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British teen gets socked with $6000 cell bill after Big Apple trip

0. phoneArena 12 Jul 2013, 11:03 posted on

Casey Snook, a 14 year old from Britain, was having a great time during her family's 5 day jaunt to the Big Apple; armed with her Apple iPhone, Snook took a number of pictures to post to her Facebook page. Times Square, Grand Central Station, the Empire State Building, landmark after landmark was snapped by the camera on Snook's Apple iPhone...

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posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:06 7

1. ajac09 (Posts: 1481; Member since: 30 Sep 2009)

lol fail

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:31 18

3. KINGJUAN27 (Posts: 210; Member since: 02 Jul 2012)

LOL! How many iphones or galaxies can you purchase with that whooping amount of $6000? She should've just bought a temporary sim card/ phone during that trip. Dumb ass teenager. Hahaa

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:01 11

11. PK1983 (Posts: 215; Member since: 08 Aug 2012)

That is the problem with buying a carrier locked phone.
Get an unlocked world phone pop in a pre-paid sim card and you are good to go no matter what country you are in.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:39 1

19. RaKithAPeiRiZ (Posts: 1488; Member since: 29 Dec 2011)

for that kind of money ,she could have bought a small hatchback even

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 18:42

41. Jack58221 (Posts: 153; Member since: 23 Feb 2013)

a car with OnStar... and some little Nikon camera.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 16:03 7

35. Syksyd (Posts: 55; Member since: 16 Apr 2010)

LMAO....Its funny how the mother says how can a company let a $75 bill get so high...Why is it up to the carrier to monitor YOUR bill and usage, they sent a txt warning, and it ultimately is the consumers fault for not watching their TEENAGER'S usage....Parents.....Fail!!!!!

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:15 3

2. sniper1087 (Posts: 508; Member since: 31 Dec 2011)

always turn off your data, a simpler solutions is either if you have an unlocked phone buy a sim with service where you are going on vacation and use it there, if not buy a phone there.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:35 13

4. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

It amazes me that when an article like this appears, the media goes completely out of its way to mention an iPhone even though it had nothing to do with brand of phone. Not once, not twice but three times, that this was done with her "iPhone" as though it couldn't happen with any other "Smartphone".

John B.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:45 25

7. Blazers (Posts: 429; Member since: 05 Dec 2011)

Because that is what she was using.....makes sense to me. Stop being so sensitive.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:50 6

8. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

Not being sensitive. Just observant. I guess I will never purchase an iPhone because crap like what she experienced can happen only to iPhone users. Power of Media.

John B.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:25 11

14. Dorothy69 (banned) (Posts: 498; Member since: 21 May 2013)

Well John B, that's where you're wrong, it can't happen with any other phone; it can only happen with an iPhone because users are accustomed to overage iFees and what not. Android devices have a few built in features that tell you where you are in case you don't know, among them:
1. Google Maps
2. Google Location

So, there, this inability to know one's locale is only uniQue to iPhone: the Best unSmartphone on the Planet.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 14:37 3

26. Hallucinator (Posts: 368; Member since: 24 May 2010)

One of the dumbest post I have ever read and I read all of your post, so that is saying something.

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 02:30 1

51. 8logic (Posts: 148; Member since: 05 Mar 2012)

though, one of the funniest lmfao

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 14:05 6

25. TOM928 (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Jul 2013)

In the past, I use Sony Xperia, Note one and now I am using Note two. Every time when I am in a different country, there is a notification indicating "No Internet Service" and ask user to turn on "Data Roaming". This mean on Android smart phones, "Data Roaming" is not on unless you go to setting and turn it on. I bet on iphone, "Data Roaming" is always on unless you turn it off. This is the difference and this is why iphone was mentioned in this article.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 16:45

37. ThePro (Posts: 26; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Nope, my brother's iPhone 4 has data roaming off

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 15:38 1

33. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

To Slammer what this shows is the Level of smarts a average Iphone customer has. That is why she has the iphone in the first place.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 23:02

