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More information on Touch Diamond and Raphael for both Sprint and Verizon

0. phoneArena 05 Aug 2008, 04:46 posted on

We have new information about the Touch Diamond (called Victor and Diamond) and its QWERTY sibling (the Herman and Raphael) which are expected with Sprint and Verizon Wireless ...

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posted on 05 Aug 2008, 20:44

96. (unregistered)

Im not bashing vzw my post was unbiased facts.. lol if i was rich I might consider VZW but today on sprint I can afford two phones for less than one on VZW or At&t.. and If I was rich I would definitely get a thunder or an iphone.. probably the thunder.. but Im not so Im on sprint with my mogul and I am almost completely satisfied.. the cust care is probably worse than you heard honestly but two phones for the price of one.. The best wm devices, 4g network almost done (nokia cant wait I might add), fastest 3g network ( I dont care about where you live yes in SoCal sprint has been the best), and most people I know have sprint or boost or nextel or virgin so mobile to mobile is covered nicely.. I do know lots with vzw and Id take a dare before an instinct but really sprint is a no brainer I have a wireless 3g wifi modem for 29.99 a month with text and 500 mins

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 21:01

99. VZWREP (unregistered)

LessthanZack you make Verizon employees look so uninformed...youre information is fabricated.plain and simple. for you to say that ATT spends money on worldwide 3g technology makes no sense. why would ATT (an american company) invest in other countries network, sure their phones work over seas but its not their network. As for the whole investment in phones comment...you do realize that Blackberry is the best selling PDA not only in the american market but for Verizon.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:07

106. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

So do you think that ATT uses towers in other countries for free?? You're a tool. Yes BB is our best selling PDA, but do you see VZW spending money on exclusives of blackberries?? NO. We get the same sh** that GSM carriers had a year ago from blackberry (until the thunder). So obviously we don't invest as much money in that dept. as we do with our exclusive LG handsets (the dare, Env, etc) which was the whole point of my post. So go make our company look like crap with your anger problems. I happen to be the go-to rep in my store for upcoming phones and general phone know-how. I'm not bragging, I just don't appreciate or understand why another VZW REP would attack my post. Good show, good show

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:54

112. vzwrep (unregistered)

just because a carrier utilitzes ANOTHER carrier's tower does not mean they invest in that network...why would they invest in the competitions towers? the funny thing is that youre that one that seems to have aggression problems...i mean youre tone seems like you really offended by me pointing out your lack of knowledge. i dont care if youre the go to guy or a store mgr, it doesnt appear that you know what youre talking about...if youd like i can send you my ecode and you can look at my numbers...over 100% every month...winners circle for me AGAIN!

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:29

131. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Yeah, you're right! They don't invest in that network! I didn't say that they do. I simply said that they take their 3g network statistic for their worldwide coverage as a whole. Don't believe me LOOK AT MY POST. All I was stating was that VZW has the largest US 3G coverage area with over 85% of network blanketed with 3G. ATT only has 40-50% and that is on paper. Never did I say that ATT "Invests in other networks". I am just saying that PDAs our NOT OUR BIGGEST INVESTMENT as a company. I think anyone in this forum can understand that. We have awesome LG exclusives, not WINMO or PALM exclusives like the GSM carriers get. I just don't understand why you have to be an aggressor in an online forum for god's sakes. Doesn't make sense. And ppl wonder why someone gets defensive, it's because they are being called "uninformed" when their posts are taken out of context by their own cohorts.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 15:00

49. (unregistered)

Yeah, can't use wifi on verizon, right...... 6800, 6700, sam760, boy you got them there.... VZW UI? this is a pda idiots, where have you see the VZW UI on a pda? Nope, its all on normal phones, which is actually more varied and has more options these days. boy you sure got them there... Yeah the RAM thing will suck IF its true, but there are some benefits to the VZW versions, more ISM memory on the cpu's and the diamond has a microsd slot instead of a fixed 4gb. Who knows this could also be bs anyways.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 17:47

74. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

I assure you it is not BS. My buddy Ken works for Sprint and I saw him print the document (displayed in the article) and I am the one who sent it to phonearena. If it changes later on, it was due to the companies changing their specs, not the inaccuracy of my information.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:23

86. (unregistered)

stfu ur a liar!

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 20:32

95. XV6800user (unregistered)

ACTUALLY...ur a liar. ive seen and been in contact with official Sprint documents when i was an employee there and those are NOT IT!

