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Best phones for games: here is how powerful graphics in our mobile devices really are

0. phoneArena 24 Sep 2013, 08:24 posted on

We’ve often said that the latest smartphone games have reached console-like graphics and that’s not even a metaphor anymore…

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posted on 24 Sep 2013, 21:48

54. regkilla (Posts: 83; Member since: 13 Sep 2012)

Look at PS4 killing everyone including the xbox one.

posted on 24 Sep 2013, 22:14

55. Rehankhan (Posts: 323; Member since: 24 Oct 2012)

where..? i dont see it bro maybe you are trying to see what YOU want to see

posted on 24 Sep 2013, 22:24

56. jose.vu (Posts: 16; Member since: 28 Mar 2013)

how about tegra4 devices? I heard it's the best in term of graphic for mobile device? and nVdia even claimed it is console quality (dunno which console though) ...

posted on 24 Sep 2013, 23:45

57. ilia1986 (unregistered)

Some more numbers:

· Nexus 7 (tegra 3) - 10 Gflops

· Galaxy s3 (mali-400mp) - 15.8 Gflops

· IPad 3 (SGX 543MP4) - 25.6 Gflops

· Geforce 4 Ti4600 - 16 Gflops

· Geforce FX 5950 Ultra - 30.4 Gflops

· Geforce 6800 Ultra - 75 Gflops

· Geforce 7600 GT - 136 Gflops

· Geforce 7950 GT - 255 Gflops


posted on 10 Oct 2013, 18:33

65. Kevinphantom (Posts: 82; Member since: 17 Jun 2013)

its nearly 140 gflops snapdragon 800 ab

posted on 03 Jan 2014, 13:51

66. dockdropper (Posts: 1; Member since: 03 Jan 2014)

As much as I liked the topic of the article, I have to disagree heavily with the statement saying mobile is catching up to console quickly. This is as far from the truth as it can get, mobile phones and tablets simply do not have the bandwidth to even come remotely close to consoles. Mobile phones use shrunken parts to save on power while consoles don't so they have much more power. this is the very reason desktop pc's always destroy laptops with similar specs, while some laptops can play mostly all pc games, they almost never perform as well as the desktop. Keep in mind, benchmarks don't mean a device will perform better or worse than another device, it only shows the processor power that can be utilized. oh and I likethat 600Gflops difference between the Xbone and Ps4, it proves my point about bandwidth being the Xbone and Ps4 have very similar hardware, the Ps4 simply has mucher better memory configuration.

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