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Here is why Android is laggy and why it’s going to remain like that in the near future

0. phoneArena 07 Dec 2011, 03:38 posted on

Have you noticed that Android is laggy? It is. We hoped things would change with dual-core processors and when we got the LG Optimus 2X in our trembling hands, the first phone running…

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posted on 07 Dec 2011, 21:15

159. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepsearch. If you choose to be impractical, then that is your choice. It does not mean that you're the smartest. So yes, if it makes you feel better to consume energy for something so unnecessary, then go for it :) The world does not revolve around your impracticalities either :)

All of us have preferences, but not all preferences are equally practical or smart. Can you bring a fur coat with you on a trip to a tropical island in the summer just because you have one? Of course you can. Would it be smart? Nope, but suit yourself :)

What I am saying is, if it's impractical, wasteful, or irrelevant, then you should not treat it like a priority or a must have. Ios approach on multitasking is smart and power efficient. Which makes it PRACTICALLY better for PRACTICAL purposes and use.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 21:29

161. hepresearch (unregistered)

Never said anything here about being the smartest or whatever... you have totally just brought intelligence into this, and I am not responsible for all the Fandroids who will, no doubt, take some mild offense at the fact that you just called them all dumb. YOUR definition of unnecessary demands that I am not allowed to do anything that I would consider to be fun... but I never said the world revolved around anything I am doing at all. The point is: are you willing to tell everyone else that they should not be using something like Android just because YOU think it is impractical, and because YOU think that the things they do with it as pointless? I am NOT telling you that you can not use iOS, and I am NOT calling your use of iOS impractical or pointless.

I agree that iOS is better for some things... but I still insist that Android performs better in some areas where iOS has weaknesses. There are some things that iOS can do that I really would not use Android for... and then there are some things that Android can do that I have never seen iOS even attempt. It is all about tradeoffs... you have made your vision of tradeoffs obvious to the point of insisting that those of us who do NOT use iOS need to convert to iOS RIGHT AWAY!

For many of us, it aint happenin...

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 02:36

188. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Like I said, everyone is entitled to their own choices. But it does not change the fact that their choice is the impractical one :)

It just does not make sense. Why would anyone have some app running live in the background unnecessarily when you're reading an article, when there's a way of pausing that app and reactivating it when you need to get back to it? Now, there are some apps that makes sense to continue running while doing another task, like listening to music for instance, or an app getting updated, or photos continuing to upload while on another app. But those things the iphone do as well. Ios is smart enough to determine which apps need to run in the background and which ones can be paused. Do I need a movie or a game to keep on running in the background, consuming energy, while I check my emails? Just so I can say that my device has true multitasking? How's that practical?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 10:34

213. hepresearch (unregistered)

That may sound impractical to you (hence why the iPhone is the best solution for YOU), but to others it is entirely essential... I personally know people who can not complete their job on a daily basis without the power of true mobile multitasking! Heck, when I was working with physicists at a couple of universities in Pennsylvania, and we had to have a data collection/distribution system based on mobile, I went and programmed a Nokia smartphone to handle the onboard system... I used Python scripts running on top of S60 3rd edition to do it, and it had to hard-core multitask the whole time to handle incoming detector data, GPS data, send and receive instruction and code via SMS, send continuous location updates via SMS for our primary display system... you name it, it had to do it... all while suspended on a weather balloon hovering at over 20,000 feet in the air! That ability is the only reason we succeeded in processing all of the data feeds simultaneously, which had to be done for proper correlation. This is just one extraordinary case where I have tested a smartphones ability to multitask to its limit in a professional setting.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 07:16 2

202. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

You're defending a device that isn't even capable of browsing while in the middle of loading its content. That's quite pathetic.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 10:29

77. HBK24 (Posts: 2; Member since: 07 Dec 2011)

My 2 years old 600 mhz single core iPhone 3GS never lags... Hehehe... Waiting for iPhone 5 upgrade..

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 10:43 1

82. SlimSoulja86 (Posts: 660; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

??? *Scratching his head

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 10:40

80. SlimSoulja86 (Posts: 660; Member since: 03 Nov 2011)

Jailbroken iPhone is the best iPhone. Jailbroken Android phone is the... wait a minute.... Android is still the best Android, Aish! If only we were allowed the freedom of Android devices [well some of them] #Just_A_Thought

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 12:33

88. cncrim (Posts: 826; Member since: 15 Aug 2011)

This article is true if dual core with 512Ram but I test all high end android with 1gb RAM. There is no lag.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 12:45

89. antifanboy (banned) (Posts: 67; Member since: 06 Dec 2011)

Proof from the horses mouth android is laggy. Also this proves android copied the iPhone again from the horses mouth.

