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Hands-on with the Verizon Wireless XV6900

0. phoneArena 19 Apr 2008, 12:36 posted on

A few days ago, Verizon Wireless released the XV6900, which is its White-colored variant of the Touch phone, offered with both Sprint and Alltel. Although it has the same hardware and software it ...

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posted on 22 Apr 2008, 23:56

39. (unregistered)

Are there really still people out there who see sprint as a viable wireless carrier? 700,000 net loss of customers in the fricking 4th quarter... regardless of the current lack of 3g you're better off with even someone like t-mobile. at least your bills will make sense and your phone will actually work. Who's down for a farewell party for sprint's unavoidable demise?

posted on 24 Apr 2008, 16:07

40. anonymous (unregistered)

reply to #11 its not to insult customers,, these websites like phone arena and phone scoop,, are not 100% accurate,, plus vzw will never give advance notice of new releases,,, the only time it ever was done ,, was the release of the touchscreen phns,,, its always a method to the madness,, the reason we lead in customer svc every year,, and the most profitable the last 7 yrs straight,, AT&T only have more customers due the merge of cingular,, but vzw still has more contract customers.. they win by default due to prepay svc,,

posted on 24 Apr 2008, 16:09

41. Know what you are talking about!!! (unregistered)

The 29.99 data plan is NOT available on the 6900! The 5gb cap is also on the only other data plan out for the 6900, not just BBC ...

posted on 24 Apr 2008, 18:38

42. (unregistered)

actually the 29.99 mo data plan is available for the 6900. im a verizon sales rep so i think i would know a little more then you would...and teh 5gb cab ONLY applys to aircards! not PDA!

posted on 25 Apr 2008, 00:34

43. FAUguy (Posts: 78; Member since: 09 Apr 2008)

Well, if the $29 data plan is available for the XV6900, then why can't anyone get it added to their account with that phone? I can't, and I've talked to about 7-8 reps in the data department. Also, see the Verizon Press Releasehttp://news.vzw.com/news/2008/04/pr2008-04-14b.html It only lists the SMT5800, XV6800, and Q9m can be used with the $29 data plan.

posted on 25 Apr 2008, 11:18

44. (unregistered)

because the phone isnt scheduled to launch in ALL channels untill the 30th...which means that feature can not be added untill atleast the 30th...moron. i love how people think that just because one person misinformed them nobody must not know what theyre talking about.once again another idiot like yourself feels as though you know more about a company i work for than i do..find something better to do with your time rather then fight a losing battle

posted on 25 Apr 2008, 14:36

45. mr_c (unregistered)

I work in a VZW store and have been playing w/ this thing for a couple days now. I think the touch is a very nice phone. There was no lag in my models OS. But you have to expect some sluggiishness, after all, it is a windows phone. I think it fits nice into our line up of high end phones. If you want something more practical get the 6800. Very stylish, w/ windows functionalty, and on a great network, i can appreacite it.

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 09:02

46. Ryan (unregistered)

#44... i also work for verizon... and im just wondering, why do you say things like that? youre a horrible representation of the company. do you say that to customers when they walk into stores asking about that plan? and call them an idiot? chill out, dude. go take a few more trainings and remember youre representing the company when you come on here and post things saying that you work for VZW.

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 13:37

47. (unregistered)

first of this is the internet "ryan" second of all you have no idea how i interact with my customer in the store or over the phone...what are you an ASO? check my numbers out before you try to come in here acting like you a better rep than i am. pardon me for taking offense when people feel like they know more than i do when it comes to my job. go back behind customer service and defill some fru's

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 17:04

48. americanhistoric (unregistered)

the $44.99 data pkg for verizon is still unlimited, there no is cap like the broadband card.

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 18:51

49. Ryan (unregistered)

No one has any idea what you are talking about except yourself and other VZW reps when you throw around jargon like that. You just come on here and think youre better than any other phone enthusiast on this site because you work for a company. I am a sales rep, and I never said I was better than you. I have no idea what your numbers are, and I have no idea what your name is even. I just think that when you come on here and say you work for VZW and then start calling people idiots and morons and basically saying youre better than anyone on this site, youre a terrible represntation of the company. You start calling people idiots because they thought one thing when in its actual another way, which in this case youre actually wrong, because the 29.99 Email and Web feature is NOT available on the 6900. It may be down the raod, but its not right now. Again, just rethink what youre saying when you come on here and represent the company in such a manner. Who is going to want to come to a VZW store when they just got called a moron, or even just read someone else getting called a moron, by one of the companys reps?

