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Galaxy Note III round-up: 5.7" display, 13MP camera, Exynos 5 Octa and release date

0. phoneArena 29 Aug 2013, 05:30 posted on

The Samsung Galaxy Note III is a device that we're looking forward to, as Samsung has managed to prove that there's market for phablets - you just have to do (market) it right. The company has also re-convinced many people that there's still use for a stylus, if done (marketed) properly, and that's no small feat. For a couple of months or so now, we've been gathering all kinds of intriguing details about the upcoming Note III, which is to be unveiled at IFA 2013...

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posted on 23 Jul 2013, 07:36 1

84. HouTexan (Posts: 439; Member since: 08 Jan 2012)

Relax, Sony fanboy. You're trying too hard.

posted on 10 Aug 2013, 08:13 1

88. Ronny666 (Posts: 120; Member since: 08 Jun 2013)

Saying Note 2 that it is the best smartphone is kinda over-rated. We may just call it as best overall phablet of 2012 instead. It has sold the most phablets than any other phablets till today.

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 09:22

109. joey_sfb (Posts: 5749; Member since: 29 Mar 2012)

Give it a rest... people buy want they want to buy who ever listen to anyone here?

posted on 03 Sep 2013, 21:12

116. averymlewis (Posts: 2; Member since: 03 Sep 2013)

Hate it when people try to appear smarter than they are, and yes I'm referring to you ;-)

posted on 04 Sep 2013, 01:10

117. SonyCraperiaSucks (banned) (Posts: 25; Member since: 30 Aug 2013)

Tell me how the Note II didn't beat everything. Nothing out of Sony (Xperia whatever), or HTC (One X+?) Motorola (cant think of anything) even came close to sales of the Note II, let alone the S3 (but the main phone here is the Note II)

A Note II is the perfect balance between a tablet and a phone, unlike the disastrous XperiaZU. The Note II is upgraded S3, meaning if the S3 is really good, Note II is even better, without productivity tools matched by no other SMARTPHONE.
Yes, its phablet, but it's not primarily a tablet, so stop comparing it to the iPad. I don't see any other phone that can much up to the Note II's productivity.
iPad can't be compared because it is a TABLET.
Stop hating on Note II (or Samsung) because they make the best phones and half-phone/tablets.
Note III will rock all the other phones coming this year, just like how the Note II swept all the other phones last year.

posted on 04 Sep 2013, 21:24

119. 1113douglas (Posts: 193; Member since: 04 Jul 2013)

the galaxy s4 is the most selling smartphone right now, with the iphone 5 in second. When it comes to which is better the ipad or a galaxy terms of specs and performance. the galaxy note is wayyyy more advanced than ios. ios is good, but when it comes to software and hardware its wayyy behind android. I hate to be that guy, but the truth is the truth.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 08:02 2

22. tarry (Posts: 1; Member since: 22 Jul 2013)

Woops Galaxy S3 Battery Duplicate burst in pocket of a girl Posted by techosta.com

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 08:13 1

30. Nathan_ingx (Posts: 3782; Member since: 07 Mar 2012)

You are about a week late in enlightening us with the news.
"Stop living in the past, start living with PA."

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 12:00 1

54. Whateverman (Posts: 3262; Member since: 17 May 2009)

And the battery was from an unauthorized third party. Nice try.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 14:39 3

66. roldefol (Posts: 4253; Member since: 28 Jan 2011)

But Samsung was clearly complicit in permitting the battery to be replaced in the first place. Ergo, user-replaceable batteries are mortally dangerous and must be banned.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 08:10 1

28. scriptwriter (Posts: 396; Member since: 13 Nov 2012)

If the number one rumor has pretty much been quashed, why keep mentioning it again and again? Cant think of how many people your confusing with this rumor.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 08:38 5

34. darkkjedii (Posts: 21344; Member since: 05 Feb 2011)

Kinda like a gs4+

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 06:13

92. RoyalPayne (banned) (Posts: 458; Member since: 07 Aug 2013)

Hey man, whereve u been

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 09:15 1

45. flynfree (Posts: 374; Member since: 09 Jun 2013)