For the posters that said iOS is trading of smoothness for multitasking you're quite clueless and speaking on something you don't understand. Macs have the same smoothness with full multitasking. On iPhone its limited to protect battery life and prevent force closes which are prevalent on androids.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 14:20

96. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

Macs =/= iOS. Just because they're both from Apple doesn't mean they're the same...
Your mac doesn't feel laggy because it's running the same counterpart process from iOS. Anyone that believes mobile is on the same terms of power as PCs is delusional.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 13:10

90. p4ulm86 (Posts: 3; Member since: 07 Dec 2011)

another Article against Android.. By now we all know this site is dedicated to always saying the iphone is the greatest phone..

lets see the article says that Iphone Chops its capabiblity so you can get No lag in your device. limiting the user to not run certain things they might want to run.. Unlike it, android decides to let you do it and give it some lag in exchange to satisfy your desire to run an app..

so the UI lags bcuz is loding your website in the browser at the sametime.. hum ok i have not notice it in the Galaxy S2 and even on my Nexus S.

Overall Crappple gives u a certain hardware but it chops it for it to run ok.. thats cool
its like buying a car that runs CAN run at 200 Mph but they only let u RUN it at 140.. -__-

..Android is the way to go at least for me

posted on 11 Dec 2011, 08:39

316. smfw86 (Posts: 1; Member since: 11 Dec 2011)

Oh ok I get it. So then buying an android is like buying a sportscar which can do 200 but after 140 it starts to sputter, shake, and occasionally the engine seizes and breaks down on the side of the road.

But as long as you know you can do 200 you're happy.

posted on 11 Dec 2011, 20:38

317. hepresearch (unregistered)

A few things I have seen done with Android phones which I have yet to see done with either iOS or WP7, just in the last two weeks:

1) overclocking the stock CPU from 1GHz to 1.4GHz
2) triple-booting CyanogenMod 7.1, webOS 2.0, and Meego
3) running a custom driver to support a robotic apparatus
4) running a custom, natively-written app that uses sensor input to control the robotic apparatus via the custom hardware driver

All of these above were done by a local friend of mine. He got a new unlocked HTC Inspire 4G, sans-contract, about four months ago. He only spent $300 on it. He has had no problems with it, and it is running very nice and smooth on any one of the three OS's he can boot it into. When he needs to save his battery strength, he can manually underclock the CPU back to 600MHz or less... and in that condition it runs for four days without needing a recharge.

5) automatically obtaining a traffic report for the morning commute to work, without being asked to, based only on the time of day and GPS position of the user

Done independently by the phone of another local friend. She got the new Motorola DROID RAZR last week, and after she had used it for a few days, it figured out her pattern of asking for traffic conditions between her house and her work place. Now, about ten minutes before she gets in the car, it automatically gives her a traffic report every morning between her current location and work, without her needing to look it up. Can Siri do that? Oh, wait, you'd still have to ask Siri first...

6) multiple DX on HAM radio 2-meter band repeaters across the country via EchoLink
7) sending a CW message in Morse Code via EchoLink... the sender typed the message to be sent, hit the DX button, and the app translated for transmission and went DX in one step

Done by a fellow member of a local HAM radio club. He got a new Samsung Galaxy S II on AT&T a little while ago, and at some point he found a HAM radio app that allowed him to talk on EchoLink-enabled repeaters across the country. It just so happens that some of the local repeaters, including the major one, are EchoLink-capable, and so this guy has been using his 3G/4G wireless connection as an amateur radio. He demoed it for us at a HAM club breakfast over the weekend, and it was really REALLY cool! If you do not have an FCC license to operate HAM radio, then you cannot use the app... if you do have your license, then you are in luck.

Although these may not sound like "200 mph" achievements to many, I think they definitely qualify as "in excess of 140 mph"... and they still show no signs of sputtering, shaking, seizing or otherwise breaking down yet...

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 14:29

98. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Android was designed to compete with Blackberry OS. They changed their minds when they saw the success of the iphone, and that's when the iphone copying exploded. But of course android fanboys will deny this no matter what :)

I'm amused reading all the excuses from android fanboys. They're trying sooooo hard to save android's face. And of course they'll pretend that they didn't read that part where it says that android was designed to compete with blackberry os, not the iphone :)

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 14:54

100. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

Why are you trying to start a fight here?