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 20:01

50. (unregistered)

are you sure youre a sales rep...i mean last time i checked sales reps should know what theyre selling. and the mere fact of it is is that you dont. when im off the clock i represent myself PERIOD. if someones and idiot then theyre an idiot no matter who i work for. the 29.99 plan IS available for the 6900 you should talk to your regional data manager. oh and the way youre coming off i would say youre not exactly representing the company appropriately. nice job hypocrite

posted on 26 Apr 2008, 20:44

51. VZWREP (unregistered)

seriously the two of you bickering isnt exactly representing the company in the right manner. the 29.99 data plan will be available for the 6900 according to my data master. you both should chill out and stop trying to prove the other wrong.

posted on 27 Apr 2008, 10:41

52. ACIREP (unregistered)

Man am I glad I work for Alltel. Whenever you ladies are done, can we talk about how this phone fuctions, or the fact that there are many useful add-ons that allow you to stream youtube videos, etc. (No matter which carrier you use.)

posted on 27 Apr 2008, 12:53

53. (unregistered)

at "so typical of verizon" The phone was released on the 16th exclusively on the internet and the rest of the market will be able to upgrade as of april 30.

posted on 27 Apr 2008, 15:02

54. VZWREP (unregistered)

im glad you work for alltell also!

posted on 29 Apr 2008, 02:04

55. LessthanZach (unregistered)

Who the fuck interns at a cell phone company? This is not an Advocate or a Hospital.... I hate morons. Everyone is bitching about Verizon's version and I have used both Sprint's and Verizon's and there are very little differences. I DO LIKE Sprints Comm Manager better on their version and noticed a VERY TINY amount of chop when closing the touchflo. For the Verizon version: I like the color choice for the default theme much better. The red on black looks much better than sprint's yellow. I like the white because it looks "Mac-ish" but I like Sprint's black soft touch because black always looks nice and wears out less. For the comments about size, GPS, and rev a... THIS HAS NOT CHANGED!!!! How do you crucify Verizon for not changing this? Because we took longer to launch? Of COURSE we did! WE ALWAYS DO!!! You can download Alltels ROM which enables GPS and REV A for free. There are many links online for this so just shut up about it. I will admit that Verizon is a little slow with our phone line up and a little strict with our standard handsets feature sets, but we are exemplary with our customer service and reception.

posted on 29 Apr 2008, 02:19

56. LessthanZach (unregistered)

Sorry, I am getting worked up from these peeps screaming about redundant things. ACIREP, please try not to compare your company to ours for the simple fact that a couple of posters were duking it out on this post. MR. BA up there ^ has no idea what he is saying. I never call consumers idiots; the fact is: I am a consumer as well and an idiot as well when shopping in other industries. Therefore I would be hypocritical to state that consumer are idiots. A Q for the alltel dude. How come when I look for stores in california, new york, etc I cannot find any on your site? Is it an error? Or do you have like 5 stores in the US? I was just curious what your footprint is like.

posted on 02 May 2008, 13:39

58. tj (unregistered)

is the headset jack 3.0mm instead of the normal 2.5mm?

posted on 03 May 2008, 13:06

60. (unregistered)

it still uses a 2.5mm headset, the adapter is in the box

posted on 03 May 2008, 01:32

59. (unregistered)

So some guy said that a data plan in the UK costs 35 pounds. At the current exchange rate that is about 60 dollars a month. That is one expensive data plan. I work in a VZW call center and yesterday while helping a customer set up email on one of these phones I went through all of the available features and the 29.99 data plan is currently not available for the 6900. Our system will show us all possible features that can be added and it was not there. It is only the SMT5800, XV6800, and Q9M that currently support it. I do believe that some of the things being said are really disrespectful to the consumers throughout the entire cellular industry. Please remember who you represent regardless of the company.

