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Google Nexus 4 is now in stock with T-Mobile, $200 on contract

0. phoneArena 27 Nov 2012, 08:06 posted on

While a fresh new batch of Google Nexus 4 units is expected to land on the Play store by the end of this week, the smartphone is already in stock at T-Mobile. The nation's fourth largest carrier is offering the handset for $200 on contract, along with a qualifying service plan, or $500 outright, in case you aren't eligible for an upgrade yet. The variant that T-Mobile is offering has 16GB for all your storage needs...

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posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:33

1. joseph98 (Posts: 167; Member since: 03 Feb 2012)

Nah, will not do for me. I prefer to pay $350 for the unlocked one from google store. Hope I will succeed this time in placing my order.

BTW I am with T-mobile but still prefer an unlocked phone. Easier to resale and hold its value more.

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:46

6. Berzerk000 (Posts: 4250; Member since: 26 Jun 2011)

It's practically unlocked... No T-Mobile branding, no T-Mobile interruption with updates, no T-Mobile bloatware (to my knowledge), and still able to work with any GSM carrier around the world. This isn't like a Verizon Nexus, this is actually pure Google.

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:35 2

2. shahulvm (Posts: 123; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Google Nexus 4 will be available from playstore later today...Recieved an email from google.

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:39

4. joseph98 (Posts: 167; Member since: 03 Feb 2012)

I hope so. Last time I couldn't place an order. I wish this time will succeed. Thank you for letting us know.

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:35 1

3. shahulvm (Posts: 123; Member since: 01 Apr 2012)

Nexus 4 will be available for purchase later today!
Order yours from Google Play starting today, November 27 at 12:00 noon PST (U.S. only).

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 08:40

5. Mooooo (Posts: 212; Member since: 27 Aug 2011)

I too got the surprise email that they will be back in stock. I will definitely will be ready especially after my Nexus S died on me right after they sold out. I have using an old HTC Aria. Which is cute but I am going to go blind using its small screen.

Hopefully Google got its act together with the checkout process and learned there lesson. We will soon find out.

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 13:23

7. TA-21 (Posts: 20; Member since: 22 Oct 2012)

Im want Nexus 4 16 GB locked or Unlocked for 600 $ Im in UAE but i cant order it because here is no Google Store :-(

posted on 27 Nov 2012, 22:51

8. mydi.maus (unregistered)

i picked $350 for no jail time,anyone with me?lol..

posted on 28 Nov 2012, 07:11

9. FranksGT (Posts: 167; Member since: 29 Aug 2012)

Good luck waiting till after Christmas.

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