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 15:33

101. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@sniggly. Just trying to prove a point from previous arguments, that's all :)

A lot of android fanboys argued with me every time I say that android is merely an iOS copycat :) And I'm sure even with this blatant revelation, android fanboys would still insist that android thought and worked on a full touchscreen device before Apple. They thought about it yet designed a ui for a hard keyboard with a trackball, bwahahahaha.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 16:20

109. Sniggly (Posts: 7305; Member since: 05 Dec 2009)

So apart from optimizing the OS for touchscreens, what else did Android copy? Gestures? Come on. Android still shares more in common with Blackberry, Windows and BREW.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:25

135. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@sniggly. See? Even with the obvious, you're still denying it :)

Everyone is comparing android to iOS. Android fanboys flock to iOS articles, and you're saying that android shares more commonalities with blackberry os? Android fanboys are hopeless. Still amusing though :)

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 22:11

167. hepresearch (unregistered)

Ah, so because Android only had a year to rework itself from being a BlackBerry competitor to being an iOS competitor, Google MUST have copied from Apple directly in order to make Android (and yet still had the high-priority switch turned off, which gemini insists cannot possibly be as simple as a software switch, cuz they would have done something about it by now if it was... yeah, iOS copy... like heck) in the one year they had...

That is about as good an argument as insisting that the pyramids were made by aliens because the ancient Egyptians could not possibly have built the pyramids in such a short era of time without the help of modern bulldozers and backhoes...

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 12:01

227. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepresearch. Read the article. Google rushed to rework for android's ui. Why? To compete with the lg prada? Lol. Don't play dumb. Phones that have been tested thoroughly still have issues that need to be fixed. How much more when you're rushing to release it like android. So of course it's very likely that they messed up with some key ui design/rules.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 12:39

234. hepresearch (unregistered)

I did read it, and I understood it perfectly fine. I am not so sure that you have. Read? Maybe. Understood? Not so much. For you, it seems that 'rework' = 'copy'. How does the measure of issues at release time equal evidence of copying? That is like saying, "See! That android phone has so many flaws... they must have been trying to copy iOS!" That is rediculous! You have essentially just said that iOS is so full of its own problems that Android inherited them all through copying.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 15:53

107. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

because without certain board members around, everyone pretty much gets along. I guess gemini cant stand not having a flame war, so he is coming up with rediculous troll rants to try to encite us.

Whats funny is that I just browsed the thread on "chronological" and there is just a string of his fanboy failed rants back to back to back, and they all pretty much start off with and say the same thing over n over again. Its sad. If your gonna try to be a flame starting troll, at least be creative about it, gemini.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 19:29

121. hepresearch (unregistered)

The source of our flame trolling problem...

gemini = taco

It is becoming so terribly obvious.

I still have not figured out how to make 530 = 50, but I have some mathemagical tricks that might make it all work out eventually...

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:37

138. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepsearch. I've been gone for a while, but of course I start all the flame wars on here because you say so :) While you guys are on here every day badmouthing iOS, but all you want is really world peace :)

My bday is 05/30 which makes me a gemini. Hence, 530gemini. But of course I am wrong, and whatever logic you come up with as to how I got my name is the right one :)

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:50

142. hepresearch (unregistered)

I am not badmouthing iOS. I am just pointing out the strengths and flaws, the uses and the problems... I try to bring balance whenever possible, and I have also been known to do the same to Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phone, among others. But, apparently, anyone who criticizes iOS or Apple in any way is automagically wrong, and MUST be a shameless, demented Fandroid!

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:29

136. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

What remix? So when iOS users react to your attacks towards idevices, we're the ones starting the flame war? Hahahahaha, interesting logic from an android fanboy :)

You don't want any reactions from iOS users? Don't start badmouthing iOS :) But of course you think that it's totally ok to say negative things about iOS right? :)

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:54

145. hepresearch (unregistered)

gemini, did your kindergarten report cards ever say anything like... ummm, lets see... does not play well with others? You can not seem to tolerate anyone criticizing Apple products in any way... you do not need to take it so personally. There are a whole bunch of iFans and Fandroids who seem to take any ordinary reasonable criticism on their chosen OS to be a personal attack on themselves... but there seem to be more iFans in that boat than Fandroids, so far.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 02:17

185. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Hahaha, I'm doing this for fun. I could tolerate any of you fandroids easily. Like whatever you guys think could ever stop the iphone's success, lol. And hello, I've been quiet already for a while. So obviously I could live just fine without ever going here. You guys obviously can't :)

Criticisms? More of like badmouthing and bashing, lol. But of course it's criticism for you :)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 10:51

214. hepresearch (unregistered)

I can tell that you are clearly doing this for fun...

