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John McAfee to 'defeat NSA' with Decentral - a $100 gizmo that keeps your Android or iPhone private

0. phoneArena 01 Oct 2013, 02:54 posted on

Offered first for Android and iOS handsets, Decentral will create a "floating" network around your device that can't be peeped into from outside. The protection range is expected to be around three blocks in an urban environment, and about a quarter mile or 400 meters in the open...

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posted on 01 Oct 2013, 03:10

1. scriptwriter (Posts: 396; Member since: 13 Nov 2012)

If that $100 translates to to £70 in the UK (What it should be) then i may purchase one. Most likely, however, that $100 will translate to £110 after tax making it too pricey

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 03:11 3

2. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Well the McAfee security software on Windows was a completely joke. Let's see if he can finally put it off with this.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 03:25 1

3. JC557 (Posts: 1777; Member since: 07 Dec 2011)

He has a stake in this as well since this device can help him make a clean-ish getaway next time... =P

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 03:26

4. CX3NT3_713 (Posts: 2285; Member since: 18 Apr 2011)

Interesting.....but how? A chip?

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 03:52 1

5. _Bone_ (Posts: 2155; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Good one John. :D

Don't believe this nonsense kiddos, it's an impossibility to rig the system, triangulation and access to network, WiFi & GPS-based location is fairly simple no matter what precautions you take. And if it does work in a quite useless 3-block radius, then the moment you buy the product, NSA will have a reason to track you personally, why give them one? This of course could be an NSA scam, the most protection McAfee can get living his wild life is working for the Government.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 04:06

6. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 901; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

Agreed Bone. Don't want to be tracked. Turn off your cell phone or throw it out. It's the ONLY way to pull this off.

Considering how cell phone technology works it just doesn't make sense.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 07:45

8. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10457; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Turning off cell phones won't do much, aka Lookout Premium and Comodo Internet Security.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 10:00

9. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 901; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

if phone==off
then antenna=off

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 05:31

7. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Nice technology in works.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 11:33

10. ibap (Posts: 777; Member since: 09 Sep 2009)

Here's how to make your phone untrackable: Turn it off and take out the battery if possible. Oh, but you won't be able to make or receive calls, or use data. Sorry.

If the towers can find you, so can the NSA.

What is this guy smoking? Oh, yeah.

posted on 01 Oct 2013, 22:12 1

11. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

Don't be surprised to find someday that NSA paid him $100 per copy sold. Just another ploy for spying :)

posted on 02 Oct 2013, 18:18

13. Caralho (Posts: 119; Member since: 18 Jun 2012)

So very true...

Resistance is futile.

posted on 02 Oct 2013, 03:42

12. JMartin22 (Posts: 2005; Member since: 30 Apr 2013)

Now people like this are cashing in on the hysteria craze of government spying on your secret porn stash. Geez.

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