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LG G3 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: vote for the better phone

0. phoneArena 25 Jul 2014, 06:01 posted on

And here we are, ready for yet another face-off on the pages of PhoneArena that's going to determine the future of the galaxy. Well, not really, though we wouldn't be surprised if things get especially heated in the comments; after all, we're pitting two of the most popular flagships against each other here: the LG G3 and the Samsung Galaxy S5...

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posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:05 5

1. GreekGeek (Posts: 763; Member since: 22 Mar 2014)

There's a downpour of S5 articles lately, I wonder why.

Projected sales volume not met? Or is it really moving slow?

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:37 7

15. nohatenofanboy (Posts: 380; Member since: 15 Jul 2014)

samsung good at mrketing even they pay to authors for more samsung articles

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:56 3

25. tech2 (Posts: 2035; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

OR they report on Samsung and Apple the most because they've a huge market share which in turn means more readers of this site own anyone of the two brands.

I am sure you would have proof for that elaborate claim ?

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 20:09 4

68. chebner (Posts: 140; Member since: 17 Oct 2011)

So as a smartphone enthusiast would you prefer PA to cater to the two biggest OEMs because they have the biggest following? Or would you prefer PA to spread an equal amount of love to other OEMs that are just as capable as Samsung and Apple at making great phones? Equal coverage for all OEMs will give the smaller ones a fighting chance.

Do you prefer a strong duopoly in the smartphone market where Apple and Samsung rule? What a boring world that would be. IMO Samsung design is anything but inspiring and Apple would rather sue someone than compete with them. I much prefer a thriving market with several competent OEMs, this gives the consumer more choices and more choices are better.

Personally I think PA does a pretty decent job of spreading the love, at least to OEMs that don't do the majority of their business in China. Some of the writers are too biased, but they balance each other out pretty good.

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 09:37 3

88. luis.d (Posts: 154; Member since: 04 Dec 2013)

We can't have equal coverage unless smaller OEMs did exactly as much stuff as Samsung and Apple. They are the top dogs in the industry, so they come up with the most amount of news to cover. It's logical. :) Thanks for the good words, take care!

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:31

73. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

im not sure how sales of the g3 are doing in the us, but in south korea, its triple the sales compared to the s5

posted on 28 Jul 2014, 15:09

100. bombpop (Posts: 2; Member since: 28 Jul 2014)

Samsung has been caught paying to attack other devices and praise theirs over all others, and fined for it.

They've done it before and the free devices, swag and perks reviewers get tend to cloud their better judgment--even the readers call them on it when they get busted altering reviews in favor of the more popular devices or their upcoming sequels.

Its not just in this industry either, but its certainly prevalent in other industries too

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 13:44 1

58. The-Sailor-Man (Posts: 834; Member since: 25 Mar 2014)

There are more articles about Samsung lately. Most of them bashing Samsung. WHAT IS THE REASON of this fuzz.? :)

By the way I see how good job have done the iboys here, to bash Samsung in this useless poll.

Tomorrow PA will make article how on this "poll" G3 beats S5 in everything, and will quote this "result" in hundreds articles later..
iClever. Right???

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:47 1

17. sar44 (Posts: 197; Member since: 14 Apr 2014)

noobs and haters time
is better than this
ideal black color, ideal contrast, ideal viewing angle, ideal response speed is worse than QHD
Camera G3 is better
Waterpoof is unnecessary

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:50 16

18. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

Not reading your onslaught of links but waterproof is anything but unnecessary.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:47 1

42. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3197; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

You win the PA internet of the day :)

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:21

36. fireblade (Posts: 694; Member since: 27 Dec 2013)

here we go

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 08:04 8

28. teerex42 (Posts: 159; Member since: 14 Jun 2012)

Well I've had the G3 for a few days and I'm taking it back for the S5. There are several features missing from the G3 that the S5 has. Super fast charging, full charge in under an hour..the LG took 2 hours from 37% to fully charged...superamoled is superior to washed out LCD..brighter screen vibrant colors..water and dust resistance..easier rooting for you nerds out there lol..keyboard. When you use LG keyboard via swiping if you misspell a weird you have to back space for every letter in that word where as the S5 you just hit the back space and it deletes the whole word...S5 comes with fantastic ear buds that sound superior to any speaker on a phone HTC or otherwise. I do like the design of the G3 with the exception of the back..I like the S5's leather like back.has a much nicer premium feel to it. All in all it's a personal preference but you can't argue with some features that the S5 has over the G3 with one of the biggest being the charging your phone fully in under an hour on the S5 that people seem to not realize. I didn't know about it until this past week. Good luck in whatever everyone chooses.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 08:41 1