Waiting for gnote3 in "maple" body.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 09:28

46. speckledapple (Posts: 892; Member since: 29 Sep 2011)

Wife is getting that one.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 10:23 1

48. papss (unregistered)

I'll be interested to see the look of this phone and how it feels. I prefer the square shape over the normal rounded edges they typically use. At this size I hope they don't make it too light because it will truly feel like a Frisbee.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 10:46

50. MartyK (Posts: 819; Member since: 11 Apr 2012)

It would be nice if they make a Google version of the Note-3!!,
I don't understand why OEM don't give us the option to use theirs version or Google version, either way they get their money for the device.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 12:33 1

57. KiranPAUSER (Posts: 73; Member since: 15 Feb 2013)

Apart from rumoured flexible screen there nothing to brag about.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 13:06

59. sswain (Posts: 56; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

Can anyone explain about Xenon flash. If note III will indeed come with Xernon flash does that mean that it will not be possible to use that xenon flash as "torchlight" for continious periods of time? That would be serious drawback... I just read somewhere that xenon flash is cool for pics, but its works for short ammount of time and then need to be sort of "recharged" to be able to use again.

I'm using my flash on Note II quite frequanetly as light source when going home in dark for example. If Note III will not have that functionality, then I dont know if I want that :(

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 17:14

71. Topcat488 (Posts: 1396; Member since: 29 Sep 2012)

Dude, did you really spend that much time writing about using your camera flash as a "Flashlight"... Really... Google Play Store has soooooooooooooooooooooo many Apps for that.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 17:49 1

73. papss (unregistered)

Hey that's what android fans love.. Leave him alone. ;)

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 18:16

74. sswain (Posts: 56; Member since: 10 Feb 2012)

sorry, I dont understand your point. Of course I use app for that (from google store). Cant remember exact name, but that is cool.

Question still stays - if note III will have Xenon flash, will that app work?! (due to differences between LED flash and Xenon flash).

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 16:05 2

68. Jeradiah3 (Posts: 1032; Member since: 11 Feb 2010)

Im glad that my upgrade will be the end of the year because there will be some good phones coming out! I like what the Note 3, HTC H6 (I think thats what its called) and others that havent hit the rumor mill yet

unfortunately, the "glamour" of these phones may only last for up to 6 months with another sleuth of new phones yet again lol

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 08:20

104. PotDragon (banned) (Posts: 214; Member since: 22 Jul 2011)

Maybe in 6 months you will be old enough to realize that a phone does not provide you with glamour. Doubtful, but maybe.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 16:34

69. fyah_king (Posts: 472; Member since: 22 Jul 2013)

This or the xperia z ultra or htc phablet

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 17:17 1

72. cheetah2k (Posts: 1578; Member since: 16 Jan 2011)

If it has LTE and Exynos, I'm in!

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 22:05

78. nothingmuch (Posts: 194; Member since: 03 May 2013)

Note 3 sounds nice, and I was seriously thinking on getting it, but flex display is literally around the corner and Samsung wants to the first to release it before LG, but why a flex screen on a candy bar style device with no use other than durability????(thats TBA) Im not going to waste my upgrade on the note 3 then at the turn of next year they release a tru flex device as showed on Ytube's YOUM flex display, and LG is very close to releasing a tru flex phone too. Im very satisfied with my SG3 runing TW unrooted dual core led plastic looken bloated'ware thingamajig, it still runs every app in play store w/o hesitation and by going into developer options and turning off win animations there is almost no lag with screen transitions.

