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Is Google now blocking mobile YouTube from Windows Phone?

0. phoneArena 12 Jan 2013, 13:05 posted on

Last week, we showed you how Google was redirecting maps.google.com to the main Google mobile search page and after a few excuses by the guys at Mountain View, Google Maps was once again functional for Windows Phone 8; now the problem seems to be with YouTube as attemptsd to load a video from the mobile YouTube web site are met with a request to load a non-existent app...

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posted on 12 Jan 2013, 17:03 5

38. ichiranjeeb (Posts: 15; Member since: 12 Jan 2013)

R U DUMB !!!

It's not a Software, It's a SERVICE. Anything that can be accessed from web for free should work on mobile browser, if it's compatible. Here, WP8 is running IE10, in fact it's the Same engine they used for their desktop browser & compatible for Everything the Web has to offer.

I think, U r happy becz people r suffering. people can buy their device of choice but if u r stopping them from using your FREE service becz they didn't brought ur device is EVIL.

btw, Youtube was working Fine before 10th. Now I m just waiting for the response of Scroogle.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 17:30 4

39. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Oh waaa. Are you crying because Google didn't drop everything to pat you on the head? Maybe you should spend less time watching videos. Just because something is accessible from the Internets, doesn't make it a service. Even if it were a service, that doesn't impose an obligation on Google to make it work on your phone. Free enterprise and what-not.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 17:46 5

40. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4708; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

Does apple or microsoft offer their services on google or each other's platforms? Is there iTunes available on android or wp? Is there an Xbox apple for ios or android? No, but google should make their services available on competing platforms, and for free? If this were people screaming for those other apps on android the most often given response would be "Get an iphone/wp". So how is this any different.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 17:57 2

41. windroid (unregistered)

It’s a SERVICE, and discrimination is a crime in many countries!

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 18:00 5

42. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4708; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

That happens everywhere. There are plenty of services that are available for free but only if you use their hardware. Software or service doesn't matter. Gmail, Maps, YouTube, google+, etc. are owned by Google, it should be at their discretion who they offer their services to, same as with Microsoft, Apple, or anyone else. They created it, maintain it, and upgrade it for no cost, it should be their decision. Otherwise it's unfair considering that there is no iTunes or Xbox service for anyone on android. Could there be? Certainly, but there isn't. Why, because they have a closed ecosystem. Google is open, to a point. But to be angry that a competiting platform doesn't offer their services to you for free when your platform of choice does the same, that's a little hypocritical isn't it?

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 18:24 2

45. windroid (unregistered)

"maintain it, and upgrade it for no cost"?!? do you see any advertising in youtube? if you do then it's not at "no cost".

If any service is blocked on purpose, discriminating any operating system is a crime in most (if not all) of European countries.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 18:28

47. big.e927 (Posts: 94; Member since: 21 Nov 2012)

Couldn't have put it any better myself.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 19:36 4

53. Jyakotu (Posts: 849; Member since: 12 Dec 2008)

Microsoft does have apps for Android, such as Sky Drive and Xbox Smart Glass. Not to mention, their Office apps are on both Android and iOS. Apple is really the only company that doesn't offer its services to other devices, iTunes being the notable example. Don't try that card.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 19:48 4

56. neutralguy (Posts: 1152; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

lots of option out there but apparently, doing such thing, removes an option. They won't support the WP, I get that. But seriously? Blocking a platform to access a website? That's just sick.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 20:03 1

57. ahhxd717 (Posts: 332; Member since: 08 Dec 2011)

The thing is, its not like Google is just refusing to make an app for WP. They blocked WP, probably intentionally, from using an already free and accessible site that was previously available no problem. Its just silly.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 20:27 1

60. neutralguy (Posts: 1152; Member since: 30 Apr 2012)

THIS. not to mention skype.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 20:47 3

62. MeoCao (unregistered)

+1 for both of you. I think these things will never stop until big G and monopolistic M can strike a deal.

M quit paying and lobbying to harm G, drop the ridiculous fees for accessing M services and then G will play nice with WP.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 21:06 4

63. joey_sfb (Posts: 6461; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

Think for a moment, would to support the kid that punch you in the face as your president.

Or would you rather give him a tight slap on the face.

M$ is the biggest bully around, they are hostile to their competitors and have never played nice.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 21:22 1

65. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

"...discrimination is a crime in many countries!"

And what is being discriminated against? The race of the user? The gender of the user? Religion? Sexual orientation? Oh, choice of telephone! Could you give me a citation in any country where discrimination against the choice of a particular telephone operating system is against the law?

BTW, just because you claim it is a service, doesn't make it so. If that were the circumstance, you could claim that the Sun rises in the West and sets in the East.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 21:26 1

66. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Please provide a link to a governmental website were a service is defined as software that is accessible over the Internets and then another link to a governmental website (same government, please; no cherry picking) where there is a prohibition against discrimination in provision of the same (Internet software) service.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 21:26

68. MeoCao (unregistered)

You still avoid talking about iTunes or Xbox, Is it illegal not to offer them to Android?