48. dome888 (Posts: 73; Member since: 10 Oct 2012)


posted on 12 Jul 2013, 17:46

40. darth8ball (Posts: 520; Member since: 02 Aug 2011)

Sounds like you are upset about the"name drop" I don't think it was a negative about the iPhone. It does soak to the lack of tech savvy people who buy iPhones though. Android users would know to disable roaming because Android devices don't think for its and make our decisions for us.
Also the parents need to be more in control of their kids

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 07:20

53. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

---" Sounds like you are upset about the"name drop""---

Not at all. The type of phone really has no relevance or bearing on the article whatsoever. The purpose of the article should be to present a lesson learned for "anyone" with "any type" of smartphone; not just an "iPhone".

John B.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 19:10

42. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

Maybe article was trying to showcase that how dumb the user (iPhone) was ... oh forget everything ... iT just WORKS and so iT did for sure ... so what next?

Apple should now think of DUAL SIM PHONES iN addition to the "LEGO phones" that it's planning to release?

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 21:28

46. kgbeezr1 (Posts: 1; Member since: 12 Jul 2013)

I completely agree. We're talking about a 14 year old tween here, the fact that she was using an iPhone went without saying.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:37 6

5. daniel_bargs (Posts: 325; Member since: 27 Nov 2010)

That's why you should remove your sim card and buy a local one then subscribe to a prepaid unlimited internet! In the Philippines, it just cost you $1 for the SIM card and $20 for an unlimited 3G internet!

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:50 3

9. protozeloz (Posts: 5396; Member since: 16 Sep 2010)


posted on 12 Jul 2013, 13:32

23. Archan_Pe (Posts: 74; Member since: 08 Apr 2012)

But one does not simply "remove your sim card and buy a local one" if you use a phone that is carrier locked. Whenever my mom goes to the Philippines she would love to put her globe sim on but she can't. But yeah I miss Philippine prices xD

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 20:25

45. ThePro (Posts: 26; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

Still, if they knew she was gonna use internet, then they should have paid for a roaming data plan, which would cost for a 1GB plan for like $120, way cheaper.

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 02:01

50. Archan_Pe (Posts: 74; Member since: 08 Apr 2012)

Well I was talking about how hard putting a local sim on the phone is.. But yes I agree with you. They should have prepared for the trip and talked to Orange about travel bundles and they would have saved a lot more.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:41 9

6. _Bone_ (Posts: 2154; Member since: 29 Oct 2012)

Happens when you give someone something that requires more understanding than what he or she's capable of processing.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 11:51 6

10. TheRetroReplay (Posts: 254; Member since: 20 Mar 2012)

How do you not know about roaming charges? Unless you're extremely thick then you should know that you'll get charged for using your phone if you go overseas unless you set something up with your carrier. That's common sense when dealing with a cell phone carrier, I blame the parents on this for not telling their kid, who does not look 14, to not use the phone or for not setting up a temporary international plan.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:03 3

12. Slammer (Posts: 1515; Member since: 03 Jun 2010)

Agreed. Parents hand out smartphones to their kids(as low as 8 yrs old) like candy. These same parents complain about high cell bills and broken phones they have to keep replacing.

I don't know who learned more here. The 14year old or her parents. I would hope both.

John B.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 15:41 1

34. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

And who lets a 14 yr old go overseas alone. the parents had to have been there and saw her using it shame on the parents for blaming the company for taking advantage of the child

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:16 2

13. Dorothy69 (banned) (Posts: 498; Member since: 21 May 2013)

I love it when irresponsible parents defend their irresponsible rug-rats; that child (and her parents too) should be grounded!! What iDiot travels across the Atlantic and just continues to use their cell phone without wondering what kind of International Roaming charges are involved if their cell phone "Roams" outside of their domestic coverage area (internationally). That child should be placed in the Tower without any kind of electronic device whatsoever (and, that includes a TV)!!

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 14:40

27. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 886; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

It tells you when you cross over into roaming with the prices. On top of that it gave her a warning.

