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  • Apple to start offering in-store replacement of damaged Apple iPhone 5s glass

Apple to start offering in-store replacement of damaged Apple iPhone 5s glass

Posted: , by Alan F.


Apple to start offering in-store replacement of damaged Apple iPhone 5s glass
According to a report published on Thursday, Apple Stores in the U.S. and Canada will start in-store replacements of damaged glass on Apple iPhone 5s units. The service is expected to begin this coming Monday, August 4th. Several stores have already started making these repairs as part of a test program, and Apple is apparently satisfied with the results.

From the beginning of this year, Apple Stores have offered in-store glass replacement for the Apple iPhone 5c, with similar service available for the Apple iPhone 5 since last year.  Apple charges $149 for a screen replacement, significantly cheaper than the $229 that the company charged consumers to have a screen replaced off-site.

By allowing these repairs to be made at the Apple Store, the company can reduce repair costs and wait times. A typical glass replacement could take just 30 to 60 minutes in-store.

source: 9to5Mac via MacRumors

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posted on 31 Jul 2014, 13:21 1

1. Ninetysix (Posts: 1669; Member since: 08 Oct 2012)

Good stuff. Can't find this kind of service from any other mobile company.

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 13:41 1

2. tacarat (Posts: 211; Member since: 22 Apr 2013)

Microsoft is the only other company with brick and mortar locations, yes? Maybe Samsung if you count the best buy kiosks.

Still, it's nice to have the option if you have a store nearby. Not me >_>

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 17:34 1

3. syncronyze (Posts: 98; Member since: 26 Apr 2014)

My iPhone was bugging out from the 7.1.2 update so I went to Apple today and they literally just gave me a brand new iPhone. Lol. Awesome.

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 20:26

5. palmguy (Posts: 307; Member since: 22 Mar 2011)

I dropped my Moto X cracked the screen. Motorola gave me a code to make me another customized wood back Moto X. So I went from a black front Ebony back to a white front Bamboo wood back for free. So EXCELLENT.

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 21:09

6. syncronyze (Posts: 98; Member since: 26 Apr 2014)

That's awesome! I'd love to have the Bamboo Moto X. Bought the Moto X and went with that weaved white look... Ended up not being my style. I wish I wasn't impatient and waited a bit for the wooden backs to come out.

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 20:20 1

4. brasstax (Posts: 144; Member since: 16 Apr 2014)

Neither can I find any other company charging more for a replacement screen than what the entire touch screen feature phone is worth

posted on 31 Jul 2014, 22:19

7. JC557 (Posts: 1150; Member since: 07 Dec 2011)

there are many Asian run shops here in NYC that replace the display for many phones for about $150 - 200 and can be as high as $400 depending on brand.

RadioShack is also repairing phone displays now at certain locations.

posted on 01 Aug 2014, 00:28

8. kevin91202 (Posts: 88; Member since: 08 Jun 2014)

As opposed to the Euro-run shops?

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