31. tyson3 (Posts: 13; Member since: 15 May 2012)

You just need to switch it out for another one bc the g3 usually charges in about 30 min for me. There are also a ton features with the g3 that come in handy. I would switch it out for another g3 before going s5. Plus the s5 prime will be out in September which will be slightly better than the s5

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:59

44. bigdawg23 (Posts: 366; Member since: 25 May 2011)

My VZW LG G3 charges OK unless you use Navigation and stream music. Then it sits still at the same percentage at which you started. My Note 3 with USB 3.0 charges the fastest I have ever seen. I an looking at returning the G3 and sticking with Note 3. I know it's the future but I like a physical home button.

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:41 1

74. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

yeah.. your comments seems a bit like advertising. first of all who would buy a n s5 after just having bought the g3, especially when the s5 prime is about to come out. ( maybe a soccer mom but not a tech guy) here are my toughts:

- waterproof - ok ill give you that but not a major selling point.
- fast carging- mmm, maybe but i always charge my phone at night and keep it plugged at work, so to me 1 hour or 2 feels the same.
- earbuds -really? they're all crap, no matter what phone you buy.
- fake leather feels premium to you? please....
- keyboard? just download another one.

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 07:45

87. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

The noise canceling ear buds that came with the z2 were actually very nice

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 09:40

89. osanilevich (Posts: 244; Member since: 29 Sep 2009)

I have yet to see the day where waterproofing is not a major selling point. That's practically the entire marketing campaign for the Z2. Every picture I've seen of the thing has something to do with water.

Fast charging might not be important to you but for the rest of us, a good battery that charges quickly is crucial

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:05 13

2. nohatenofanboy (Posts: 380; Member since: 15 Jul 2014)

g3 hands down

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:51 12

23. akki20892 (Posts: 3434; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

s5 hands up

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:22 1

37. fireblade (Posts: 694; Member since: 27 Dec 2013)

Xiaomi Mi4 destroys both of them

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:43

75. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

i've been wondering, whats so special about that phone. it'd sure be interesting to see another serious contender

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:09 7

3. ArtSim98 (limited) (Posts: 2738; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)





posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:18 14

5. tech2 (Posts: 2035; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

Design = GS5 embraces plastic which has better grip while G3 is metal wannabe with its glossy plastic which scratches easily. Looks are subjective however many do prefer a physical button. We also know which one of them is water and dust proof.

Display = GS5 produces accurate colors (displaymate) goes from 2 nits to 698 nits with great outdoor visibility while LG G3 is is over sharpened dull display with inaccurate colors and poor outdoor visibility.

Interface = Again subjective. But track record says Samsung is better at providing updates and more functions to its users.

Camera =http://www.phonearena.com/news/Samsung-Galaxy-S5-tops-our-blind-camera-comparison-for-the-third-time-in-a-row-LG-G3-close-second_id57178

However G3 is winner 'specwise' but we also need to bear in mind that it launched quite later then GS5.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:23 4

7. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

You mean water resistant

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:31 6

10. tech2 (Posts: 2035; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

Yes I did. Thanks for correcting.

Although officially its IP67 water-resistant but several tests do suggest its quite water proof but since Samsung wouldn't protect that under warranty it should just be called water resistant.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:33

12. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

Agreed, I had mine in the water often and for a good bit of time with no issues

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:07

72. drunkenjay (Posts: 65; Member since: 11 Feb 2013)

first of all it doesnt scratch easily

and second of all the interface on g3 is abit better. i received updates alot for my g3.

3rd i dont think you even own a g3 yet you are talking blashemy

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 10:37 3

49. gregoryyy3 (Posts: 136; Member since: 10 Nov 2010)

Scratches easily? So I'm assuming you have/had a g3 and it's scratched a lot? Cause really doubt you've ever held one..