IDK... I'll probably change my mind when I see it, as for now though previous octa performance doesn't interest me a bit (doubt they fixed the thread processes) nor does a flattery non-functional flexible (cannot bend) screen on a candy bar phone. Sammy shouldve called the note3 the NOTE 2S, seems like the phoneworld is at a stand still with the only option being processors and screen upgrades. Until something truly revolutionary changes how we physically perceive these new advancements, to me its pointless to rant about any "new" phone/device out there.

posted on 22 Jul 2013, 23:35

80. persikon (Posts: 29; Member since: 09 Jul 2013)

Yeah! Camera button! All I need!

posted on 23 Jul 2013, 03:01 1

81. bigmike32172 (Posts: 2; Member since: 23 Nov 2012)

Sammy's at least constantly making headway by leading the market with new concepts.
If it was up to Apple they'd bring back the bag phone, and give you a 1980's calculator watch as a freebie.

posted on 31 Jul 2013, 12:41

86. solomonsteve (Posts: 76; Member since: 19 Dec 2012)

xenon flash? seriously? this should have been present in the GS4 and not this..This phablet aims at productivity not picture taking

posted on 01 Aug 2013, 01:08 2

87. GeekMovement (Posts: 2156; Member since: 09 Sep 2011)

I have a feeling that the note 3 is going to be a large S4.

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 06:43

95. sergiobr (Posts: 709; Member since: 25 Feb 2013)

Waiting for S5 with all the features of Note III (OIS, sw etc) and with a small size. Why waste money year after year ??? Keeping my Nokia 808 for photos and my S3 for everything else ! I can wait until May 2014.

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 08:06

102. itsdeepak4u2000 (Posts: 3718; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Whoa....See those specs...drooling - mouth-watering...

I knew it, Sammy would somehow manages to bring that must wanted current OIS...

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 08:52

106. haim_04 (Posts: 6; Member since: 28 Aug 2013)

this numbers are impressive, but it's still the same old thing, isn't it? there's no changes in design or build materials

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 09:19

108. Mr.Mr.Upgrade (Posts: 474; Member since: 30 Aug 2011)

Note2 still running 4.1.2 lol and note3 will be the same way slow updates and crappy touch whiz ...gimmicks and don't say root I'm sick of people with o I can root it...defeats the purpose..

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 09:26

110. loki1618 (Posts: 22; Member since: 14 Aug 2012)

It is amusing every time i see the words plastic fantastic lol .... Sad Samsung just sad...

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 13:27

112. laheelahee (Posts: 213; Member since: 09 Apr 2012)

"The the" device's official unveiling... typo @ 2nd paragraph

posted on 29 Aug 2013, 21:50

113. bugsbunny00 (Posts: 2062; Member since: 07 Jun 2013)

doesnt come close to G2. G2 alll the wayyy..

posted on 01 Sep 2013, 13:52 1

115. gentleman559 (Posts: 22; Member since: 08 Aug 2013)

Swear to God someone tried to compare a Windows phone to an Android phone? Bahhahahahaha. Now don't you feel stupid?

posted on 04 Sep 2013, 11:33

118. jamesedward318 (Posts: 99; Member since: 25 Dec 2010)

I think I will rock out with my S4 until the next version of the line comes out.

posted on 09 Sep 2013, 02:03

120. JoePhoto (Posts: 16; Member since: 27 Feb 2012)

I am very UNDERWHELMED with Note 3 and may skip it or jump to something else.

We were first expecting 6.3", then 5.9", now got an imperceptible .13” increase to LESS than 5.7”, (5.68” and the note 2 was 5.55”).

The screen does not appear any (outdoor-sunshine) brighter than Note 2 AND HAS BEEN SURPASSED by brighter screens.

We were sorta hoping for "unbreakable" (flexible) glass, but we may not have gotten anything stronger.

HTC has set the bar with FRONT FACING - BEATS QUALITY speakers. I am not convinced that "bottom" speakers are a significant improvement.

And Nokia (Microsoft) proves that Xenon flash is possible, (and of course higher-megapixels).

It does not appear we got a dedicated camera shutter-release button, or instant-activation of camera.

We had been primed for an IR-transmitter and possibly fingerprint security.

OK, so we got some new S-pen apps, but I was truly expecting more to match (beat) the competition and am disappointed.

I personally am intrigued by the new ASUS announcements of 6" and 7" w/ FRONT FACING SPEAKERS. (wonder how bright the screen is and if Verizon will carry it ???)

And I want an FM RADIO ….

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