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Here's why the Xperia Z1 is the world's leading cameraphone according to Sony

0. phoneArena 09 Sep 2013, 09:40 posted on

A 5-inch Triluminos display with X-Reality engine for mobile, an IP55/58 certified body promising water and dust resistance, and the latest, most powerful Snapdragon 800...

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posted on 09 Sep 2013, 14:55 1

84. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10456; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Sony fanboys like you ruin the site. I say something \'negative\' about the Z1, and I always get the longest thread in the comment section. You\'re probably one of the biggest Sony fanboys I\'ve seen on this site. Your spelling and grammar skills hurt my eyes. Calling me a Sony hater is a little extreme, especially when I give credit that they finally made a decent flagship. The Z1\'s camera does not \'crush\' the 1020. You need to go look at other samples from websites. The Z1 came I\'d say 70% close to the 1020, which still reigns supreme along with the 808. And the iPhone 5 is still considered a flagship if Apple hasn\'t released a device since then lol. Btw, the Galaxy S4 Active is also water and dust resistant, and so is the Casio Commando on Verizon.

FYI, Z1 is going to follow the same fate the Xperia Z did. It will sell over 1 million units, but will be forgotten a month after it releases. Have fun riding on that Sony bandwagon along with all the other fake people.

P.S. Sorry to tell you this, but no matter how much you try, my opinion on the Z1 isn\'t going to change.

Thanks for reading. :)

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:58 6

64. Feanor (Posts: 699; Member since: 20 Jun 2012)

So true; The Z1 is the only phone which is as premium as an iPhone, as fast as the fastest Samsung or LG, with a camera that is probably also the best, with unique to Sony (amongst mainstream phones)protection from water and dust... All other competitors lack something; eg. the LG can be as good in most aspects, even surpassing the Z1 is some areas (maybe) but it looks cheap again. There is no other phone which can satisfy in equal measure the casual user, the demanding person who wants quality design or the geek who wants the best in technology.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 13:49 2

75. timukh (Posts: 293; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

Can someone tell me that how on earth did lumia 1020 scored less than even iphone in the points shown at the last few slides!!! Totally biased review!! wtf!!!!

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:08 4

19. dmn666 (Posts: 244; Member since: 19 Oct 2011)

GS4 can be used to turn low light pictures into TRUE black wallpapers. PA thinks S4 takes good low light pictures - biggest joke in the history.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:46

49. ihatesmartphone (unregistered)

You're joke right now

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:09

20. Sonny_09 (Posts: 49; Member since: 24 May 2013)

1020's pic looks too s**tty to be true, well,I guess if you cant beat it, you might as well s**t the hell out of it. We'll see what going on when all the reviewer's images come out.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:09 2

21. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10456; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Photo\'s seems a little sketchy. The 1020 performed on par the iPhone 5 in the low light photo test? Wtf?

I\'m not being a hater or anything, as Sony did a remarkable job with the Z1 in the camera department, but this is sketchy as hell and I\'m having my doubts.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:36

41. pwnarena (Posts: 1129; Member since: 15 Feb 2013)

not believable since the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Pureview 808 are not included there. the zoom is perhaps the truest (albeit ugliest and most unwieldy) form of a cameraphone. without including them, the z1 cannot claim to be on top of the cameraphone business.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 14:39

83. PhoneArenaUser (Posts: 5498; Member since: 05 Aug 2011)

\"not believable since the Galaxy S4 Zoom and Pureview 808 are not included there.\"

I in my opinion Nokia Pureview 808 is worse than Nokia Lumia 1020.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:37 3

42. sergiobr (Posts: 707; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Finally something with decent camera and Android inside ! No reason to buy WP, LG G2 and Note III are perfect too, but Sony wins in camera.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:40 2

46. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10456; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Which is what I've been saying since the Z1 released. Z1 wins in the camera department on the Android front but 1020 rules all.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 12:20 3

68. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

Hey buddy stop your BS and lets wait until some tech site who really know about camera like dpreview to do fair and unbiased camera comparison so we can find out wich one better between Z1 and 1020.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 15:00 1

86. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10456; Member since: 14 May 2012)

You mad the 1020 has a better camera than the Z1?

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 15:50 3

90. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

Hahaha... “1020 has a better camera than the Z1”
Z1 is currently not available in the market and i’m sure you also don’t have 1020.

So please stop your BS and Lets talk again after dpreview review and comparison okay :)

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:38 5

44. brian81 (Posts: 63; Member since: 09 Nov 2012)

So how about the national geographic promoting the lumia 1020..looks really nice shot..so i dont really believed with this comparison.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:48

50. DOODpls (Posts: 11; Member since: 08 Sep 2013)

Yea, that comparison is suspicious.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:50 4

51. timukh (Posts: 293; Member since: 04 Feb 2013)

Although the Z1 performed excessively good but I am still not convinced in this comparison. Especially the 1020\'s pics are just terrible! Looks like shot from a 5mp camera! I have read articles of 1020 camera review and not just phonearena, every single website, even camera centric websites mentioned that it thrashes the competetion! But here the pics look very bad! So I am not at all convinced from this comparison.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:54 3

52. Akfred (banned) (Posts: 76; Member since: 08 Nov 2012)

I can't say a word cos I strongly believe 1020 can take quality
Picture more than z1, it will be a thing of surprise if 20.7mp
Take better picture than 41mp pureview technology.
What's the technology behind the 20.7mp G lens?