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:48

76. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

i think samsung should've skipped the s5 (which should be named the galaxy s4s ) and go straight for the galaxy s5 prime and maybe they would've had it released at the same time as the g3.

but its good to see that g3 took the oportunity to up their game. hopefully it stays at the top so that in the future instead of being just iphone vs samsung , well also have lg as a serious option

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 20:25

94. avalon2105 (Posts: 73; Member since: 12 Jul 2014)

Design = Samsung looks as a bar of soap and is ugly no matter the tastes. Some of us abhor physical buttons and prefer on-screen ones for their customizability which LG did great on both G2 and G3. Samsung gets massive points for IP67 but not enough to offset the ugly.

Display = Displaymate can talk sh** all they want but existance of green tigers proofs that S5 has sh** color accuracy, and that 700 nits of brightness is achieved only in your dreams with cca. 500 nits being actual maximum. G3, while not the most accurate display out there still shows siberian tigers as being white and has much better sharpness due to 1440p resolution and full RGB matrix.
Interface = Hard to decide but for me personally, more coherent and unified look of Optimus UI wins here, although both are pretty bad. TouchWiz in S5 is just all over the place.
Camera = S5 clearly wins in both stills and video and I don't know what people who voted for G3 were smoking.

posted on 27 Jul 2014, 08:17

96. tech2 (Posts: 2035; Member since: 26 Oct 2012)

'Samsung looks as a bar of soap and is ugly' -This is exactly what I meant when I said SUBJECTIVE. Fine you abhor the design but don't transcend your opinion as fact ! I like it and so does other 10 mil GS5 owners.

Displaymate is there before you're even born. Just because you don't like the result you can't blame the messenger. BTW, PA's display test stand nowhere near then that of DisplayMate's who have won more then 50 awards for their reliability in past 20 years !

posted on 27 Jul 2014, 08:53

97. avalon2105 (Posts: 73; Member since: 12 Jul 2014)

I did that post to prove how subjective it all is. And I've never seen heard anyone praising Samsung's design. The part about buttons is also subjective but I put that because you clearly mentioned that many prefer physical buttons. Guess what, just as many prefer software ones.
As for your second paragraph, I'm pretty certain you haven't seen my birth certificate so you are guessing at best. Also I haven't based my claims on either PA or DM but on personal experience with the device. The oh so praised "Cinema Mode" does little to help and colors still look way artificial and have a waxy tone to them, like they were made by crayons. You say 10 million people prefer it that way, but according to this poll it looks like more people prefer LCD screens.
As a disclaimer I'd like to say that I had no intention of starting any kind of flame war or anything and that I find both devices to be quite a disappointment, just that G3 disappointed me little less.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:22 5

6. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

I agree with all but camera, I think the S5 wins

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:32

11. ArtSim98 (limited) (Posts: 2738; Member since: 21 Dec 2012)

Yeah it takes better shots otherwise, but I can't take pics in 16:9. 4:3 has so much larger field of view.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:34

13. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

I agree with you on that front.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:38 5

21. maherk (Posts: 893; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

Gsmarena proved the opposite. The G3 came as a winner In only one department which was the screen, just because it is a qhd display, the S5 had the better color accuracy and of course outdoor visibility. Camera, battery, performance, UI, and connectivity all went to the S5. Multimedia and design(gsmarena regards the S5 as one of the easiest phones to comfortably hold) was a tie.
p.s: we all know how these polls work, Smasung and Apple tend to generate the most hate of butthurt trolls on this site, oh and just for the record, S5's camera came on top of the blind camera polls, not just once, not even twice, but for 3 straight times.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:51

43. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3197; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

That gsmarena comparison where they rule out g3's screen is better really pissed me off. How unprofessional statement was that!
I agree on the butthurt haters part too +1

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 02:59

77. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

i disagree with your butthurt statement. I come from a gs3 which i loved until it became riddled with bugs ( 2nd handset)
i had very high hopes for the next s series phones but was very dissappointed by the what the s4 and s4 offered. it seems like the gs3 had set the bar too high. i got me a g3 and so far i love it . we all know that lg hasnt brough the best phones out there, but the g2 seemed pretty good and the g3 its way better. you failed to bring into account the actual screen size, its the size of the screen on the note 2!!!, plus if you compare the size to the screen on the note 3 the difference is minimal but the size difference of the handset is huge!
another thing that you didnt take into account is the lazer autofocus, which is very handy for casual users. also, the selfie shutter is also great, yes....i've taken a few selfies, so what.....

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 21:34

70. fzacek (Posts: 1627; Member since: 26 Jan 2014)

Lol my votes were all the exact opposite of yours...

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:11 4

4. rantao333 (Posts: 230; Member since: 21 May 2013)

are u kidding?