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:13

107. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Not much I can say to combat your childish name calling. I have no reason to plague the internet with false internet. I used phonearena strictly for my own gain to get info on upcoming phones and services for my own knowledge. I am just trying to shed light on a very popular topic. If it helps, the document is from a Radioshack (its CORPORATE not franchise!) which sells ATT and Sprint, but predominately Sprint. Not to mention documents change with the company as time goes by, so it's not hard to believe the document looks different. Especially coming from an indirect dealer, but that does not VOID its validity.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 15:18

51. (unregistered)

I sure hope most of you know when Verizon opens its network fully at the end of the year. You will be able to use the Sprint version on Verizon. I'm a regional manager for Verizon Wireless in Northern AZ, and we are starting to open our network to phones from Alltel and Sprint. So you will be able to use it on VZW. So everyone needs to stop getting their panties in a bunch. Sprint is garbage.. So who cares

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 15:20

52. (unregistered)

Also to the user who said he wants a Bold on Verizon. We are not getting that phone, its the Thunder not Bold. Ours is much different from the Bold. It's a full touchscreen phone with no keys, while the Bold is a bigger Curve with new software.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 15:50

55. Jeff_WM6.1_Fan (unregistered)

I have had an HTC phone for three years, first was the 6700, then the 6800 and hopefully soon, the New Touch Pro in what ever name they give it. I looked at Verizon to move my business to, I have an air card with them and find that the data for WHERE I go is better. But, Verizon nerfed the 6800 pretty bad, most specifically by removing the internet sharing (not the tethering aspect). I upgraded my phone on Sprint to the WM6.1 (Verizon does not have this upgrade yet, to the best of my knowledge), which makes the WM6 look just plain crappy. I also use a program called WMwifirouter. It turnes my phone into a wireless router. I can drive down the road with my wife on her Itouch, my children on there laptops online all connected to my phones broadband. After I decovered that the Verizon version was stripped many parts of the phone I use. I am not saying that Verizon is better or visa-versa, but that it does not suit my purpose.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 16:28

66. (unregistered)

i work for verizon and use a sprint phone. i carry both verzion sucks all they care about is the network. sprint has a relationship with htc so sprint gets first dibbs from now so my regional manager told me. sprint was the first carrier to put htc on there phone instead of utstarcom so sprint will be blessed from htc.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 17:57

75. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

I'd like to know where you work so I can ask your regional manager why they plant anti-company information with their reps who then seed the information in a very unprofessional manner on the internet. You as a VZW employee SHOULD KNOW that the network is THE MOST IMPORTANT PART of ANY cellular company! What good is your TOY IF YOU DON'T HAVE SIGNAL, I ASK???? I think you are really a Sprint employee who is trying to make ppl think that verizon employees would for some reason like sprint better. Whatever, the internet sucks because of people who think the world cares about their opinions in companies. Look at numbers, they don't lie or create opinions like people do so they are a good representation of corporate success and power. So stack up sprints numbers against VZWs please, we will see which company sucks....

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:10

82. (unregistered)

i dont care what yall monkeys say i guess the truth hurts Verizon sucks all they do is pay me . if a network is all you need then use a dumb phone dont even get a pda because it will be stripped. sprint sucks yea ur right they do, there were ran by monkeys before so now that new guy will turn things around.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:16

84. (unregistered)

I work for verizon and that other fool is right sprint and htc are gay together the sprint 6800 was the first phone to say htc in america and be sold as a htc product. verizion does make u pay so much for things that sprint can provide at a reasonable price.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:25

87. (unregistered)

ur a verizon employee so ur a verizon fanboy so u can stfu.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:24

108. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Yeah well when I worked for Olive Garden I wasn't a phukin advocate for the company. And when I worked for Celcom ( an indirect) who sold Cingular, VZW, Sprint, Nextel (they were separate), Boost and TMobile, I used VZW. And I'm not a fanboy, I have already admitted that my company is not the best in the PDA market - just look up there ^ - in fact we are prolly the last between us, sprint, and att. Never mind, enjoy your Sprint phone. I forget I am arguing with someone who can't spell the right form of THEIR.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 16:46

67. Drewidian (unregistered)

Does anyone know if the FM tuner will be stripped put of either phone? One of the reasons I decided on the Touch Pro was because it had one. Otherwise I'll be forced to go with the Sony Xperia1.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 17:08

68. (unregistered)

So the report last week that the Diamond would be released by Sprint in August was erroneous? And the reports over the last few months about the Touch Pro (now 'Herman') being released to Sprint in September is also erroneous? So now it looks like October is the new guess date for Herman. I get better information from my Magic 8 Ball.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 17:58

