, I think most caught that (at least I did). But I've had my phone for close to 3 years, and the Bionic was suppposed to release in this quarter. Q3 could be anywhere from the begining of July (not likely) till the end of Sept. I'm just not willing to wait that much longer.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:15

20. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

it will be worth the wait. In Q3 the GalaxyS2 will launch as well as the Tegra3's might make an appearance by the end of it. They were supposed to anyways. Nvidia said Tegra4 should be out by xmas, so that doesnt give a large window for tegra3's if thats going to be right.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 09:48 1

45. roldefol (Posts: 4258; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

I highly doubt they'll go through processor generations that quickly. Also, processor release date just means the date they ship to device manufacturers. The Tegra 2 "shipped" a year ago, but we're just now seeing devices come to market. Tegra 3 devices likely won't arrive until Q4 or early 2012.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 10:19

57. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

while thats true about the differences between "shipping" and "in a phone to buy", you can easily find where nvidia said it will be shipping T3 and T4 by the end of this year with a search. The T2 was just to kind of work the kinks out from what they said. The T4 is supposed to be a massive boost in power. Thats the one they nicknamed superman or whatever.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:33 4

6. Allday28 (Posts: 283; Member since: 19 Nov 2010)

Wow phonearena get youre crap together! This story has benn updated on all the other sites that this info is wrong and the Device is just being delayed not axed!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:39 5

8. Allday28 (Posts: 283; Member since: 19 Nov 2010)

UPDATE: The folks at Droid-Life have also heard that the Bionic may be getting the axe. Another insider by the name of blackmanx is reporting that all of this cancellation news is nonsense and that the Bionic is, in fact, "well on track for the expected release date."

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:35

7. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

such a nice looking phone had to die :(

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 16:44 3

9. wooooooow (unregistered)

Well dip me in SH!T and bury me in bread krums!!!

FML!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i've been waiting since November 2009 for something worth buying! and im damn sure not gonna wait an extra 3 mnths for the supposed "Targa" to come out only for them to cancel it. F*** YOU MOTO, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for FAILING US!!!! Thunderbolt, here I come!!!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:43

23. Julio Rodriguez II (unregistered)

Blowing your money is going to make you feel even worse after the newness wears off. TB is already outdated and won't be getting Sense 3.0 so you better think hard before blowing your upgrade on it.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 08:25 1

55. iHateCrapple (Posts: 734; Member since: 12 Feb 2010)

Thunderbolt is already outdated? Things aren;t moving that quickly dude.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 17:02 1

11. fmlagain (unregistered)

Im with woooooow on this one. thunderbolt here i come as well. I need to replace my droid one that I had gotten on the release date of it lol. I really wanted the bionic.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 08:11 1

41. testman22 (Posts: 338; Member since: 03 Nov 2009)

thunderbolt is garbage... enjoy

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 10:34

49. derp (unregistered)

lol thats an understatement.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 17:39 2

12. guest (unregistered)

Now I'm even more glad I picked up a TB earlier this week. Haha.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 18:14

14. w00tw00twhat? (unregistered)

Im very sad as i was looking to grab this phone the day it was released. But now with all this going on i dont know which to grab. Good thing is that i have two contracts coming to an end(my bro who used another family members upgrade to get a new phone) one in late april and one in oct. So i may grab the LG revolution or a Bolt until the bionic is either released or grab the targa cuz that thing seems like a beast and worth the wait. I just cant decide LG Revo or HTC Botl???

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 08:12 1

42. testman22 (Posts: 338; Member since: 03 Nov 2009)

i played with the revolution, and design wise, it is the ugliest, boxiest phone i've ever seen. don't know if looks matter to you

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 18:31 3

15. luis_lopez_351 (Posts: 951; Member since: 18 Nov 2010)

Why are people sad? its been dead since its been announced in the first place. It died when it was a motorola idea running motorola blur.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 21:25 1

29. cc (unregistered)

As I said above, I have the X and have had little to no issues. I don't know where all the Motorola / Blur hate is coming from.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 18:33 1

16. ninjakamster (unregistered)

Nooo, I'm still really hoping the Droid 3 will have LTE! : (

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:00 2

19. CNachoZ (Posts: 6; Member since: 22 Mar 2011)

ok ok. i have to calm my nerves here in order to comprehend what going on. Well, im hoping this is just a stupid rumor started at HF. or Verizon's evil scheme of selling mor TBolts, only to say, "APRIL FOOLS! we do have the Bionic, but you're past your 30 day return, so you'd have to pay retail!". but i dont understand how the Atrix was released w/ no major issues, and yet the Bionic somehow cant make the cut. So, that being said, im hoping BlackmanX is right and all this chit-chat is nonsense. They still have the Bionic posted on the Moto website. there's hope yet!!! but if they did in fact scrap it, or even DELAY it...IM GONNA GO CRAZZZZZZZZY AND DESTROY EVERY MOTOROLA PHONE I SEE. EVEN THE ONE'S THAT AREN'T MINE. JUST WALK AROUND THE MALL AND START SLAPPING X's and D's and D2's OUT OF PEOPLES HANDS!!!!!!!! AND I BETTER NOT SEE AN ATRIX!!!!!!!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:15

21. box (unregistered)

Do we need anymore proof that Verizon's multi-network setup is a massive fail? The HTC can't handle it, MOTO is killing a stupidly good phone over it, the Pantech 4G USB card keeps getting updates to try to fix it; obviously there's an issue here.