If that were my kid she wouldn't be allowed to have a cell phone until she was 18 and can put it under her name or finished paying me back. The real shame goes to the parents that thought by bringing this to the media it would magically go away.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:25

15. anirudhshirsat97 (Posts: 408; Member since: 24 May 2011)

That girl is and looks stupid.... she proved it. If she uploaded photos to facebook on international roaming what did she expect? A cake?

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:27 1

18. Dorothy69 (banned) (Posts: 498; Member since: 21 May 2013)

My sources tell me that she actually thought she was syncing to iTunes.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 14:43

28. Reluctant_Human (Posts: 886; Member since: 28 Jun 2012)

Agreed. She's obviously stupid, spoiled and her face is horrendous.. There's always reality tv to look forward to, it worked for Snookie.. I highly doubt those charges would just be the phone syncing to icloud Dorothy

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 15:15 1

31. Dorothy69 (banned) (Posts: 498; Member since: 21 May 2013)

I said iTunes, stop contradicting me!! ( I still think you have gorgeous hair, though)

As for that teenage Troll, Casey Snooks, and I use Troll out of context because she could never be our beloved Troll, I think Snooky on the Jersey Shore totally ruined it for future Snooks so, she's got no future unless she keeps running up her cell phone bill. She could, however, dye her hair black and have a baby with Kanye and call it South.

But, not to get off-topic, I think it was nice of Orange to work out a payment plan with the parents; Apple will probably charge Orange some sort of penalty for late payment even though it was the bloody kid's fault.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:26

16. SIGPRO (Posts: 1440; Member since: 03 Oct 2012)

Here in the Netherlands your roaming data is blocked automatically by the carrier if you cross the border. If you still want to use it you need to turn it on manually. And you always get a sms with the price per mb. This is by law. This girl had it coming she looks dumb enough i feel no pitty for her.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:26 3

17. roscuthiii (Posts: 2217; Member since: 18 Jul 2010)

Stupid parents... they earned this $6K bill. At least Orange is letting them work out a payment plan. Six thousand dollars, 5 days. That's an average of $1.2K/day. Given the initial sigh-seeing frenzy I'd Imagine a large portion was that first day. And the mom is complaining about only being notified at $500. Given the math, Orange probably notified them in less than half a day. They should be mad at Casey for clicking, "Yes". It's not extortion of a 14y/o girl as the mom gripes, they don't know who the frig is using the phone. They just know who's paying for it... The dad.
Hell, a $500 milestone until notification is probably even in the terms of their contract.
And, how in the world are they not familiar with roaming charges???

No sympathy here.

ps - Unless the phone brand is relevant to how the charges were incurred, then mentioning it once is all that's needed, thanks. Otherwise, it has no bearing on the story whatsoever.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:45

20. blattlaus (Posts: 63; Member since: 12 Dec 2010)

In the US carriers also sell international roaming services for under $10. You can activate them for the month you are gone and then turn them off when you get back. It seems expensive at $60/GB but compared to the silly $0.0195 per KB ($19,000/GB) it seems like a bargain

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 12:56 1

21. mityblumpkin (Posts: 14; Member since: 06 Mar 2013)

Could of went to her college fund cuz she definitely isn't getting a scholarship...

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 13:15 1

22. ZeroCide (Posts: 777; Member since: 09 Jan 2013)

International should automatically be blocked unless requested. so you don't get these type of crazy bills from dumb tennagers. I know sprint does it that way.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 13:53

24. toondewachter (Posts: 54; Member since: 24 Jan 2012)

How on earth can a 5-day bill run up to 6K? Most of you are saying that they are irresponsible parents, but I beg to differ. An expensive bill, OK, but 6K? Any of you that really consider this to be normal?
My (prepaid) carrier charges me € 0.15 /MB when roaming. Now let's imagine that I uploaded 500 MB of pictures - which is a lot, I think - I would be charged with €75.
Now let's do this the other way around. She got a $6000 bill for let's say 500 MB. That makes $12 / MB. Now that's what I call outrageous.
You shouldn't be defending the company making insane profits, you should be defending those poor people having to pay that irrational bill!
Shame on you people!