76. (unregistered)

Im wondering how well, (or how well it won't) run touchflo 3d with a mere 400mhz processor.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 18:16

77. (unregistered)

Something I also noticed is that all these phones have a 1340mAh battery. With that, and the weaker verizon processors (same ones as the xv6800, not really an upgrade, just a new look). I'm starting to think somethings up here... Guess we'll find out when they're released.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 18:17

78. (unregistered)

What I mean by the battery thing is, the other versions of the Diamond had a 900mAh-ish batter, so hows the 1340 getting stuck inside the incredibly thin diamond.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 18:41

80. (unregistered)

that's because it's going to 14mm thick versus 11.5mm on the original.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 18:26

79. (unregistered)

ugh, now there are god damn fanboys of PHONE CARRIERS!!? jesus just STFU verizon has 10x better service than sprint, but where sprint gets coverage, their speeds are faster sprint usually gets better phones that match the gsm versions of everything verizon strips features out of their phones like wifi to rip you off and make u get their data plan wouldnt trade verizon's service for anything, but i HATE their crappy phone lineup

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:14

83. (unregistered)

use ur dumb phone and stfu or buy a stripped dwn version of a phone verizon releases and stfu. you have ur verizon pro the guy next to use has his sprint pro all ull be able to say is oo my service is better.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:20

85. (unregistered)

you wouldnt give up big red because ur a fanboy i left verzion and there excellent service for at&t and get the same coverage and no stripped dwn phones. if i used cdma i would jump right into sprint.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:10

81. david le (unregistered)

you guys do know they sprint and verizon roam on eachother networks right? so comparing networks is stupid. And i too work for Verizon and have a Sprint phone. Gotta love that Sero plan.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:28

88. (unregistered)

i knew i wasnt the only one sero is unbeatable!

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 20:15

93. Celz (unregistered)

1250 mins night at 7pm weekends mobile to mobile unl data tethering txt and pics = under 50 bucks... I could care less about a iphone, thunder, or who has better cust care.. Sprints new htc's are better than both.... and two FACTS for you guys... SPRINT HAS THE FARTHEST DEVELOPED 3G NETWORK IN AMERICA... vzw is a close second probably way better in some areas.. and now for the 2nd FACT sprint is the ONLY AMERICAN CARRIER with a 4G network under development and guess WHAT??? It actually works in some places.. VZW and At&t dont even know what kind of 4G they will have (LTE is not finalized)

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:28

109. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Sprint does have some pretty rad plans. Good thing they haven't dropped off the face of the planet yet. Like a turd that won't flush...

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:37

110. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Roaming is something confused by all. Just because VZW may use a sprint tower or vice versa does not mean that they ALWAYS do everywhere. Each tower used is money spent and Sprint does not have a whole lot of money to throw around as a company. This is illustrated better if you live on the northern california coast. Most carriers have no service, in fact, the majority of people that port over from that region are ATT and sprint customers. Let's face it. IN this post we are all teens and tweens for the most part. To us it is best to have the coolest toy that does the most things with the most ease. Easy to see why sprints excellent PDA lineup seems to be the crowd winner. Kinda like buying a Ferrari and running 87 Octane gasoline through it. Cool toy, sh**y fuel for the toy. Some people would rather run Chevrolet 91 Octane through their toys, even if they only have a Volvo. I'm actually a little hesitant to post this knowing what heckle I will receive in consequence.....

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 02:49

111. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

And just so ppl don't think I am a rich bastard, I drive a Jeep Commander and run safeway 87 through it.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 19:36

90. jojomexi (Posts: 3; Member since: 05 Aug 2008)

can someone tell me where they may have pulled this document from? i also work for sprint and would like further information --jojomexi1987@gmail.com

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 20:56

98. (unregistered)

Will either of these come out for alltel anytime soon?

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 21:16

100. (unregistered)

What is the issue really? Yeah Sprint has Verizon with the motion sensor... la di freakin da. Why is no one talking about the fact that Sprint's version has no expandable memory? Or what about the way that Sprint opted to go the cheap route by choosing an aluminum casing instead of the stainless steel? Sure, the casing may not seem to be a big factor for you members of the real geek squad, but obviously their decision to go this route seems to say that they value durability over unecissary features that everyday people won't ever use. To me, Verizon is the one really listening to what it's customers need, instead of trying to attract people that are going to end up being unhappy. Verizon is about keeping it's customers, unlike Sprint.