posted on 03 May 2008, 17:06

61. VZWREP (unregistered)

the data feature is the "email and web for smartphone 29.99". i just added it to a 6900 yesturday.

posted on 04 May 2008, 03:25

63. (unregistered)

I will take a look again. Thanks.

posted on 06 May 2008, 19:16

67. VZW Tech Support Rep (unregistered)

No wonder our customers call in so confused....check your M&P's VZW employees....it was updated on 04/30/08, and states the only devices that can get the $29.99 Web and email data plan for pdas are: Motorola Q Motorola Q9M SMT5800 XV6800 (the Q was a new addition to the list on the 30th for those reading all these posts). Thanks to confusion like this, we get customer escalations demanding that they saw it was available on a website or from a rep...as for a Data Master (???) saying otherwise, didn't know that was a position within the company, but I would like to have it for the cool title : )

posted on 10 May 2008, 22:07

70. xev (unregistered)

i will probably be getting this phone if i dont have to get the data package. ill figure out someway to use the web for free. so is it even possible to get this without getting data?

posted on 13 May 2008, 15:15

75. (unregistered)

This is a completley Bias review promoting the Sprint phone, the phone does have gps etc.. all the verizon's multimedia, their is no lag and every other accusation i have found was proven to be false.

posted on 02 Jun 2008, 13:02

83. simple phone user (unregistered)

Wow... i'm planning on trying out one of these phones... but damn, I really hope I don't turn into some of you. PEOPLE!!!! IT'S A PHONE!!!!...My god... you act like it's a device that will save the world. My advise... bye a phone you like... and get a life. Some of you truly have WAY too much time on your hands to be arguing over CDMA and GSP on a freakin cell phone. WTF?

posted on 08 Jun 2008, 12:21

84. (unregistered)

Does any one know if verzion will put up a patch for windows 6.1 for this phone anytime soon?

posted on 01 Jul 2008, 22:39

89. Omit (unregistered)

This phone is really a sorry offering. I've had 'dozens' of phones through the years, and this is one of hte worst. Touch mechanism is horrible - my three year old has toys with better touch screens. Everything about the phone is slow, Slow, SLOW. Once you've made a phone call you have to push all kinds of buttons to get a keyboard up so that you can do voicemail commands in the middle of a call. The side button which is the default button for the camera is in the wrong damn spot. No matter what you chage the button to command, it gets in the way. Using your finger (instead of the stylus) on the touch screen is very frustrating. No way you can use your fingers on the qwerty. Battery life sucks. And the color white is so damn girly I'm not sure why a man would want to own it. Do not buy this phone - it is crap.

posted on 23 Jul 2008, 19:25

90. Steve1 (unregistered)

Don't buy this phone unless you want to be frusterated. It drops calls and is freeze happy.

posted on 26 Jul 2008, 12:37

91. Preet (unregistered)

Hi Guys, well I been using this phone for almost 3 months now. love th style but thts all about it ... I miss calls on th phone so many times which mean that the phone will not even ring once it goes to stand by mode .. I run my business over the phone and i am really dissappointed with this problem so if someone can tell me if this is something common or some of my phones setting are off .... I bought the phone coz of its style and thinness and now i realise the battery is a major issue i use my phone alot and my average use is about 12000 min a month and this thing will not keep charge half a day but again I realise i use it alot too but i never had this problem before ... so before I take it back and yell bout it and try to get a new one I would appreciate if someone can tell me that shall I go for a Replacement or its going to be the same problem ...

posted on 26 Jan 2010, 17:56

92. mustang_ferin (Posts: 1; Member since: 26 Jan 2010)

I'm sort of dissapointed with this phone.It was time for my verizon upgrade so I chose this one because of it's features. I bought it back in August and it is already having trouble. It freezes quite frequently and is very slow. I Have recently just started to experience what I can only hope is the worst part. It freezes while It is sending the message then I try to shut it off and it will not work. So then I take the battery out and turn it back on and all my recent messages I've recieved are gone and it's as if they never existed. There is still a year and half left on my contract; I just have to be thankful it's not going to be the rest of my life.

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