So, somebody posts something that criticizes iOS for a few little insignificant weaknesses, and then criticizes Android for other things that are reasonable and balanced (case-in-point: Sniggs post from earlier). You ignore his criticisms of his own preferred OS, and decide to make a HUGE deal over the little things he nitpicks on iOS for. You apparently take this criticism (and it is logical reasonable criticism, not bashing or whatever you claim it to be) as a personal affront, and get all intolerant and personal (name-calling and such) with him and other people who agree with him. You have shown deep intolerance for anyone who says anything good about Android, or criticizes Apple for any reason, no matter how small and insignificant. You tell those of us who do not have iPhones (and you call all of us Fandroids, not because we all actually have Android phones, but because we simply do not agree that iOS is the end-all-be-all of mobile OS types) that we are impractical and stupid, wasting the worlds energy and otherwise behaving like we are barbarians (a.k.a. NOT tree-hugging wealthy snobs) or whatever alternate word(s) you choose to describe us. So now, who is the one who is taking us there?

None of us are trying to stop the iPhone from succeeding... none of us even claim to have that power or ability... so why do you think that we think we have some magical ability to stop the iPhone from succeeding?

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:57

148. hepresearch (unregistered)

BTW... it IS totally okay to say negative things about iOS, Android, or any other platform... if there was no negative feedback, the bugs and shortcomings would never get fixed. And do not try to tell me that the iPhone has never had any bugs or shortcomings... cuz I can name at least a couple right here, right now, if you wanna try to play that game with me...

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 02:22

186. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Well if the negative comment makes sense, then it's ok, but if it's done in a bashful manner, then it's not.

Apple's multitasking approach is not a bug, yet you obviously refer to it as a bug. Same with Apple's decision not to support flash. And Apple's decision not to have external memory. And Apple's decision for an non-removable battery. Those aren't bugs or shortcomings. Those are business decisions that they decided upon for a reason.

Want me to name some android bugs and shortcomings? I can also play that game you know :)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 11:13

215. hepresearch (unregistered)

And apparently if it does not make sense to you, however reasonable, then you consider it to be bashing... the problem is that, to you, no criticism of Apple products makes any sense at all. Just like the idea that your brain could be sending commands to your stomach, heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, spleen, etc, whatever... all at the same time while you are trying to type and listen to music apparently makes no sense to you either...

I never named any Apple bugs or shortcomings in the last post... you have put those words in my mouth, and perhaps that is how you play your little game... trying to put stupid words into other peoples mouths so that you can have an excuse to discredit them or otherwise personally attack them. Furthermore, none of the things you listed were things I would have picked as bugs... they are all intentional items (i.e. business decisions fleshed out in the hardware or software) that you have listed... for some people, these things WOULD be shortcomings, but for you and me they are not (at least, not for a personal phone for me). Still, I can assure you that I know bugs and shortcomings of iOS that you have not listed, possibly which you have no clue about, and if put here would certainly make you angry at me for exposing them... Android has some of their own of those as well, so I am not going to get into this. If I really wanted to, I could flame both sides right here and now. Just be warned... do not even try to start this game with me.

I can name plenty of Android bugs, quirks, shortcomings, etc, too. The Fandroids here know that I spare them no mercy here either. Android never has been, and never will be, without its own set of bugs and shortcomings. I have never, and decidedly will never, own an Android phone myself, although I have sold them, worked with them, and otherwise played with my friends Androids ever since the HTC G1 came out. We do not need to play this stupid game, and for your sake, I will not bother to start.

The problem here, gemini, is that you want a war. You do not like the peacefulness and rationality of a level-headed debate. You want to see the virtual blood spilled as you plant the Apple flag all over this forum for your immortal hero, Steve Jobs... like CLU on TRON, trying to impose your own view of perfection upon the minds and hearts of everyone here, and destroying the credibility and character of any who oppose. Well, just remember that PA is watching...