GSM/UMTS & later LTE-Advanced FTW!

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:17

22. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

CNacho. You should look it up. The atrix has had a myriad of different glitches and issues.. especially with 4g connectivity which was one of its selling points. Also, correct me if im wrong, but it wasnt able to record 1080p at launch either if i remember.. which every other dual core phone can do even in prelaunch status.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 19:52

24. aztaxia12295 (Posts: 272; Member since: 22 Nov 2009)

the targa is quad core

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 10:04

46. roldefol (Posts: 4258; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

I doubt it, not if it's shipping Q3. I would guess OMAP4 dual core. Ditto the Droid 3.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 21:19

27. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

This is what motorola probably said, "The droid bionic is not working properly and is buggy. Maybe by changing the name from Bionic to Targa, it might fix the problems. So let's use the same phone and just change the name. Hopefully our fandroids would think that it's actually a new phone when it's actually the same. It will just buy us a little more time to fix the issues. And if it's still buggy, we'll just change the name again a week after to Supersonic or something."

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 07:09 2

40. celljrod (Posts: 82; Member since: 07 Apr 2011)

Do you ever actually check facts before you post? The Targa was leaked when the Bionic was still full on and looks nothing like it.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 08:31 3

43. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)

gemini gets high before entering phonearena expect no sense

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 21:43 1

31. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3108; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

I love when apple fanboys talk crap about android phones being the same when that's all their precious iphone is. iphone 1 and 2 were exactly the same except oh its glossy black and has 3g. 3gs was EXACTLY the same as the 3G just with a slightly faster processor.

http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-BIONIC-US- EN?localeId=33

Until I see this page come down, I won't believe it.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 23:48

33. Cruiserdude (unregistered)

It's uh, its down...

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 23:22

67. TOdoubleD (Posts: 114; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

That was a bad link. The Bionic is still listed on the Motorola website.

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 22:05

32. joey18 (Posts: 589; Member since: 20 Jul 2010)

Who. Cares ...another android phone with same ideas ....

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 23:49

34. LionStone (Posts: 743; Member since: 10 Dec 2010)

Daamn...and when those that said they weren't gonna get the T-Bolt because of the delays and may as well just wait and get the Bionic, I was thinking, Well, what if the Bionic has issues and delays also? Now we'll just have to see how long til they release it...

posted on 14 Apr 2011, 23:52

35. Psychic (unregistered)

I talked to my dog about this and he says he knows Bill Gates who told him Motorola was actually leaving the Android market and selling their device patents and plans to Hyundai who is surprisingly getting into the phone industry.

Oh wait, this is just a rumor and shouldn't be stated as fact...

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 00:20

36. Cruiserdude (unregistered)

Well the phone's page is not loading for me on MOTO's website. I either get empty templates or a cannot find message. And within the last 10 minutes, the Bionic has disappeared from Moto's list of devices under Mobile Phones... This is not good news at all.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 23:24

68. TOdoubleD (Posts: 114; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

I just looked at the phone 5 minutes ago on the Motorola site.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 01:21

37. RORYREVOLUTION (Posts: 3108; Member since: 12 Jan 2010)

Yep looks like the DROID bionic is gone. What a shame, I was looking forward to it.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 11:14

59. MpowerSkills (Posts: 41; Member since: 19 Feb 2011)

I was planning on getting it, but I can't say I was really looking forward to it. It just doesn't excite me. The Targa on the other hand does, it looks darn sexy! I know it sounds crazy but I actually like to hear that they aren't going to release the BIONIC.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 01:26

38. noobs (unregistered)

come on, the page works just fine.

http://www.motorola.com/Consumers/US-EN/Consumer-Product-and-Services/Mobile-Phones/DROID-BIONIC-US- EN?localeId=33

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 09:22 1

44. roldefol (Posts: 4258; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

If true, this actually answers most of my questions about Verizon's upcoming offerings.

1. Why we haven't seen the Bionic on recent pricing/release schedules.

2. Droid Charge - Why would they bestow Droid status to a Samsung device when they've never done so before? And why would they offer two 4G Droids with the same size and shape? (Keep in mind the average buyer won't pay attention to single/dual cores or Quadrant scores, they just see 1 Ghz.) Chances are, VZW was aware of the problems with the Bionic and made Samsung's phone their contingency flagship device.