posted on 05 Aug 2008, 23:33

103. jojomexi (Posts: 3; Member since: 05 Aug 2008)

@108 not trying to counter everything you say, but not everyone would strive to use every ounce of internal/external memory they can. and depending how good the motion sensor is may overly be better than the expanded sd slot on the diamond. As far as casing, same thing. As far as wear and tear it will be like any phone you get, but lets hope that you take better care of your more-expensive handheld devices than a regular flip phone. And as far as 'unnecessary features'... hmm... this can be heavily argued for people that use different applications with their wireless devices. I do not know at the least how more RAM and processor power was ever a useless feature... People are going to get a phone and complain how it 'lags' with certain applications, browsing, rendering images, or even just tinkering through your phones menus. Alas i will plainly also tell you ive been with sprint, and so you may THINK that it is bias, but these statements make no sense from any common perspective. The expandable memory can be arguable with the diamond version, but with expandable memory on the raphael version, theres no arguement there. same goes with the stainless steel. more people are going to care about the GUTS of the phone, and processing of the device with the diamond rather than the material as much, whereas it is IDENTICAL once again on the raphael device. Going on verizons party, i do believe they generally would have better coverage all-in-all, but with their expensive plans and how i hear how they 'cripple' their phones by blocking only their content (which i just go off peoples comments that own verizon that complain about it), its a bit of a risk. I personally love Sprint's high speed EVDO Rev A data services, and even use my current flip phone for texting and browsing the web. I hope these phones pack a punch none-the-less, and I personally do not care which carrier they do better on, I just hope the phones in general perform well!

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 03:44

114. (unregistered)

an unlocked CDMA version? lmao

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:34

132. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

Again, these must be GSM users with these ideas. It is nearly impossible to find or unlock a CDMA phone and then still have it activated by the phone company. The CDMA carriers have lists of all ESNs that are valid and will work on the network. Anything that is not part of that list will not activate in the system, plain and simple. I wish it were that easy tho....

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 05:19

115. (unregistered)

Well, all is not lost with Verizon. Remember the xv6800, which has yet to see an official OS update? Those geniuses over at XDA Developers and PPCGeeks have made incredible ROMs for the xv6800, allowing people to unlock the GPS and EVDO Rev. A on that phone. This basically put the xv6800 firmly in line with its Sprint sister, the HTC Mogul. In my opinion, the new WM6.1 ROMs (some of which were built using Diamond WM6.1 cores) are significantly faster and more responsive than the original stock ROMs. Perhaps we'll see a similar move with the Diamond, although it will be more challenging this time due to hardware differences. I hear that TouchFlo 3D saps a lot of RAM and bogs down occasionally, so I wouldn't be surprised if some users just outright disabled it for better performance.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 09:48

117. (unregistered)

If you are a verizon fanatic like I am then why are we taking this Sprint memo so serious.. It is a "leaked" memo from Sprint.. How are they supposed to know what version of the phone Verizon is supposed to have. Grab a soda take a sip read another site and breath.. Wait for an official announcement from Verizon before you jump ship or go nuts.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:36

133. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

you're right, ppl will kill each other over phones. Kinda crazy, where's my pepsi?

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 11:42

119. Maarek (unregistered)

The lack of an accelerometer for Verizon does not make it less than Sprints. The choice was to keep the screen the same without moving it around. Testing is done and researchers (which include random people) didn't like the accelerometer and based on the questions asked, and the answers Verizon received, they opted NOT to include it. Put it this way. Do YOU like widescreen movies on 5:4 TVs? Most people that I talk to do not like the letterboxes strung across the screen and think the movie is SMALLER. But they are the same size and you see MORE of the surroundings with the widescreen on ANY TV. So if you think about it. The vote for the accelerometer was probably biased based on the result that turning the phone won't make the screen any bigger in the researcher's eyes on the HTC Diamond.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 19:10

140. (unregistered)

the acclerometer works perfectly in the gsms so i want it

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 11:51

121. (unregistered)

About the ISM. The original touch diamond had 32mb alotted to help the video acceleration. My guess is since verizon has a weaker processor, they have more to make up for that loss.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:38

134. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

I think the ISM (which I believe is Internal system memory) is something along the lines of Processor Cache sizes on standard computers i.e. 1.5GHZ with 16MB cache. So yeah I think you're right.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 12:22