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:57

149. remixfa (Posts: 14255; Member since: 19 Dec 2008)

gemini.. do you notice who is missing? Taco. he is on a vacation. please join him.

guys, dont feed the troll and he will go away. no need to respond to his rediculous crap.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 16:23

110. chadrick0814 (Posts: 209; Member since: 23 Nov 2011)

So android copied the notification bar? I guess they copied the LG Prada too.

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 20:44

139. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@chad. Even without android, there is a big possibility for iOS to use that gesture for their notifications. After all, swiping down to pull down a screen has been around on some apps on the iphone since the very first iphone. But android, was supposedly a blackberry os rival, not the iphone's. So it is unlikely for android to be what it is now if not for their mimicry of the iphone. As for the Prada, no one really cared for it. It did not impact the mobile phone industry. It did not set the standards. So again it would be unlikely that phones of today would be what they are now because of the Prada phone :)

posted on 07 Dec 2011, 22:15

168. hepresearch (unregistered)

Oh, cmon gemini! Don't be a party-pooper... just be proud! Mimicry is the highest form of flattery...


Seriously, though, Apple must have liked the Prada enough to mimic it... =8-P

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 00:18

177. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Hahahaha, don't flatter yourself. Apple probably didn't even know the prada phone existed. Didn't you know that Apple originally wanted to release the ipad before the iphone, and that the iphone was more of an afterthought? I'm sure you have heard of that, but of course you don't want to bring that up because you want to believe that it was the prada that inspired the iphone which is quite silly to think for a smart guy like you. But of course fandroids would rather look silly than give due credit to Apple :)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 00:28

178. hepresearch (unregistered)

Awhawhaw! So I am apparently a Fandroid once again, eh? Certainly Apple is a big enough corporation to pay attention to things produced by their soon-to-be IPS-LCD display provider... no? So if the iPad was designed before the iPhone, then it must have been designed and ready BEFORE the LG Prada ever got released, eh? I think not... first of all, just because you think that the iPad was a finished concept before the Prada made it to market, does not mean that the Prada was NOT a finished concept long before the iPad was a concept... you fail to remember that concepts finished just prior to commercial release of a product are released after that first product, and generally became concepts only AFTER the first released product was already a concept. So, Prada released before iPad means Prada was a concept before the iPad... and not that iPad (concept) beat Prada (released) to the punch. But of course, that simply does not fit into the iLogic you seek to regurgitate all over the forum.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 02:14

184. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Oh please. Like the lg prada was the first toucshcreen phone. As I have said, the lg prada did not make any noise at all. And let's say hypothetically that Apple did copy the prada phone. You cannot say that the iphone hitchedhike to its success. Because the lg prada was not a successful release like the iphone was. Android on the other hand took advantage of the iphone's success. The iphone was all alone on top. So there's a huge difference there. Android could have continued developing a blackberry os-like os, but why did they change their minds? Because they saw the iphone's success, not the lg prada.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 07:47 1

205. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

By your statements, it isn't a copy if it isn't successful?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 11:29

220. hepresearch (unregistered)

and apparently it is OK to copy unsuccessful products because nobody cares...

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:20

248. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepresearch. Reinventing something that has failed and made it successful is admirable. Riding on to what someone else SUCCESSFULLY started and worked hard for, is shameless and disgraceful.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:23

250. hepresearch (unregistered)

Well, everyone else in the world, including BlackBerry, WP7, Symbian Belle, whatever... they all mimic iOS right now because that is the ONLY concept left that sells. What would you want all these other OEM's to do? Make LeapFrog Leap Pad lookalikes and get sued by LeapFrog?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:29

253. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepresearch. What do you think Apple did in 2007? They thought differently. No one cared for touchscreen phones. Apple took the risk. Everyone laughed and mocked them, remember? They said it would be another newton. Look what happened now. You even say that it's the only thing that sells. And who's responsible for changing the game? Prada?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:47

256. hepresearch (unregistered)

Yeah... and now what's left? Apple has already patented every evolution to that technology. Do you know anyone, who is not old or who actually has money (so that excludes me on both counts), that wants something other than a touchscreen phone? There is nothing else that makes economic and ergonomic sense left to be developed that has not already been patented in advance by Apple.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:17

246. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@porkguy. Inspiration is one thing. Ripping someone off is another.