3. Droid X2 - this is the big one - Why would they release two 4.3" qHD, Tegra 2-powered phones, with the main difference being LTE? If Moto knew the Bionic was going to die, but they had already ordered thousands of qHD screens and Tegra processors, it may have made more sense to pop them in the Droid X body than to try to return them. This also explains why they didn't redesign the phone - it wasn't in the plans. As many of us have said, the Bionic was the rightful successor to the X. Now they need a stopgap successor while they finish developing and testing the Targa.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 10:10

47. Rich (unregistered)

at least bionic sounded cool. etna? good luck with that one. ill stick to my TB.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 10:20

48. roldefol (Posts: 4258; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

'Etna' was the codename for the Bionic. 'Targa' is the codename for whatever they end up calling its replacement.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 15:53

51. Verizon Engineer II (unregistered)

These rumors are completely wrong. We have the phone is will be released soon. 30,000 units are being shipped soon. I can not tell you when, but in fact the BIONIC is coming out and all the issues have been fixed. I love how people who do not even work for these companies spread false rumors. More to come....

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 15:57

52. Verizon Engineer II (unregistered)

Fast fingers, slow computer. I meant to say that IT will be released soon. Just got out of my meeting with the final words, but I can not say anything. GOOD NEWS is all I can say.

posted on 15 Apr 2011, 18:55

53. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

I hope so (on the pending GOOD NEWS). Otherwise, Sprint and the EVO 3D was going to get a real hard look from me as my contract is up in July, 2011.

I may still take a real hard look at the EVO 3D, as it sounds like quite the compelling handset. Hopefully the Bionic will give the EVO 3D a run for its money. Nothing like competition....

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 23:33

69. TOdoubleD (Posts: 114; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

I think the EVO 3D has better specs. I don't care that much about the 3D but you can simply turn that off. I just wish I could put that phone on the Verizon network with Lte 4g.

posted on 18 Apr 2011, 08:27

76. Ebiggz (unregistered)

How can we be sure you are who you say you are and you're not just some troll? Not trying to be ignorant but some people like saying that they are this and that person but yet they are just some douche sitting in his mothers basement eating donuts and drinking red-bull while typing idiotic posts to make people think they are reliable. I would love to believe what you said but not sure it's possible beings it is over the net. I do in-fact hope you are correct. I have been waiting for this phone since it was announced at the CES. I'm tired of this shitty BB storm 2 crap i have.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 11:07

58. MpowerSkills (Posts: 41; Member since: 19 Feb 2011)

I was holding out for the BIONIC, but honestly I wasn't excited about it at all. It just doesn't look exciting. The Targa is different, I think I can get excited about it. It looks really cool. Hopefully my boss will let me wait until it comes out to upgrade.

The problem is, by the time the Targa comes out we will know more about iPhone 5, which will probably only make my decision harder.

I'm really struggling to decide what smart phone to get, I've only had dumb phones in the past.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 11:55

60. T (unregistered)

Well, for those who waited for the phone to upgrade boo hoo there's always more phones that will come out. However, I choose not to wait and went with the thunderbolt.. This phone is awesome. And I agree to get the thunderbolt and 3 months later get a newer phone is crazy. You are giving them way to much money.. and I would really like to know where you work cause I would like a job there if you can buy two smartphones in less than 6 months. For those who can't wait I suggest the thunderbolt.. especially if you have a phone that's old.. I had a blackberry storm so I can not complain about anything on my new phone because the storm sucked big (you get my drift)...AND even if you did wait on the bionic there would have been a bigger and better phone 3-6 months later anyways..

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 12:53

61. Argh (unregistered)

I entirely agree, i Have a HTC TP2 and i dual boot to android because winmo 6.5 is pure garbage. I was holding out until my NE2 which dropped down on me next month and this would be out. Guess not. However its good they wouldn't release a phone that would be a POS and focus on making a phone work as it should. The best buy commercial puts the tech world in a reality, the min you think you got the hottest shit. A week later your neighbor has a better one. I might wait on the Targa but who know they may delay that too.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 15:37

62. TheThree4 (Posts: 1; Member since: 19 Mar 2011)

So why is it still up on Motorola's site as one the marquee phones along with the Atrix if its not going to be released? I'm sure their marketers who run the website would have done something by now, especially if not beforehand, if the project was being killed.

posted on 16 Apr 2011, 19:05 1

64. POOPY MAGOO (unregistered)

Are you all raging morons? how about all the equipment flying around on amazon.com for the bionic? cases, charges, screen protectors. oh and here is a fun one... WHY THE HELL IS IT STILL ON MOTOROLAS WEBSITE?!

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