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:56 3

53. lee480 (Posts: 197; Member since: 24 Sep 2012)

The same technology behind Sony's award winning digital cameras.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 12:36

72. adk199 (Posts: 23; Member since: 04 Oct 2012)

I have the RX100 and if i set it to 5MP it will easily beat the Lumia 1020\'s 41MP in every aspect of quality in all conditions. I\'m not saying the Lumia isn\'t good as cameraphone but it doesn\'t beat a good p&s in quality. I\'m not at all convinced the Z1 is better than the 1020 in the camera departement but i\'m pretty sure Z1 a good cameraphone too. Even if the 1020 has better camera :-)

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 10:58 1

54. Lyngdoh (Posts: 260; Member since: 06 Sep 2012)

Chris P, you forgot to mention Bionz image processor which is an integral part of the camera.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:15 1

57. GMS85 (Posts: 209; Member since: 26 Sep 2012)

HATERS gon HATE! Go Sony :D

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:27

58. jaytai0106 (Posts: 1888; Member since: 30 Mar 2011)

I don\'t care if Sony only has half of MP that Nokia 1020 has. For an average user like me to take a picture with my phone, 20.7 MP is more than enough. Plus the fact the phone is water resistance that is just pure awesome. Nokia can have its 41 MP camera all it wants, but in the end... not a lot of people have the need to have that much MP. Beside the file size is big.... and you will need to reduce it to even to send to people... at that point... it\'s just useless. However, I wouldn\'t mind to have both phone because their cameras are just awesome :D

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:33 4

59. -box- (Posts: 3991; Member since: 04 Jan 2012)

Hmm, lots of new users with no picture. Can you say paid Sony shills?

Also, this test seems very dubious. As noted in the article, just over 200 samplers, and only that many USED, which could mean original sample was 10,000, but only the 209 positive responses got used.

Not to say the Z1's camera isn't good. Seems about on par with the 2010 Nokia N8 (but lacking its Xenon flash), but still below the 808 PureView and Lumia 1020, with some areas edging those two out in certain circumstances.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:44 1

61. PapaSmurf (Posts: 10456; Member since: 14 May 2012)

Lol comment of the day. +1

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 12:02

66. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)

Hahaha... Nokia fanboy can accept the truth.
i agree with you it will be mision impossible to beat 808, but for 1020 lets wait DPREVIEW camera comparison!

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 14:17

77. yudi.nemesis (Posts: 1127; Member since: 14 Mar 2013)


posted on 09 Sep 2013, 11:54

63. DontHateOnS60 (Posts: 867; Member since: 20 Apr 2009)

Hahaha big surprise that the Sony won in their own testing. Half the 1020 images look sabotaged. Show me an impartial comparison from GSM Arena and then we'll talk.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 12:02

65. volcano (Posts: 348; Member since: 25 Jan 2013)

LOL Thanks for the Laugh sony

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 13:22 1

74. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2054; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

sony is really stepping up,bringing their most large sensor on slim phone as know and already seen these pics.this is behind the scene how pics were made its just awesome...one sony..

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 16:04 1

93. SIGPRO (Posts: 1431; Member since: 03 Oct 2012)

This comparison is made by Sony, so it is not fair. Lets wait for PA for a real compare!

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 18:19

95. aymnga (Posts: 29; Member since: 19 Aug 2012)

I will buy it only after testing the battery....I hope it will stand up to 2 days like my razr maxx....

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 20:08

96. esperanza (Posts: 49; Member since: 23 Mar 2013)

DPreview posted photos and videos from Xperia Z1. Unfortunately the image quality is not that much good to me.


posted on 09 Sep 2013, 23:23

98. clevername (Posts: 1436; Member since: 11 Jul 2008)

when the htc one is rated higher than the iphone, s4, 1020, and 925, I can take this seriously.

posted on 10 Sep 2013, 04:35 1

99. justsayit (Posts: 256; Member since: 09 May 2013)

i think this is fake one,
first ,try look at image 3, imposible for a non OIS camera(z1) take such details in low light(also without xenon flash), and also try look at htc one sample, it is dimmer than lumia 1020 and also much dimmer than lumia 925, u really believe this competition is believe-able? an camera with OIS + 2.0µm pixel size(htc one) take a dimmer picture compare to a camera with OIS+ 1.4µm pixel size(lumia 925)

-a person who love to take some image

posted on 10 Sep 2013, 06:54

100. beethoven95 (Posts: 3; Member since: 10 Sep 2013)

The Z1 eats the 1020 with the 1020 having a 2x bigger sensor. That\'s humiliation. Just imagine if the Z1 had the sensor size of the 1020.

posted on 10 Sep 2013, 11:09 1

102. arslanalikhan (Posts: 10; Member since: 18 Feb 2013)

just see no 6 .... i believe xenon flash is better then led flash in moving objects but results are ..... lol...biased comparsion....sony was very good at that time when k850i was there until nokia comes with n82 and the list goes on with n8,808 and 1020..... sony needs a lot of time now to be no1 ....

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