122. (unregistered)

ok I'ma make this very simple to everyone here bickering about the 2 companies and who has a bigger e-peen etc. Alot of sprint people are stating that Sprint actually cares for their customers in regards to providing them with handsets that are not changed in anyway from their original versions etc etc. While I might agree with this to a certain extent, I do not agree that they ACTUALLY care. If they actually cared, don't you think they would have addressed their network, customer svc, outsourced tech support, bad company decision making, etc etc waaaay before they decided to focus on making a consumer happy based on their handsets??? It's an old marketing strategy, and unfortunately it still works well here in the US. Us as in US citizens, tend to want the best looking devices and the high tech toys regardless of use for the sole purpose of saying "yes, I have that phone" I can't count how many times customers come into my location looking for a Bluetooth headset just based on its looks and don't care anything about the quality of the headset. It is this same concept that is keeping Sprint afloat. They take the above issues I mentioned and compare them cost whise vs better handsets and whalla, they take the cheaper route which is obviously catering to the US market by making handsets as they were intended by the manufacturer and at certain points even adding better features. This will only work for a small amount of time, its more like a temporary fix to their increasing churn rates, bad network, low penetrating frequency etc. If people want to say that Verizon cripples some handsets, I agree with that, they do sometimes make them work in favor of being able to sell their own products as opposed to ones offered from the device initially with the manufacturer's standard build. But honestly, what company doesn't do this to a certain extent. It is there type of changes that position a company in trend to accumulate the wealth to later make changes and adapt more to consumer preference. I believe in devices that work, do what they are intended to do, and anything extra is a given. Had Sprint not purchased Nextel and actually budgeted to make improvements to the network to stay close to Verizon, they definately would receive some merit from myself, but at this point, I don't care if they have a bit more memory on a handset or a certain feature that was initially intended for the handset, that isn't going to break my choice in regards to which company I want to have and it isn't going to change the minds of the majority either. I feel for Sprint in the sense that they honestly have no control of their future atm, but at least they are commited in offering a phone with the same specifications intended for that device upon release. With that said, good going with the new device launches and the future device launches, its honestly going to take a huge overhaul to even become a major competitor in the wireless industry again, and selling off nextel, pretty phones isn't going to make it any better. For those that hate on Verizon for their so called crippled handsets, you have a right to chose, and if you chose good looking handset over better service overall, then you my friend might be one of my future bluetooth customers, and yes, I have a great looking model waiting to add that look to either one of your beautiful earlobes. - Verizon Wireless Data Consultant

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 14:34

128. (unregistered)

change your username to FANBOY in the interest of disclosure.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:39

135. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

lol, it never ends....

posted on 07 Aug 2008, 17:17

157. (unregistered)

It's voila! not whalla....consultant? I won't even go into the typos.

posted on 09 Aug 2008, 01:02

160. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

it's an internet forum. PPL CAN SPEL LIIKE SHIITE ALL THEYE WAHNT!!! Play some video games or do a crossword instead of pointing out typos on the internet.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 12:43

123. moozx3 (unregistered)

Those pages look like they were scanned from a Playbook. But our current sprint playbook, doesn't have that info in it. Possibly next week's playbook will. There's info in this week's that point to this realease and info about it.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:40

136. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

I am finding out where my buddy got the document from in his intranet, when I find out I will let everyone know.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 12:50

124. moozx3 (unregistered)

to top it off. What are the chances that BOTH carries and DEVICES are going to have huge software or hardware issues when they get released??? I won't be the first to own either. And some more interesting info I just found. The MOGUL from sprint will no longer be availble for ordering in SEPTEMBER. Could it be because of the diamond, aka Herman/Victor??

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 14:33

127. (unregistered)

you must be retarded. this phone has been out for a couple of months in europe and has also recently had a rom upgrade. so lower the odds to about your iq and you will see that your entire post is stupid.

posted on 06 Aug 2008, 15:44

137. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

I hate ppl who attack other ppls post like that. Just shut up and let ppl talk. The firmware is completely different for US phones, you tool, so it makes no difference what europe has. I would get the phone when it launches because it usually takes less than a quarter for a ROM update to launch. And I believe the answer for the September date you mentioned is : Yes, similar to the 6700 discontinuation with the launch of the 6800 mogul.

posted on 07 Aug 2008, 01:36

142. (unregistered)

then dont attack posts that are based on fact you idiot. what a stupid screen name.

posted on 07 Aug 2008, 03:05

144. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

it's alot better than "anonymous" you "idiot".

posted on 07 Aug 2008, 03:09

145. LessthanZach (Posts: 106; Member since: 29 Apr 2008)

just because it is based on fact doesn't mean you need to call names. It just shows your lack of intelligence. And my screen name is based off of an inside joke which is not stupid to me.

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