I say that many existing things inspired Apple to build their products. But they don't rip someone off by going with what the most OBVIOUS popular trend is. If Apple is a copycat, then they should have released their own N95. But no. They introduced a product that consumers may have known to exist somewhere, but they reinvented it to something fresh and exciting. The ipod, the iphone, the ipad. They started the trend. The rest just mimics. And android is the most shameless copycat of all with the most shameless fandroids :-)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:21

249. hepresearch (unregistered)

And... your point? What solution do you propose?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:24

251. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

Very simple hepresearch. Come up with your own ideas, or reinvent existing ones and surprise everyone like Apple did with their ipod, iphone, and ipad. Don't just ride on to what another company have made successful.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:43

254. hepresearch (unregistered)

Consumers have shown that the iOS/Android model is the merged end-point of all previous UI evolutions... BlackBerry, WP7, webOS, Symbian Belle, bada, Meego, etc., have all ended up in the same basic place with Android and iOS, in terms of appearance and function. No one is asking for anything different, and Apple has already patented the next set of possible evolutions of the existing system (i.e. three-dimensional gesturing, flexible displays, and holographic interaction, among others). Apple is also going back and patenting things that other companies invented before Apple did, like the concept of the touch screen, the concept of icons and widgets, gesturing, etc. They are also buying up old patents from their former competitors who they've since plowed-under in their path of progress. It is like what would happen if Harley-Davidson took their patent on the sound of their motorcycle, and said to all the other motorcycle manufacturers, "If your motorcycle sounds like a motorcycle when it runs, then it is in violation of our patent." It will destroy competition. It will cause prices to rise. It will consolidate immense economic power into one epically burgeoning mega-corporation. It will destroy freedom of choice. Apple is in the process of stacking the decks and flexing its new-found litigation muscle in preparation for utter dominance of the world-wide mass-market. Perhaps there will be a tolerated mimic, like WP7, but they will only exist because Apple allows them to live.

After all, did we not learn from the Matrix that for the system to remain in control, it must still create a complete illusion of choice and resistance in order to retain control indefinitely. iOS and WP7... Mac and Windows... the economic controller and the economic 'rebels'... government does this already, banks do this already, and now the technology sector will do this, too.

EDIT: Somehow I managed to post this incorrectly, it is in response to comment #251.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:57

260. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

And who's responsible for this evolution? Who took the risk? Who gambled? Who dared? It's Apple. Not LG, and definitely not android. So who has the right to own it? APPLE. No one wanted it, and now that Apple reinvented it, made it successful, and stamped their name on it, you would complain and want a piece of the pie? I don't think so.

There is no law that forces anyone to use touchscreen only phones. There are still choices. Would you really be saying those words or care this much if the iphone became another newton failure? I doubt it. You'd probably say "Go ahead Apple, own anything touchscreen. No one cares. No one is buying it." But since Apple made a HUGE success of something that everyone pretty much discarded or never took seriously, now you're saying that everyone should have rights to those touchscreen technologies. Can you be a little more subtle with your biases.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 14:08

262. hepresearch (unregistered)

Who in their right mind buys non-touchscreen phones any more? What you are saying is that if 95% of people want a touchscreen phone, then they must buy iOS products. If that is the case, then the rest of the world's companies will be restricted to competing over the last 5% of the world's users, where prices will have to be at the bare bottom, while Apple will happily control all of the rest. Prices for iOS devices will be high, and selection limited. This is not just a matter of patent rights to technologies, this is now a matter of life-and-death for most manufacturers in the world. If Apple does exercise their 'right' to enforce all of their patents, there will be almost nothing left of the competition when they are done. In fact, Apple will not need to compete with anyone as they sit on 90%+ marketshare while a few survivors squabble over the remaining 10% or less of the market...

For gemini, success = does-not-need-to-compete-anymore!

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 20:23

286. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepresearch. Well back in 2006, a lot of people would say "who in their right mind would buy a full touchscreen phone, and not even have a stylus?". Guess who changed users' minds? It's Apple. Again, not LG, not android. It's Apple. Get that?

There is competition. Obviously android is giving Apple a run for their money. There's plenty of room for everyone. All I am saying is that android is a an ios rip off :-) A fact that fandroids are not happy about :-)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 21:38

298. hepresearch (unregistered)

That is not the point I am trying to argue here. We already agree on this item.