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 21:38 1

71. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

You are ruining windy's argument. He wants the Sun to set in the East and Rise in the West.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 22:01

72. 8logic (Posts: 150; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

thats because google doc, drive, etc... are free and was taking shares away from ms.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 22:04 1

73. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4708; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

Yes there is advertising, I never said there wasn't. But, for any of Google's services, have you ever paid money for them to google. Advertising is the reason why they're free. But the bottom line is you are not out any money using their services. That is, by definition, free.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 22:05 1

74. 8logic (Posts: 150; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

so what if its a service?????
who said you deserve FREE services?
when did it became a right?

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 22:08 1

75. 8logic (Posts: 150; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

stupidest thing i read here LMFAO i hope it was a joke........

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 22:24 1

76. VZWuser76 (Posts: 4708; Member since: 04 Mar 2010)

I hadn't realized that, but either way, that's MS's decision to offer those services. They wouldn't have to offer them either, but I'd bet the main reason is to get people hooked on their services, so that they can then have an opportunity to sell them hardware down the line. Look at MS's business setup, how much is free? They're simply hoping that if someone's happy with their software they'll consider WP on they're next phone upgrade. Its the same reason why google started offering their services on iOS. At the time iOS had the most marketshare, so they wanted to get their services to as many people as possible. Apple wouldn't have had to allow it, but they knew there were a lot of users who used Gmail, and if they could offer Google's services on their device, that translates into more sales. The difference there is Apple is in the business of selling hardware and media, they're not about ad revenue, where google is. Otherwise I doubt you'd see google services on apple devices, much like what is going on now between them.

The fact is 10 years ago you wouldn't see ANY competitor's services on a company's products. But now everyone expects it. While it makes it easier to transition from one platform to another, none of these companies are legally bound to provide them. If all these companies provided these services, that are a way to entice customers to buy their hardware on competitor's platforms, then they lose a reason for that customer to give them their money and it may go to that same competitor. How is that a smart idea?

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 23:29 9

78. eisenbricher (Posts: 973; Member since: 09 Aug 2012)

All you three are retards. Enjoying what's causing people inconvenience is a bad thing.

Let me ask you, can google ever block YT access to desktop windows? No. Because 90% of the videos they are getting, from there. You are just being crazy fanboys and living in your fish tank.

No app? Understandable. But actively blocking access to a platform is ridiculous. The videos are uploaded by users, and not produced by Google nor are owned by them. You can get all thumbs up from Android fanboys but remember, Google started as 'open', 'not evil'. you'll see Google going evil bit by bit and someday will start monopolizing and charging on Android.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 23:44

80. Klevis (Posts: 5; Member since: 29 Dec 2012)

You should understand the basics of the market before making comparisons with kids in the playground and bullies. In a market you have to choices: 1)Give your products for free 2)Sell them for a price. But one thing you cannot do is discrimination. You cannot block anyone from purchasing your product if you are in the market. This is uncompetitive behavior and is not allowed by law.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 23:47 1

81. Klevis (Posts: 5; Member since: 29 Dec 2012)

Discrimination in the marketplace. It is indeed illegal. It means that if you are selling aa product (or giving it for free), you should make it available for everyone.

posted on 12 Jan 2013, 23:57 1

83. carlosechev07 (Posts: 39; Member since: 16 Oct 2012)

Sky Drive is very basic and limited app, and Xbox Smart Glass is very buggy. Google is working on versions for WP, but while the WP market share is too bad just less than 4%, it's not priority for an inmediate release. In iOS the history is very different, Youtube, Maps, GoogleDrive, GoogleApps, Gmail, Currents, Chrome, Google Earth, Google+ and Snapseed are all very good apps, and three of then are in the 2012 top ten. This is a very good demo that Googles is compromised in offers services in all platforms, but it's time to wait for WP grow the market share and an aceptable maturity.

By the way, there are no Office for iOS or Android right now, there are just promises for 2013 Q2, like actually is Youtube for WP a google's promise.Don't try that card again.

posted on 13 Jan 2013, 00:08 1

84. dmakun (Posts: 331; Member since: 06 Jun 2011)

I've always wanted nokia's maps to be available on android even as a paid app but yet it's exclusive to nokia & wp. Why isn't anyone crying for this reason? Is the problem here because Google's apps/Internet sites are free that everyone feel it's obligated to provide their software to every OS & especially an obnoxious competitor as Microsoft? IMO if Google makes its money from ads & yet choose to ignore Microsoft's platform & loss money then let's all respect that.

posted on 13 Jan 2013, 00:17 3

85. Rocksteady (unregistered)

You are right, Google's services should be available for WP users; but microsoft must pay for it, unless they start to behave, until then, OFF WITH THEIR HEADS.

posted on 13 Jan 2013, 01:12 1

88. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

"You can not block anyone from purchasing your product if you are in the market."

So naive. Lets see.... Do you remember the back-and-forth between Palm and Apple over iTunes? Palm would develop a hack and the next day, Apple plugged it with a new version of iTunes (that wouldn't run on Palm's OS). I don't recall anyone at Apple going to jail over that little game. Do you?

posted on 13 Jan 2013, 01:16

89. Droid_X_Doug (Posts: 5993; Member since: 22 Dec 2010)

Could you provide a citation to a law or regulation that backs up your assertion? Just because you make a statement, doesn't make it true.

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