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 16:48

38. thequota (Posts: 43; Member since: 02 Apr 2013)

toondewachter they signed the contract for the phone plan they are now the ones responsible for the usage of the phones including roaming charges. no matter what other companies may offer this is the one they decided to go with.
again they are responsible for the charges not the company they shuold have done research on things like that. ii know i did when i went out of country so thats why i just left my phone off the whole time so i wouldent get charged with a high rate like that. know what your dealing with .

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 14:48

29. rightcue805 (Posts: 55; Member since: 08 Jul 2013)

that is what happens when you not respoable with stuff, why in the hell wouldn't you call and ask about over seas travel. YOU LADY ARE A RETARD! good luck paying the bill. it is your responibilty to watch your over your useage not your cell company. they are here to make money. NOT watch over you and your useage... DUMB ASS!

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 15:00

30. ThePro (Posts: 26; Member since: 03 Nov 2012)

She looks smart..

And the parents are probably smart too. I'm amazed they're used to a $75 bill, Orange just sucks in the UK, specially if you compare it to three

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 15:34

32. iami67 (Posts: 318; Member since: 18 Oct 2011)

I guess Kasy and her mom are complete idiots. Yes she might be 14 but thats why the parents have to buy the phone and be of legal age not the 14 yr old. its the parents fault for being stupid not the child. when they signed the contract they where told where there coverage areas are and overseas it not with any carrier. This is the parents being stupid and now trying to use the media to give Orange a bad name and wave the fees. Im gladd orange is still charging them thou. Stupid Mom.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 16:03

36. rightcue805 (Posts: 55; Member since: 08 Jul 2013)

^ so at what point should she be held accountable for her actions?

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 17:27

39. zennacko (Posts: 236; Member since: 16 Jun 2013)

Lesson to teen travelers: Buy a damn cell phone chip from a local carrier and live happily. After you're done in that country, store the chip or throw it away, assuming you did buy a pay-as-you-go chip, of course.

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 19:13 1

43. rusticguy (Posts: 2828; Member since: 11 Aug 2012)

Oh why are the parents pissed? iPhone users normally don't care about money do they?

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 19:51 1

44. gidis88 (Posts: 6; Member since: 09 Mar 2013)

can we all agree that she's dumb ? Its a smartphone but that doesn't mean it should make the user smart. Why are people defending ?

posted on 12 Jul 2013, 22:39

47. johnbftl (Posts: 281; Member since: 09 Jun 2012)

Anytime an AT&T customer travels internationally without a plan provisioned, once AT&T is notified that international roaming charges are being accrued, the customer's line is suspended until the account holder calls in to lift the suspension and/or add an international plan.

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 00:31

49. Socahan (Posts: 9; Member since: 17 Oct 2012)

Playing innocent for a $6000 phone bill is like playing innocent for say, "only" 250Km/h over speeding in a 50 Km/h zone. It's not a little abuse, but a gross missjudgement. Furthermore, not knowing the law or not being aware about what you have signed for was never a good enough excuse. I can (somewhat) understand a 14 year old girl having no comprehension about the extent of the financial consequences of her childish actions but her mom's comments and behaviour are ridiculous. Before taking this trip abroad, were they living a fairytale life where money would grow in trees? Has she payed any bill before? Why would this be any different?

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 03:20

52. lovelythought (Posts: 8; Member since: 17 Nov 2009)

When I worked at AT&T I got calls like this all the time..... We would just backdate the international data plan to the beginning of the billing cycle and have them pay for any overages after that. I'm sure Orange can do that. The parents must have set a bad tone with the rep when they called about the bill. That's the only time I wouldn't do it.

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 14:57

54. rightcue805 (Posts: 55; Member since: 08 Jul 2013)

MAKE THEM PAY THE WHOLE 6k. make them be resposable for there daughters actions!

posted on 13 Jul 2013, 19:47

55. scsa852k (Posts: 329; Member since: 16 Oct 2012)

LOL at the picture.
It's called stupidity.

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