Android is NOT giving Apple a run for their money. If you haven't noticed, all signs (other than Google propaganda speeches) point to the opposite. My own research indicates that by 2020, if nothing else emerges to upset the current balance, four out of every five mobile phones in the US alone will be an iPhone variant. The tablet market is even more stacked in Apple's favor, and Apple has always been dominant, and will never lose their dominance in tablets... unless something comes around that disrupts the market the way the iPhone did in 2007.

There is NOT room for everyone. Apple has made it more than clear that they are willing to spend billions of dollars, not to significantly improve their future market share, but rather to accelerate their rise to absolute dominance. If Samsung collapses under the pressure and has to abandon Android, which is really their only option if they are to follow Apple's stringent guidelines for non-infringing products and still make something that people will buy enough of to keep their business afloat, then it will only take Apple three years, instead of five, to reach a majority world market share of all mobile phones (that's 50% of all mobile phones worldwide, not just 50% of smartphones). In a well-saturated market with an ever shrinking emerging market population, this translates to robbing all other OEM's of desperately scarce and needed profits.

At this point, for me, I could care less about who copied who. My issue with all this is that I see a time within the next decade where Apple will make ALMOST ALL of the world's mobile industry profit, and will be uncontested and supremely in control of the mobile-communication-related lives of most of the world population. Apple is not spending billions on attorneys and raking in ever more billions in licensing fees and patent settlements to protect themselves from threatening business practices... nor are they doing it for fun. It looks to me to be an orchestrated program to accelerate the collapse of every other transnational corporation in the mobile technology industry for the purpose of, well, not needing to be patient in waiting for what is already inevitable. Why would they be impatient, then, if this was inevitable anyway? Well, they have nothing to lose by accelerating the process... in fact, they have everything to gain in profiting from settlements and collected fees. Their competitors will bleed themselves dry fighting the litigation and paying the royalties. Apple will control all the money, and hence the entire market.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 13:57

259. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

You didn't answer my question. You went on rambling about garbage.
If a product isn't successful, then "copying" it isn't copying it?
Reinvented it to something fresh and exciting? To who? You? When iOS was first released it looked like my desktop on Windows XP. Reinvent? I'm guessing you don't follow history too well. Everything now is the same iteration in a different format. All Apple did was show it to the non-tech savvies and that they could be a part of it.
Don't come here spouting nonsense if you started learning technology after 2006.

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 14:01

261. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@porkguy. I answered your question. Apple gets inspiration from existing technologies whether they are successful or not. Then they think out of the box as to how to reinvent and reproduce it with a whole new meaning. That is not simply copying. Copying would be something like what Samsung and the other OEM's are doing :-) All they do is wait for what's the next big thing at Apple and release their own version after :-) What a bunch of scavengers :;-)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 14:11

263. hepresearch (unregistered)

Apple = the only innovator allowed by gemini's 'law'

all other OEM's = scavengers

You just got done calling me biased... now who looks biased?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 20:28

287. 530gemini (Posts: 2198; Member since: 09 Sep 2010)

@hepresearch. I am not biased. Just honest. Unless you tell me that is wasn't Apple who made full touchscreen phones a major player :-)

But yes, the rest are scavengers. None of them invested on touchscreen phones with huge funding. Go to GSM Arena. Check all phone models from top OEM's like LG, Samsung Motorola, and Nokia. Tell me what their flagship phones were before 2007, and then check out their flagship phones after 2007 :-) Then tell me if you see any difference :-)

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 21:43

299. hepresearch (unregistered)

Honest? Well, I do think that you believe that you are telling us the truth... but the question is, "Who told you these things that you have chosen to take on absolute faith?"

Once again, I am not arguing that Apple did not popularize the touchscreen phone into becoming what it has become today. I never said that no other OEM's tried to compete with touchscreen models after the iPhone came out. I mentioned the Nokia 5800 earlier... do you think I'm so dumb that I would mention it without knowing that it was designed to compete specifically with the iPhone?

posted on 08 Dec 2011, 16:08

272. p0rkguy (Posts: 685; Member since: 23 Nov 2010)

No you didn't. You're not answering it, you're neglecting it and including a whole lot of garbage unrelated to my question to make it seem relevant. It's a simple yes or no question. How hard is that? Do you feel the need to include more to make an obvious yes look like a no?

So I heard the mobile phone was a great success. Why is the iPhone allowed to make cellular calls? Isn't that copying? Better yet, is it copying by putting the name Phone in its name?
To you, if a random company decided to manufacture a phone called the aPhone would that be copying the mobile phone or the iPhone?

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