G3 win by miles

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:24 5

8. Busyboy (Posts: 288; Member since: 19 Jun 2014)

Post one with the Z2 vs S5, that would be one hell of a war in comments for sure

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:28 3

9. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

I had a S5 and it turned me on to the water resistant phones, then moved to a z1 and now a z2. The z2 may be one of the best phones I've ever owned.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 20:23

69. drkarim (Posts: 4; Member since: 29 Mar 2014)

z2 better than s5 in which department please?

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 21:47 1

71. Busyboy (Posts: 288; Member since: 19 Jun 2014)

Lots of things. Battery life, display and camera (both arguable), build quality and durability, more RAM, speakers, etc. I could go on

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 18:43

93. maccess (Posts: 598; Member since: 16 Jan 2013)

the s5 destroy the z2 in both display & camera.. see phonearena camera blind test and gsmarena camera shootout.. while it has stereo speakers the quality of the z2 speakers not better than the s5 and the s5 speaker is much louder.. lots reviewer including PA , gsmarena & pocketnow claim that.. try harder next time noob.. sony fanboy really a noob..

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 20:30 1

95. avalon2105 (Posts: 73; Member since: 12 Jul 2014)

Regardless of your quarreling, I'd like to point out that louder doesn't automatically means better. Try harder next time troll.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:37 2

14. ıtalıan (Posts: 10; Member since: 25 May 2014)

g3 is best of the world now :)

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:46 4

41. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3197; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

*in the little fanboy world :)

posted on 26 Jul 2014, 03:02

78. ERIK05 (Posts: 18; Member since: 28 Mar 2011)

yes indeed, obviously the s5 prime and the z3 might overshadow it but its too late for them, because g3s are selling like pancakes, hopefully lg keeps up the trend in coming up with top tier phones

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:41 1

16. billgates (banned) (Posts: 555; Member since: 29 May 2014)

With zero down at bb it's hard to argue with the awesomeness of the G3

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 06:54 7

19. Amir1 (Posts: 262; Member since: 20 Aug 2013)

z2>g3>oppo 7>s5. enough said.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:51 2

22. maccess (Posts: 598; Member since: 16 Jan 2013)

G3=s5=oppo 7>>z2

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:59 2

26. nohatenofanboy (Posts: 380; Member since: 15 Jul 2014)

oh sony fanboys I cant imagine funny world without you lol

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:35 5

20. dratomic (Posts: 461; Member since: 09 Oct 2013)

s5 is better in every way and note 3 is better than both

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 08:00 7

27. nohatenofanboy (Posts: 380; Member since: 15 Jul 2014)

yes for example s5 has more dimples than g3 lol

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 07:51 4

24. ydl08 (Posts: 20; Member since: 01 Nov 2013)

I vote for Galaxy cuz i never used an LG before
I doubt all the people who voted for the G3 even tried them
Just Galaxy haters

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 10:42

50. Edward_bly (Posts: 192; Member since: 11 Dec 2013)

Nope, just personal preference.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 08:22

29. npaladin2000 (Posts: 132; Member since: 06 Nov 2011)

Design - LG G3. It may be physically bigger, but the rear mounted buttons make all the difference, since that also changes how you grip the phone, and makes it feel smaller in the hand. That's not to say Samsung's new soft-touch back isn't an improvement, but other than that they've been very conservative in their design, even sticking to their reversed button layout.

Display - LG G3. Bigger is better, and the G3 screen is not only bigger, but higher resolution too. SAMOLED fans can get back to me when there's a 5.5 inch QHD SAMOLED screen.

Interface - LG G3. They're both loaded with features that might otherwise be known as bloat. For me, it comes down to two things. One: a 5 inch screen is too large to use a 4x4 icon grid on the home screens the way Samsung does. LG uses 5x5, which makes sense on a 5+ inch display. Two: KnockON, given that it's a feature everyone except Samsung is ripping off. They might want to think about doing so.

Gamera - LG G3. Lasers. 'nuff said. Other than that interesting and innovative feature, it's really too close to call, but that's why innovation matters, doesn't it?

Asterisk: It's fair that the next Galaxy Note will probably one-up the G3 in at least a couple of areas.

posted on 25 Jul 2014, 09:44

40. StraightEdgeNexus (Posts: 3197; Member since: 14 Feb 2014)

Display-Yeah bigger is better, what type of "techie" guy you are huh.

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